Friday, May 18, 2018

Oh, Friday how I have missed you!  

Here are some of my favorites from this week.  I’m linking up with Momfessionals, The Slaughters and Grace and Love blogs.  I can’t wait to read your favorites!  If you don’t have a blog, leave me a comment and let me know a favorite of yours this week.  I seriously get the best recommendations from you all!

#1)  I love for clothing purchases.  I do in store pick up and then if it doesn’t work out at home, I simply return it.  They make ordering and returning super easy.  This time, I ordered this navy and white knit flutter sleeve top and the red twist front top.  These are both Universal Thread brand by Target.  This is my favorite new brand of theirs.

I was chatting with Kellyann of This Blonde’s Shopping Bag about how good Target’s new lines of clothing are this season.  They made me break my Target clothes shopping ban!


#2)  Confession:  I did not own any real pajama sets until I saw this cute set at Target when I was there for my pick up (You didn’t think I could just pick up my order and leave, did you?) and the softness and the lemons did me in.  It was $19.99.  It is shorts with a drawstring and a camisole top.  


#3)  My hub spoiled me for Mother’s Day.  He got me these shiny black Birkenstocks.  Magnolia Mamas recommended this style and I always feel like my black summer shoe game is lacking – but no more!  I have worn them every day since I got them!


#4)  My sweet boy Ernie.  He is so ready for us to be home for the summer.


#5)  Raise your hand if you are watching the Royal Wedding! I’m very excited!  I have my DVR set for 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and I actually might get up that early!  I wanted to have a royal wedding brunch, but I don’t think my family would like me to entertain that early. 

After the Royal Wedding, I plan to go to a nautical yard sale.  People can sell their boating accessories.  We have a small runabout boat that we use on the river.  I’m looking for something in particular but if I don’t find it, they are serving breakfast pizza, mimosas, and bloody marys, so it sounds like it will be a win either way!

I’m hoping to get out and do our first boat ride of 2018 Saturday or Sunday, too!

#6)  This was another Mother’s Day gift from my sons.  I have several pages bookmarked and hope to try a recipe this weekend.  Joanna’s recipes remind me of my fave Pioneer Woman.  Neither lady is afraid to use butter.  This is not a healthy food cookbook.  It is real food with real ingredients that real people eat.  Now, there are some healthy salad, soup, and vegetable side recipes, but I just wanted you to know what type of cookbook this is.  

#7)  I can’t remember which blogger recommended this book, but I am enjoying it.  I like to read seasonally.  I like to read about summer places in the summer and I like to read books set in colder climates in the winter.  I almost exclusively get my books from the library except for cookbooks.  I still really like to own some cookbooks.  I wrote about my love for the library here and how I have read over 20 books in 2018 without spending a dime.

#8)  I ran out of my favorite tanners that I talked about here.  I went to buy more and they were out of those brands so I took a chance on Australian Gold which was more expensive.  It doesn’t smell as good as my others but it gives you a nice pretty dark natural tan after two uses.  

Here’s to a fabulous weekend, friends!

Hope to see you back here Monday!


One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. How precious is Ernie?!!! I LOVE labs 🙂 🙂 Thanks for posting info regarding Royal Wedding coverage. I am excited to tune in tomorrow!!! have a great weekend! – Shannon


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