Tuesday, April 11, 2023

March was fun!

I decided to do my third month of tracking my expenses. Even if you don’t enjoy being a financial voyeur, this has really been good for me. I have started one for April, but I’m not sure I will publish anymore. Let me know in the comments what you think!

March 1 – $0 spend day

March 2 – $167 Kroger, $160 Olukai mules

March 3 – $21 Goodwill, $11 Subway, $52 Mexican dinner out, $20 Amazon jewelry replacement for lost Pavoi earring :(, new necklace, new star burst earrings, ring, another new necklace, pack of necklace extenders to wear multiple lengths ($30 of this was from a survey I took for an education phd candidate?) so that is how I got it down to $20!

March 4 – $14 Target groceries – a few things I forgot that I just picked up there while doing an online return

March 5 – $59 Captain’s Quarters, $120 Venmo for bachelorette cabin weekend trip

March 6 – $100 Kroger, $20 pedicure/polish change

March 7 – $0 Spend Day

March 8 – $0 Spend Day

March 9 – $160 Kroger pick up

March 10 -Joes Older than Dirt with Eliz $18

March 11 – $33 clothes mentor, $20 pre parade drinks (paid for my friend and she paid for my dinner which was just a sandwich we split)

March 12 – $8 Old Navy socks, $68 dinner out with Jack at The Eagle after hearing his guitar teacher play, did a $40 Old Navy return (don’t ask), a $55 Athleta return (the leggings), and a $65 Target return (the black and white striped sweater and the black pants) so I actually MADE money – haha

March 13 – $0 Spend Day – did 3 Amazon returns at the UPS store totaling $80 so I actually MADE money – haha again

March 14 – $0 Spend Day

March 15 – $114 Kroger pick up, $25 wine shop, $25 in store

March 16 – $50 Red Hog, $50 Etsy gift card Kate for her birthday

March 17-18- bachelorette weekend (expenses paid ahead of time or after)

March 19- $0 Spend Day

March 20-$99 Kroger

March 21-$54 Amazon – needed a refresh of my vitamins, vitamin D, and Jordan’s Skinny Syrup, $70 fresh market

March 22-$0 Spend Day

March 23- $33 Noche, $50 birthday gift cards for niece and nephew

March 24-$40 Frankfort Ave Liquors

March 25-$114 Walmart neighborhood grocery, $1 unfreeze at SunTan City

March 26 – $26 Dollar Tree

March 27 – $0 Spend Day

March 28- $25 gift card nephew, $66 Venmo for the Bachelorette food and drink

March 29- $177 Kroger pick up

March 30-$6 Boombozz Spring Break celebratory drink with Erica, $25 gift card niece

Brunch is definitely a treat! I don’t get to do it very much!

March 31 -$30 Brunch with Victoria, $35 Walmart grocery


No Spend Days: 7

Bachelorette Weekend: $203

Grocery: $1065 (this includes the food we feed Ernie – boiled chicken, canned green beans, canned carrots, canned pumpkin – and pretty much all of our toiletries, too. We also have household supplies in this amount.

Meals Out with Tom, family, Happy Hours: $387

Clothing: $242 (some for Jack and some for the Bachelorette thrift exchange)

Gifts: $150

Pedicure: $20

Notes: It felt like a long month! Some of the grocery expense was for the Bachelorette weekend – the things I made ahead of time.

Also, I could have forgotten a few things as I wasn’t as careful as I had been in January and February.

Here is how I did in February and January!


17 thoughts on “March Spending Diary

  1. I am not sure how things are where you live but groceries are out of this world in PA. I bought the kids some fishing worms and they were $5.23. I told them they will be digging them up; the same way I did when I was a kid.
    I am curious…do you find great deals at the Dollar Tree? We have one but the staff is rude so I don’t venture in too often.


    1. Yes! I am sure our cost of living is a bit lower, but the increase in prices has been crazy.
      I think you have to be careful with Dollar Tree. I go there for my school stuff and candy for my students, but I think we can get carried away and buy junk we don’t need. So, no, I really try not to use it too much. It is my go to for tissue paper, cards, and gift bags but I also try to recycle those things, too.


  2. I applaud your efforts in doing this, just tracking clothing expenses last year was exhausting! It really is helpful to see how you spend and I know remembering that I was tracking really made a difference in my decision to spend too!


  3. I love seeing your spending breakdown. It’s very eye opening as I watch what I’m doing from month to month. Question: What do you use the Jordan Skinny Syrups for? I’m always looking for new ideas.


    1. Oh good! I will try to post for April, too!
      I only use Jordan’s in my hot coffee.
      Actually right now I am using liquid stevia with fat free half and half because I ran out. I am really trying to be frugal!


  4. Good for you to know where all your money is going to and from! I have not ever done one of these and I think I would be appalled to see how much I actually spend in a month. YIKES. But….this has gotten me to thinking that maybe I should do one. Just to see. May would have to be it so I will make a reminder to myself to keep track. Happy Tuesday!


    1. I am not happy with some of my amounts, but it’s been a good exercise for me. Tom and I should have more money – it looks like we would on paper – but where does it all go? Ha! I do think it’s just more expensive to live these days. I think it would be interesting for you to do for a month?


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