Monday, May 28, 2018

Thank you to all of our service men and women!

I think most bloggers will wait until Tuesday to do a long weekend recap, but I thought I would go ahead and talk about the weekend thus far.

As you know, I’m a high school teacher.  Friday was an emotional day at school.  We have a tradition where the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, as well as the teachers, line the hallways while the seniors proceed down giving out flowers and little gifts to their underclassmen friends and teachers.  They play music on the intercom and it’s just a nice send off.  I taught some of the seniors for three years – sophomore, junior, and this year.  We spent a lot of time together and got to know each other really well.  Also, we have gone through a lot together – personal triumphs and losses, national tragedies, and this year was especially emotional as we lost a student to suicide.  

Below is my desk with my gifts.  I was overwhelmed with emotion.  There were some special gifts and letters that I will treasure always.  I was in tears.  


I will miss these kids terribly but I’m so excited for them to spread their wings.  

A sweet, sweet girl that I taught for 3 years gave me this beautiful necklace and earring set.  It is metal and really unique.  

A group of 4 senior girls gave me these cool sandals from Target along with a cute dishtowel from Target.  The sandals are by Universal Thread and the dishtowel is by Opal House.  Those are my two favorite new Target brands.  They know me so well!

Friday along with all of the emotions, I had a bad allergy attack.  My sinuses hurt, my nose was running, and my left eye was leaky.  Sorry for the graphic description!  Allergy sufferers unite!

Saturday I woke up with my left eyelid puffy.  I didn’t wear contacts Friday because I knew I would cry so I did without contacts again on Saturday and Sunday.  It is much better now you will be happy to know.  I had to put sunglasses on over my glasses and it was not a good look.  I’m one step away from those clip on sunglass lens!

So,  I still didn’t feel that well but I managed to vacuum out my car.  (I can’t stand a messy car!)  Then, I went to the bank, Starbucks, the car wash, the library, and Target.  I ordered a cold brew cold foam Cascara blend or something like that.  It was o.k.  I think it has too many words for me to order it again!  It was super humid so I wanted something cold. 

I had no books on order at the library so I just did a hunt for books that looked good.  I’m still reading The Weekenders and it’s just dragging for me.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a chunk of time to devote to reading it lately.  May is the new December, am I right?

After lunch and some time at home, I met a friend to get a pedicure and it was not a great experience.  They had hardly any selection of OPI polish and we had to wait in the chair with feet soaking for about 45 minutes before someone came to check on us again.  We spent almost 2 hours there.  It was a good thing we had each other to talk to, but I was impatient because I didn’t feel that well and I wanted to take a nap.  

I wanted to nap because I had plans to go to this concert!  It was still pretty hot, but the music was great and I bought a lobster roll from a lobster roll food truck.   I forgot to take a picture.  Actually, I forgot to take many pictures at all – oops! My hub got a philly cheese steak and my boys got quesadillas.  Our friends met us there and they ordered a few different things from the food trucks, too.  We stayed until 10 p.m. and closed it down!

This is the outfit I wore.  This is my light denim Old Navy mini skirt, my Target Universal Thread shirt (tired of seeing it I’m sure!), my TB sandals (consignment 4 years ago), and bright yellow earrings.  img_2290.jpg

Sunday I woke up feeling better.  I cut up a watermelon and marinated chicken for dinner.  I also boiled some chicken in broth to use for nachos. 

Hub went to paddleboard on the river and I met him when he was finished.  We boated for about 3 hours while our boys studied for final exams. This is a little area where boats hang out.  It was just the two of us but we listened to music and had a little picnic lunch.

After we got done boating, all four of us went to see the new Star Wars Han Solo movie.  I’m not a big fan but I have a rule that I go see almost all of the boys movies with them because it’s something we like to do as a family.  

Come back Tuesday for a “Tuesday Tip” and a brief recap of Monday’s activities!

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend so far!


5 thoughts on “Hello Monday and Happy Memorial Day!

  1. Ooh a lot to comment on here! Sorry to hear about your allergy attack – I hope it is all under control now. Everyone in the US seems to be suffering really badly with it – I guess it will pass in the summer months? Our HF season has just started and I’ve needed to succumb to anti-histamines but just 10g of Loratadine each day is doing the trick (along with the natural remedies). I am sure it will get worse as the season progresses! You got so many lovely presents from your students – they must LOVE you! The taco seasoning cracked me up. Love you outfit – all of it! The concert venue is so pretty as well – what is it used for usually? I bet the boating was wonderful. What a lovely week-end – you fit in so much considering you weren’t feeling so great! Joanne x


    1. Hi Joanne! Are you still on vacation? Hope you are having fun!
      I’m almost 100% now – thank you!
      The concert venue is in a planned neighborhood and just used for these concerts and a planetarium show we went to once I think. All I used was allergy eye drops and saline spray. I am very all natural too. I want to learn more about oils.
      I thought the taco seasoning was so funny.
      I didn’t see your post this am but I will look for it now!
      When does Caspar get out of school for the year?


      1. Oh – I wanted to ask – my parents are in Entretat right now. Have you been there?
        They are staying in an abbey in Normandy and took a little side trip.


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