Monday, April 25, 2022

It is the last week of April! How is that possible? How is that NOT possible? Lol! I am linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday – a link-up where we share our weekend recaps!

This weekend was busy and I could use another day!

Thursday night we had our first “normal” Senior Awards! It was wonderful and I had to present for the language department. This sweet girl won the Spanish award.

I came home from school Friday and my bathroom was completed a couple of hours later! Post coming this week with all of the details if you are interested…

Senior Prom was also this weekend! Junior Prom was in March. I had a date with these two to eat before stopping by for a bit.

I was so happy to see that my kids didn’t waste any time and went immediately to the dance floor! It was full not long after I took this photo.

Fun photo booth:

Boy was I tired!

Saturday morning I actually had to go in to Kroger! I hadn’t been organized enough to do an order, but I enjoyed checking out the store and I had it pretty much to myself.

Two weeks until The Kentucky Derby and there is lots of swag to purchase:

How funny, right? Hats with the beer?

I am a sucker for outdoor serving ware, but I resisted. Look how cute the watermelon stuff is!

I made another batch of spicy saltines! Tom wants me to use Tony Chacere’s cajun next!

We went to Tom’s sister’s boat business and this lady was customer service. Her name is River and she only gets to wait on customers on the counter on Saturdays, but she works 6 days a week.

I said yes to sitting on a boat for the Derby air show for a few hours and Tom said he had to do yard work. Can you see the Stealth Bomber in the air?

My SIL made a fabulous charcuterie:

I came home around dinner and we got mediterranean take out.

Sunday morning it was so nice and I could drink my coffee outside!

Meal prep time:

I took down Easter and put up minimal Derby decor:

I went shopping for new bathroom decor at TJ Maxx and Target and found several things at Target and none at TJ Maxx! You will see soon!

Then, we had plans to have a happy hour at our friends’ house. Look how pretty their backyard is. It was a lovely day again and we had a nice time.

My friend gave me two plants that are toxic to her cats:



And, that was it for the weekend, sadly!

What was the highlight of yours? We had 80 degree temps, but today it is raining and getting cooler and I think we will have 60s now.

Hope you make it through your Monday!


15 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Our weather isn’t even supposed to reach 60 this week. I really can not wait for warmer weather to arrive (and stick around!). Our weekend was pretty good and we ended with an 18th birthday party for my son.


    1. It was! I needed more reading time, though! Wow – that is cold! I know – I would like it to be consistent, too. Happy birthday to your son! What a milestone!


  2. I love your photo booth pic. Y’all are so fun! River is the sweetest! That charcuterie board looks amazing! My mom hosts a Derby party every year (in Missouri) and I always find her something cute for her party…usually at Kroger. They really do have cute stuff! Happy Monday! (You’ve motivated me…my second Monday in a row getting up to workout early!)


  3. What a busy and fun weekend! So your school has 2 proms? One for juniors and then one for seniors? Wow!! Can’t wait to see your bathroom. We had great weather this weekend and I am trying hard to do as much outside as I can because soon it will be too hot!


    1. A little too busy! You know I like my down time! Yes, we have 2000 students so they have always divided them. I bet you are soaking the spring weather up! It is coming tomorrow!


  4. I love that cute dog, and I love your writing! You’re so funny and cute!
    That charcuterie board looks fantastic, I actually copied the pic and plan to serve it soon!
    Cool with the stealth plane, my husband works with aviation media and I actually write some stuff for him! So I’m a reluctant semi-airplane-expert…
    Best of the weekend was wind-down time at the cabin; no kids, just grown ups…


    1. River kept putting her paw up to touch me and it was so cute. I always wonder what dogs are thinking.
      You are too kind. Sometimes I feel that I need to take more time with my writing but I also write like I talk, you know?
      Is charcuterie popular in Sweden? It’s so popular here!
      My dad was a pilot so I am always interested in aviation. That is so cool that you do that!
      That sounds wonderful! I can picture it in my head!


      1. No, I wouldn’t say charcuterie boards are popular here… but it should be! We often have like a board of mixed cheese after a (fancy) dinner, and then you include crackers, grapes, a pear…
        Your dad was a pilot!? What kind?


      2. I love a charcuterie board and I think I called it a snack plate before the term became popular?
        He was an Air Force fighter pilot. He started his training in college. He also got an MBA so he was book smart, too.


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