Wednesday, April 12, 2023

It’s been a rough start back after spring break. News of the mass shooting in downtown Louisville started coming through between first and second period on Monday. I didn’t have any details but kids kept mentioning it. Our principal asked us not to discuss it or show any news during the day. Once I got home and was able to read and watch the news I was just sick about it. Please send prayers for the families of the victims and of the police officers involved.

I had already prepared this post over Spring Break as well as yesterday’s post.

So, I really did well in March and hardly bought anything! I decided I would use Spring Break as a time to really clean out my closet and fill in a few holes and I did just that.

I wear this kind of short to bed and for lounging and saw this color of The Drop on sale on Amazon. Love them! They are very soft and the price couldn’t be beat at $13. I would like to add some more colors now that I see the quality and fit work for me!

You know I had to hit up my two favorite consignment stores over break, too, right? I didn’t have any luck at my favorite, Sassy Fox. I am getting more discriminating about what I need and what I will wear, so it’s not them, it’s me. They had tons of great stuff and I had already made some money on the stuff I brought in February. Also, they don’t put everything out at once, so I will be checking back to see what other spring stuff they have.

I did have some luck at Clothes Mentor and I was able to use my $10 off coupon, so I got the following three things for $40:

First up, I always struggle with black shoes that are comfortable enough for teaching and that I would also wear out. I found these Clarks:

I think they look like the new Birkenstock wedge sandals, too.

Second, I had always loved this style, but I have been burned by Target shoes and didn’t want to pay too much for the higher end brands. I wore these around the store for about 30 minutes and they were super comfortable. They were new with tags! I am also hoping I can wear them to a wedding in May.

And, finally, I found this blouse and thought it would work well in my spring wardrobe. I have found that I enjoy having my hot pink sweater and my hot pink blazer.

I had my eye on a pair of these adorable lightweight beaded jockey earrings as Derby month approaches. I wanted some with pink and turquoise, but I went with these because I liked the KY in the middle that the others didn’t have. These were $18 at a little boutique called Darling State of Mind.

Tanya inspired this next rabbit hole. I had been busy wearing all my long sleeved springy blouses before Spring Break, but realized I didn’t have that many short-sleeved ones. She posted this stunning green one from Target and I fell in love with the print. Green and I are having a moment!

I can always use a black one, too in the same style:

And, I loved this print when they had it in a long sleeved version years ago but I never got it. I was so happy to see this print again:

I was deciding between shoes!

Now, the black one has this type of tassel:

The green and the white floral have this type of tassel which I really like. I think it will stay looking nicer:

I was “influenced” by the Big Boo Cast and ordered these 70s sunglasses from Amazon. Let me tell you, these are your sunglasses for cloudy days. They ain’t blocking no sun, no how. But, they are cute, no?

My eyes are very sensitive and I often wear sunglasses when it’s cloudy.

Flip Flop Re-fresh time…So, I needed some black flip flops and my favorite brand are Reef. Amazon had these shiny black patents on sale for $13! I think the price has now gone up.

I also wanted gold to carry my gold metallic shoes into the next season. I think it’s great to have a metallic in your shoe wardrobe. These are Amazon Essentials brand and were also about $13.

I also ordered two more of the Amazon Essentials tanks that I wear to sleep in and around the house.

I have already worn most of my new stuff which is a good sign for me!

How do you think I did? What have you been shopping for lately?


22 thoughts on “Spring Shopping

  1. So horrible with the shootings, what’s going on!? We have gang violence in the suburbs, but at least they are shooting each other…
    So, sun and rain… shopping! You are so good at consignment store shopping! I can’t wait to plunder tjmaxx, ross and marshalls!
    I’ve bought a patterned long summer dress with spagetti straps and white adidas… both of them waiting in the wardrobe for warmer weather…
    Have a lovely Wednesday! Did I mention I’m on Easter break!? 😀


    1. I really don’t know – a combo of mental health issues and too easy access to guns?
      Thank you! I bet you are excited! That outfit sounds so cute.
      Happy Easter break!


  2. I am heartbroken too hearing about the mass shooting in your beloved Louisville. This needs to stop, no place is safe – schools, banks, churches, grocery stores. Ugh. Louisville is in my prayers.
    On a lighter note, you did great- my favorite brand at Amazon is The Drop – definitely good quality! I really like the earrings too.


    1. I totally agree. We must find a way to stop the madness.
      Thank you – I really like Amazon Essentials because some of The Drop is too expensive for my cheapskate ways. I will definitely research more of The Drop, though! Thank you!


  3. I don’t know if you have Shoe Carnivals near you, but Vintage 7 Eight is a brand they carry. They have the most comfortable wedges! They rival Dr. Scholl’s, which used to be my go-to for teaching. I wore them constantly last year, even while pregnant.
    I am reevaluating my shoe needs for summer and I think all I need right now is new flip flops.

    Have you tried Carly Jean Los Angeles? They have great quality clothing…I have a few shirts, a dress, a sweatshirt. I may try jeans next.


    1. Thanks for the type! Online, they look really high end – some of them look like they could be Birks or Clarks? I do have a Shoe Carnival so I will definitely go check those out.

      I have not tried CJ LA. I am really scared to do too many online purchases after my failures this year! But, I like a good rec!


  4. As a teacher, a good teacher as yourself, you being told to not talk about what is going on, in real time is so so disheartening! I think he is adding to the problem. Good luck working for a person like that!


    1. Yes, I’m not sure what to make of that directive. Also, we didn’t have a moment of silence or address it in any way the following morning. I started class by addressing it the next day and acknowledging that they may be not doing so well.


  5. I thought about you immediately when I saw the news. My prayers go out to your city. Also, you did great on your recent purchases. I love the consignment shoes and all the short sleeve blouses. I was wondering what that pink drink on your bathroom counter was in the floral blouse pic? I’m looking for low or zero calorie options.


  6. I love Clark’s shoes, I pulled out a pair of 15 year old sandals to wear yesterday, so comfortable! My only problem is that their sizing is not consistent. Also I hope those Target sandals work out for you, so pretty! The Target tops look like a win too!
    I too thought about you and your family when news of the shooting come on the tv, really, what is this world coming to?!


    1. They are really good, right? OH – that is good to know. If the Target sandals don’t get worn much, they were only $12. Thank you! And, thank you for thinking of me. I really don’t know. It’s been a hard week.


    1. Ok – the Amazon Essentials are getting ordered in tortoise shell and black as they are way more comfy than the Reef between the toes. They are on par with J.Crew quality and more comfortable. I really like Amazon Essentials brand. Let me know if you need the link but they are easy to find “Amazon Essentials women’s flip flops”.
      I am loving my new jockey earrings!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re sweet! I am loving all the color I have in my closet after looking at my drab winter clothes!
      Trying to be content and see that I have plenty to wear and don’t need to shop!


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