Friday, April 27, 2018

It’s Fri-yay!

Raise your hand if you think we should only have four day weeks! Me! Me!

1. A couples date with one of our best couple friends is on the books for this weekend. I don’t think we have eaten out in about 3 weeks. We have gotten take out, but we haven’t eaten in a restaurant! We’ve just been busy. And, we haven’t been out with these friends in forever!

2. Free time to run errands is to be had this weekend. My boys will be occupied for 4 hours Saturday am and I want to knock out a walk, Trader Joe’s run, a library visit, and maybe a coffee stop. I only brave Traders on a weekend if I can get there early. It is crazy town if you go past 9ish on Saturdays! I will do a post soon on my fave products. I love reading other bloggers TJ faves. I have bought some duds there – not gonna lie. I prefer to have recommendations before buying their products. Most of what I have tried is amazing or I wouldn’t keep going back at least once a month, but there are some Kroger brands I prefer. I do Costco and TJ once a month usually and Kroger weekly.

3. I’m taking a break from salon manicures right now. This is the best top coat ever. It’s called Seche Vite. Target carries it. I’m using OPI Funny Bunny below my top coat.

4. I love my Keurig so much. I have had it for years – maybe 7? I have done the full vinegar clean out once and it has kept on brewing since then. I love Costco’s Kirkland breakfast blend. It is perfect. I can’t drink too much caffeine, though, because it makes me feel jumpy. I like to keep some decaf on hand. This Donut Shop is decent. I wish my Costco came in decaf. If anyone from Costco is reading this, please?

5. Are you noticing wrinkles on your neck or your décolletage? This product works! I was pleasantly surprised that I could see a noticeable change after only a few applications.

Bonus: I’m going to try to make Tequila Slushies or Frozeé (frozen rosé) this weekend! Which do you think I should make?

Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Costco coffee is the best!!! Our Trader Joe’s is crazy on weekends so I too go early. Same with Costco!

    Have a great weekend! – Shannon


    1. I’m so glad I found another fan of Kirkland breakfast blend! I would love to hear your other Costco and TJ faves! I think I will do a post on my TJ faves next week! Thanks for commenting and have a great weekend!


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