Friday, June 1, 2018

My boys get to sleep in today!  I will start the summer chores list on Monday but today is their day. They are hoping to be called for jobs they applied for soon.  Then, each of them have a different camp to attend in about a month.  They have worked so hard and had a great sophomore year.  They have both grown so much and matured so much.  They are such good boys.  I don’t write much about them here because I want to respect their privacy, but I’m so utterly proud of them, which leads me to my first favorite.  

#1)  First and last day of school pictures.  My boys don’t smile big for photos in this stage of life.  They smile a lot when no one is taking a photo, though.  They are smart and funny!


#2)  These timehop photos are both a favorite and a least favorite.  This was last day of 4th grade.

#3)  I finished my 24th year of teaching and wore the same outfit on the first and last day.  The only difference – the bags under my eyes are bigger and I’m much more tired!  How have I been at this for 24 years?  I have a good friend retiring this year and she just doesn’t seem old enough!

#4)  Eating lunch at home and not packing my lunch for awhile!  I need good lunch suggestions that are healthy but delicious!  

#5)  Book club!  We had book club Wednesday night and we all agreed this was our least favorite Liane Moriarty,  Next book is “A Man Called Ove”.

Yummy book club spread! There are my rolo pretzels!

#6) Electricity! This post is late because a storm hit yesterday right as we got out of school.  The wind was so bad that a light pole hit a girl’s car as she was leaving school.  I have heard she is o.k. and it only hit the car and not her.  Our power was out from 2:30-10:45.  I’m finishing this post this morning and I overslept until 6:55 and I’m supposed to be at work at 7:30.  This is not like me!  We have to work today and Monday tying up loose ends and meeting.  

#7) Greekfest – Hoping to eat dinner and watch some dancing at our local Greekfest tonight.  I love the Greek culture!  I have a very good friend who is Greek that will be there, too.  

#8) Hub off every Friday in June!  He just informed me that he has days he has to use before the end of June so he’s taking off each June Friday.  

Happy, happy weekend!


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Awwwww, your sweet boys! When my oldest tried the whole “not smiling” for pictures thing I told him he’d regret it when it comes time for his wedding and we’re doing a slide show or picture collage, lol! That did it – he won’t pose but he’ll at least smile.
    I love that you wore the same outfit on the 1st and last days of school – what a terrific idea!
    Enjoy your summer and congrats on 24 years of teaching! That’s no small accomplishment.
    Have fun at Greekfest – I love Greek culture too, give me a gyro any day!!!


    1. I think I tried that but I will try it again! They used to say it was because they needed dental work but now one has braces off and the other finally gets them off Monday! I’m planning a professional picture sometime this summer. My husband doesn’t smile big for pictures either.
      Hoping to do greekfest today. It rained last night again! We lost power for 8 hours due to storm the night before. Have a great bday weekend!


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