Thursday, April 13, 2023

Alright, let’s link up with Kellyann and Jill and see what this ol’ gal has been wearing.

We left off with the Thursday before break when I wore my consignment NYDJ white jeans and a very old consignment Target blouse (I did show this outfit in my Friday Favorites if it looks familiar). I hope that you see how much consignment stuff is in my wardrobe and that is why I always mention it! I am not afraid to wear white jeans to work. I just don’t wear them if it’s raining. I know I will get stains and I am prepared to treat them!

Friday I wore this to have brunch with Victoria at the new House of Marigold. I would say I have gotten my money’s worth out of my Loft green floral blouse and these are my Target Universal Thread jeans. I have on MIA black clogs that are several years old. It was a rainy, dreary day and I ended up having to change into my waterproof Dansko clogs in the car.

On Sunday I wore my new Target short-sleeved green floral blouse. I talked about this in my new purchases post yesterday. It is Knox Rose brand. I am wearing another pair of the same jeans above that I cut and frayed. And, here are my gold clogs again. This is what I wore to the college play.

For dinner out, I changed shoes and added my black cardigan because it got cooler out.

Monday when it was rainy, I chose to wear my black blouse with a new headband and my waterproof Danskos.

Tuesday I wore this to go out to eat and to the baseball game. See how I wore all of my new Target blouses in a row?

Wednesday for our Bardstown trip it was really warm and windy. I was going to wear jeans but Tom came out in shorts and I decided he was right and I quickly switched to my old drawstring denim shorts from jeans. I also wore my gold Birkenstocks.

Thursday we went to the mall and it had gotten cooler. I wore leggings, a graphic tee, and a button down.

And, on Friday it was cold! I wore my horse sweater and dark jeans with gold clogs to meet Elizabeth for lunch/happy hour.

And, my Monday back to school outfit is an old LuLaRoe pencil skirt with a lemon and orange design, black blouse, and black blazer with my white leather Madewell sneakers with the green laces I put in.

Are pencil skirts out of style? Are kimonos out of style? I plan to still wear mine, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

And, Tuesday for school, I wore my old patterned pants from Loft with my new Target black short-sleeved blouse. If you love patterns on the bottom like I do, here is my tip. I try to always make sure there is black in the pattern and then I have a lot of plain black tops. If that is not possible, I try to make sure there is white in the pattern for my white tops. Since I can look more top heavy, I like a solid on top and a pattern on the bottom on me.

Do you have any favorites? I am trying to rotate through ALL of my spring clothing without repeating. I generally do this each season because I think it’s a good way to really see if you are wearing what you have.

I am also trying to be content with what I have. I have plenty!

What have you been wearing lately?


20 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. Hi Amy! Just wanted to let you know that after I saw your post yesterday with the orange and pink floral Target blouse, I went out in the afternoon to purchase it for myself! Love it! 😊 The Knox Rose brand is so cute!


    1. Yay! I hope you like it. I really liked that print. I feel like the fabric is really nice, too. The tassels were unique in how they were designed and they won’t get as ratty looking as a traditional tassel.


  2. Pencil skirts and kimonos will never go out of style! Love what you did with that cute skirt. You have definitely gotten lots of wears out of those cute Target shirts – that green looks really good on you!


  3. I love your outfit inspirations. I went online this week and bought the Target tops! Thanks so much for having great ideas!


    1. Thank you so much! I hope you like the tops. I was pretty impressed by the fabric. I got mine on sale for $23 each when they did a sale, but you don’t want to take chances on things you really like going out of stock!


  4. Ten smashing outfits! I love them all and would happily wear them right away! How nice to have all those spring outfits!
    Today I’m in “cabin outfit”; jeans (skinny, because my hub absolutely hates the baggy ones), pink sweater from Esprit (nice American brand!) and a quilted Barbour jacket. Next week will warmer so I’ve shaved my legs in anticipation for some bare legs soon…


  5. Ah spring, Wednesday shorts, Friday jeans and sweater! Saturday I put away my winter shoes-boots, booties and uggs. Also leggings and jeans are just too hot for me in the summer, all just in time for the 90° temps Monday and Tuesday! I love all the Target blouses, so cute and the pencil skirt outfit was perfect, especially with the sneakers!


  6. You got some great blouses from Target. I always like seeing the horse sweater. Both the print bottom outfits with black tops look great – and that’s a good tip about looking for black and/or white in the print to make it easy to pair with a neutral top. The pencil skirt with the sneakers is super cute, and I loved how the green laces tied it all together (color-wise).


    1. Thank you! I also love my horse sweater and it’s kinda hard to find a chance to wear it – it’s springy but it can’t be too warm out when I wear it! I think the black and white tip has worked well for me. Thank you!


  7. Wearing it all! Next week I am planning to wear my kimonos! I haven’t shopped since the 23rd of last month and hoping to last a few more week. I am wanting a pair of heeled clogs and some sandals but haven’t really looked or come across them yet. And I am trying to hold off anyways. I am having lots of fun wearing all of my thrifted and non thrifted items. A couple are too summery to wear now but otherwise I think they have all finally been worn once.


    1. Yes! I am also excited to wear my kimonos. You are doing so well! A reader gave me the tip to try the brand Vintage 7 Eight at Shoe Carnival and they have some clog type sandals that look higher end from the website. She said as a teacher they were her most comfortable brand! You always inspire me to wear what I have, too!


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