Seltzer or Sparkling Water!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Do you love it, too?

This is a new love for me.

So far, I have tried…


La Croix

Kroger Brand


Any favorites? I would love to hear brand and flavor.

You know what else I love? The option of making fun little drinks like…

I got these ideas from a person I follow on Instagram, but the world is my oyster now and I have so many flavor combo ideas!

I feel like these (whether alone or mixed with a drink mix) have helped me to drink less alcohol and to get my water intake.

This is a fairly new love for me. I avoided sparkling water until just a couple of years ago. In fact, I think hard seltzers were my gateway to non-alcoholic seltzers!

What do you think? I would love to know!


20 thoughts on “Wildcard Wednesday – My Love of…

  1. It’s actually a great idea! I drink a small spritzer almost every day, maybe I should replace it on weekdays with one of those flavored drinks!


  2. I have tried La Croix a couple of times, though I can’t remember the flavor, and wasn’t crazy about it. I do love carbonation, though, which is why I love zero sugar Ginger Ale. Maybe I’d like it with some more flavoring…it’s a great idea to do that!


  3. I can not acquire a taste for seltzer; I always think it sounds like a good flavor combination and am so disappointed when I give them a try. I’m not really a fan of anything carbonated though so that might play into it too.


  4. I love sparkling water! It broke my soda habit! So far my favorite is the AHA blueberry pomegranate. It doesn’t have a strong flavor but in my opinion it’s just a good sparkling water. I also like cheap Ozarka sparkling water. It has lot of carbonation which is what I usually crave.


    1. It feels so fancy, right? I have not tried that one so I will do that STAT! I don’t know if I can get Ozarka here? I haven’t heard of it. I like tons of carbonation!


    1. Try the one with the Sonic Cherry limeade stick (half a stick)! I found it at Walmart. The polar brand Cherry limeade is good on its own and with the stick. It has more flavor than on its own and I think you might like it!

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  5. I like to make ranch water with Topo Chico in the summer. Otherwise, I really am not a fan 🙂 Apparently Spindrift is “the best” but I can’t remember if I’ve tried it.


    1. Love Ranch Water and love Topo Chico. I can’t remember if I’ve tried that brand or not, either. I think I am more about flavor than brand because I like all the brands I’ve tried.


  6. Used to not be a fan, but then I tried the Topo Chico with lime and that is so good! Our local grocery store sells a knock off that is good too and I went through cases of it, especially when my daughter started wanting to drink it. So, after a suggestion from my husband, I bought a device that allows you to make it yourself. Can make any liquid carbonated. So, now I carbonate my own water, add a splash of lime juice and a tiny pinch of sea salt and it’s perfect! I also love a ranch water, so this is perfect for that too with a little Tajin.


    1. I love Topo Chico and it has such great fizz. I have not tried the flavors yet. That would be so cool to make my own! I will have to look into that. I have some Tajn right now, too. So fun and a great way to get your water intake!


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