Thursday, April 26, 2018

Do you self tan? Every year in March or April I start my faux glow routine. I find the products keep getting better – easier to use and less smelly. I hated the smell of the first self tanners!

I take my shower at night and apply my self tanner after getting out of the shower. I let it dry and have never had it come off on anything. I try to do it two to three nights in a row and then maintain with the Jergens Natural Glow lotion. If I ever need my legs to look better quickly I combine the Sally Hansen leg makeup and the Bath and Body Maui glow lotion on the left. It looks great and natural!  This is from a couple of seasons ago but I think B and B has a glow lotions every year.  

I don’t mess around with the light shade but I would say if you are extremely pale to go with light. I have bought medium but plan to get dark next time. I only do my arms and legs, by the way. This is just a little color for work and play.  I’m not wearing a bathing suit yet. Read the directions and wash your hands really well after using.

My arsenal – I have had these for at least a year and they last a long time.  I really like the Jergens Instant Sun mousse and the Loreal Sublime Bronze.  I think I will buy the Loreal in dark when this runs out.  By the way, I’m cheap frugal and don’t want to spend a ton. Let me know if you love any products!


Here is an embarrassing picture of  much tanner leg after a couple of nights’ worth of self tanner.  I don’t have before photo so you will have to trust me! 

Let me know if you have a fave faux glow product or trick!

Glow Baby Glow!


3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts- How not to scare people with your winter white legs

  1. Jergen’s Natural Glow has this awesome face cream with sunscreen, although it doesn’t smell or feel like it. I’ve been using it every day for a year now and it hasn’t been too dark- just enough color to keep me from becoming a ghost!


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