Friday Favorites

Friday, April 29, 2022

How was your week? Mine went by quickly, but it was busy and intense. I am a grading machine with AP Spanish essays; I’m trying to get them feedback because we are so close to the exam. My Spanish 3 classes are working on a newscast, sports broadcast, or a human interest story in groups and I think those will be fun.

It’s time to link up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites!

Ok – love Method and this smells amazing. I prefer a more masculine scent and cannot stand anything too floral like rosewater.

This is not new to me but I thought I should mention it. It really works. If you are traveling this summer, staying with friends, or sharing a house this would alleviate some embarrassing odors if you know what I mean.

This cleaner is not new to me either, but I picked up another bottle for the season. It smells just like the Capri Volcano candle. It kinda makes me want to clean, but just kinda.

I picked up this purple shampoo to use a few times a week. I do think it helps to keep color treated hair from looking too brassy – not that I would personally know about color treated hair. A friend told me – ha!

I found a good (to me) cracker at Costco. They are quite substantial and they are really good with a Laughing Cow wedge. I wonder if my Swedish friend also eats these kind of crackers.

I have really been trying to have dinner ready and then go walk with Ernie and Tom and then heat up our plates when we get done walking. We walk around a school grounds and it makes Ernie soooo happy!

Tom trying to get more exercise in!

Tom and I drive separately to the gym because he stays longer than I do. I looked over and noticed he had hooked his keys over mine.

It’s the little things…

We went ahead and had our two horrible bathrooms demolished:

I am mildly freaking out. There is so much dust. We are making one hall bathroom out of these two little bathrooms, but we have to design it and order all the fixtures. At least we have a door that will remain shut so I don’t have to look at it.

Last night we had breakfast for dinner so I made a mimosa to enjoy on the deck for a bit. It was almost Friday, right?

What were your favorites this week? I hope you had many!

Our college kids are bringing a load home this weekend and then they have finals and will move home in a week for the summer. I cannot believe they have already completed two years of college!

Happy Friday!


P.S. – If you have missed any posts this week...Hello Monday, New Primary Bathroom, Regular Grocery Haul, and Fashion Files are just a click away!

Friday Favorites

Friday, June 8, 2018

Favorite #1)  Enjoying a cocktail on the patio with my new B & B candle!


Favorite #2)  Enjoying my coffee on the patio!  It has been cool in the mornings!  So perfect!  Also, on this day, I did my nails.  I have been enjoying this light blue OPI color.  This makes it look like I never leave the patio but I swear I do all the things in between the coffee and the cocktail.


Favorite #3)  This is my oldest niece who just finished her first year of college.  We got to have brunch together on Tuesday and it was so nice.  Have I told you I’m aunt to 9 nieces and nephews?  I love being an aunt!img_2436.jpg

Favorite #4)  Role Reversal!  During the school year I go to bed at 9 because I get up at 5.  Now hub is going to bed earlier than I am.  During the summer I try to stay up until 10 and then get up between 6-7.  I came to bed Wednesday night and someone was quite comfortable on my side.  img_2438.jpg

Favorite #5)  O.k., I don’t want to speak too soon, but I have walked every morning so far.  I realize it’s only been 4 mornings, but I’m proud of myself for not putting it off.  I’m really good at excuses.  One morning I took Ernie with me and let him off leash.  He gets two walks a day but I need to do a brisk 30 minute without someone stopping to sniff.  He slowed me down a little bit, but on this day I also took an after dinner walk.

Favorite #6)  This is Kroger brand, but I’m sure other brands are out there if you don’t have a Kroger.  This will open up a world of possibilities for cocktails and non alcoholic beverages.  My friend recommended this:  half of a stick of this powder with pineapple sparkling water.  It tastes just like a piña colada!  I didn’t have pineapple sparkling water so I used a splash of pineapple juice and non flavored sparkling water.  So refreshing!  I’m thinking this will be good with rum and some light fruit juices.  I will let you know after I spend time in my “cocktail test kitchen”.

Favorite #7)  One of the things my niece and I talked about at brunch was our plan for this sweet girl – our 17 year old German cousin who is coming in a few weeks.  This picture was taken in the summer of 2016 when my family of four got to visit for 2 weeks.  She loved Starbuck’s as much as I do!

Favorite #8) Speaking of Starbuck’s, I remembered to get my 50% off drink Thursday afternoon. I tried an iced mocha macchiato with coconut milk. I have a hard time trying new things because I don’t know how to order – so many words!

Favorite #9) Thursday night music and food. I cooked for 5 nights in a row and I was done. We got some Chinese food and listened to a cover band.

I don’t know what we are doing this weekend yet. Some of it is weather dependent.

Hope you have a great one!


Coffee and Cocktails at the Casa

Friday Favorites

Friday, April 6, 2018

O.k., this is my first post so be sure to check the “about me” tab as soon as I can figure out how to do it!

I will be linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals,
Shay from Mix and Match Mama, Narci from Grace and Love, and Erika from The Slaughters as soon as I can figure that out, too!

#1)  This has been spring break week!  It was much needed!  I didn’t travel anywhere and had a major case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) while I was changing the kitty litter for my friend while she was on the sunny beaches of Florida yesterday.  I have enjoyed the free time to just do as I please at home, though.

#2)  It has been nice to take a break from cooking dinner as much as I normally do.  We have enjoyed Mellow Mushroom and Joella’s hot chicken to name a couple of places.


#3)  I just love Netflix!  I am currently watching Parks and Rec, New Girl (in anticipation of the new season starting next week!), and Nailed It! In addition, I was told to start Girls Incarcerated.

#4)  I learned a new way to make moist chicken and I believe it came from Cup of Jo. You put EVOO in a pan and salt and pepper both sides of a chicken breast.  Cook each side for one minute and then leave in pan with lid for 10 minutes.  Remove from heat and leave lid on for another 10.  It worked for me and made delicious chicken that I put on top of pesto bow tie pasta with zucchini.  I was wondering if the thickness of the breast would affect the cook time.  Try it and see what you think!



#5)  Margaritas at the movie theater and the comfy lounge chairs are my final favorite this week!  This is pretty new for my town.  I feel like all the theaters are going to this, no?  It did strike me that Margarita and popcorn don’t really go together, though!

Have a wonderful weekend and please be patient with me as I figure this out!  I do want to give a shout out to Christina at Carolina Charm for her great post that finally convinced me to just jump in!

Wishing you a delicious cup of coffee and at least one cocktail today!