Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I love to read!  I always have!  I read real books now.  I used to read on my Kindle, but it died after a few years.  I was spending a ton of money on Kindle books because I’m a fast reader, too.   I decided to go back to library books and I’m proud to say that I have read 19 books so far in 2018 for free!  I didn’t spend a dime.  When I get a book recommendation, (usually from my blogger buds) I immediately put it into my library app and request it.  It’s great!  If you aren’t sure how to do this, go to your library in person and they will set you up.  You get an email when the book is ready for you at the library branch you choose.  I have a branch that is pretty close to my house and I probably go once a week. 

When do I have time to read?  Honestly, I would rather read than watch tv or scroll through social media.   I read more in the summer because I’m a teacher.  If you have small kids, it may not be possible to read a lot now, but once the kids are older you can take your book to the playground or the pool and you will have more time to read eventually!

I read the third Jojo Moyes book recently. img_1782

Me Before You, After You, and Still Me. I enjoyed all three but the first made me really sad. I haven’t seen the movie yet. Have you?  I enjoy books set in England.  I’m intrigued by their way of life and their manner of speaking.  


I loved The Nightingale. I had heard about it for years and I really like Kristin Hannah.  I finally got my hands on it.  It gave a different perspective to WWII.  I had just read another WWII book for book club called Lilac Girls and this was a different side to the story.  I am tapped out on WWII for awhile now, though.  Give me something lighter to read!


This was pretty good. If you like Grey’s Anatomy, I think you will like this.  It switches from present day to back in med school and there is a lot of medical jargon.  It was about relationships – book friendships and love interests.

I started up a book club in February. I was part of a book club for many years and it dissolved because people moved away and it just kind of ran its course.   I really missed it so I asked all new people and we started off with a bang in February at my house. 8 out of 9 ladies came and all read the book! Most of them were meeting for the first time and we all meshed well. March rolled around and one lady dropped out and only 4 out of 8 came. Spring sports were ramping up and many have traveling husbands so it was on them to do chauffeur duty to practices. 

We are meeting again next week for our April meeting to discuss The Last Mrs. Parrish and another member has dropped due to kids’ activities. So, now we are 7.

Next up for me are:




These should be ready for me at the library soon!  

What have you read recently?

Any recommendations?

Happy Reading!


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