Friday, June 8, 2018

Favorite #1)  Enjoying a cocktail on the patio with my new B & B candle!


Favorite #2)  Enjoying my coffee on the patio!  It has been cool in the mornings!  So perfect!  Also, on this day, I did my nails.  I have been enjoying this light blue OPI color.  This makes it look like I never leave the patio but I swear I do all the things in between the coffee and the cocktail.


Favorite #3)  This is my oldest niece who just finished her first year of college.  We got to have brunch together on Tuesday and it was so nice.  Have I told you I’m aunt to 9 nieces and nephews?  I love being an aunt!img_2436.jpg

Favorite #4)  Role Reversal!  During the school year I go to bed at 9 because I get up at 5.  Now hub is going to bed earlier than I am.  During the summer I try to stay up until 10 and then get up between 6-7.  I came to bed Wednesday night and someone was quite comfortable on my side.  img_2438.jpg

Favorite #5)  O.k., I don’t want to speak too soon, but I have walked every morning so far.  I realize it’s only been 4 mornings, but I’m proud of myself for not putting it off.  I’m really good at excuses.  One morning I took Ernie with me and let him off leash.  He gets two walks a day but I need to do a brisk 30 minute without someone stopping to sniff.  He slowed me down a little bit, but on this day I also took an after dinner walk.

Favorite #6)  This is Kroger brand, but I’m sure other brands are out there if you don’t have a Kroger.  This will open up a world of possibilities for cocktails and non alcoholic beverages.  My friend recommended this:  half of a stick of this powder with pineapple sparkling water.  It tastes just like a piña colada!  I didn’t have pineapple sparkling water so I used a splash of pineapple juice and non flavored sparkling water.  So refreshing!  I’m thinking this will be good with rum and some light fruit juices.  I will let you know after I spend time in my “cocktail test kitchen”.

Favorite #7)  One of the things my niece and I talked about at brunch was our plan for this sweet girl – our 17 year old German cousin who is coming in a few weeks.  This picture was taken in the summer of 2016 when my family of four got to visit for 2 weeks.  She loved Starbuck’s as much as I do!

Favorite #8) Speaking of Starbuck’s, I remembered to get my 50% off drink Thursday afternoon. I tried an iced mocha macchiato with coconut milk. I have a hard time trying new things because I don’t know how to order – so many words!

Favorite #9) Thursday night music and food. I cooked for 5 nights in a row and I was done. We got some Chinese food and listened to a cover band.

I don’t know what we are doing this weekend yet. Some of it is weather dependent.

Hope you have a great one!


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. What a great week! Yay you for walking 4 days! When I walk my dog (rarely) I get irritated because she is always stopping and sniffing and I’m outside to WALK, lol. I do need to add and evening walk to my schedule, I always prefer to go with someone but I may be going it alone because everyone seems so busy.
    Outside music sounds just lovely and I get so intimidated at Starbucks ordering I avoid it! So may drinks have so many calories and way too many options. I really need to find a nice easy to order calorie friendly drink!
    Have a wonderful weekend Amy!!!


    1. Thank you as I’m procrastinating walking this am! Have you discovered podcasts? I like to walk to Happier and By the Book podcasts but there are so many! I hear you about everyone being so busy. It’s so hard to get people together. My friends are taking their kids to so many activities.
      I asked the barista for a low calorie drink and they are always so nice. Then I can’t remember it for the next time! You have a wonderful weekend, too!


  2. Looks like you’ve had a great week! You and I pretty much have the same waking and sleeping hours since I work for the school district too. I am an aunt to 2 nephews but I absolutely love it! Get to spoil them and give them back!! Having 9 nieces/nephews would be so amazing!! Your Starbucks drink looks great! I forget they have coconut milk. If you happen to take your dog there, ask for a “puppy whip” which is a free shot of whipped cream. Dogs go crazy over it 🙂 Have a great weekend!
    – Shannon


  3. Ok I was seriously considering writing notes as I read your post because I there was so much I wanted to comment on! Love your porch table cloth and the mug and I bet the candle smells divine – Eucalyptus Rain – gosh, SOUNDS amazing. I chuckled when I red you ‘try to stay up til 10 – hahaha! Poldark might help on repeat! What about Ross’ hairy chest? I should have put that in my favourites and now I am kicking myself. 9 nieces and nephews – wow! I only have two and they aren’t mine biologically as I am am only child. We aren’t close to the two I have either which is a bummer. A brunch date with your niece sounds so nice! Ok – we drink rum (Ron Barcelo Anejo) with Rude Health Coconut Drink which is THE BEST and does not have any nasties in it – pure holiday. I’ve never tried an iced coffee (or tea – I really don’t like the thought of that, it is like going against nature or something) – REALLY want to try an iced coffee though and that one at Starbucks sounds amazing. Great news on the walking – it really is the best time of year to get out! Have a great week-end!


    1. No note taking allowed because school is out for the summer! Just joking! I love jungle print! I learned this year that I love te smell of eucalyptus. I am naturally a morning person – sometimes I wish I were a night owl. I love everything about Ross. When I hear George’s last name I think “wool leggings”. Even if you don’t have nieces and nephews it sounds like you have a close relationship with your friends’ children. I will have to look for that rum. Please try an iced coffee! I was a skeptic too. I guess it’s harder to find iced tea over there so I will give you a pass on that! Yes, I’m happy about walking and I will probably add gym soon. I’m planning to ride my bike to garage sales in the neighborhood today!
      Have a great weekend and can’t wait to see your photos on Monday! I’m sorry I had to email you when I found out that season 3 of Poldark was finally available!


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