Monday, April 10, 2023

Hi! I’ve missed you! My break was good, though. I did post on Wednesday for the Currently link up if you didn’t see it!

Blogging is so much fun, but it’s time-consuming. I don’t spend nearly as much time as many bloggers do, but writing the posts, adding and editing the photos, and responding to comments all take a lot of time and have me looking at a screen for more time than is probably healthy. I knew I needed a break from my computer.

So, it’s been good and it also has me rejuvenated!

I thought I would do a diary-like post of what I did during my Spring Break. Hope you enjoy this!

Friday, March 31 – Brunch with Victoria at new The House of Marigold. It was what all of my bougie brunch dreams were made of and a great way to start my break. Tom was working so the day was my oyster. Victoria and I have been friends for 22 years. She used to teach next door to me but now is at a different school. We have been very good about staying in touch. For dinner, I made a new to me one pot orzo recipe for Tom and I and it was good! We started getting high winds and storms and I couldn’t sleep, unfortunately.

Saturday, April 1 – Stayed home pretty much all day except for an early morning Trader Joe’s run(it was so windy and I was worried we would lose power but we didn’t) and made German dinner and our kids were home, too. We watched one episode of Ted Lasso and a couple episodes of Daisy Jones together. We also went out and got our first DQ Blizzard of the season after dinner. Tom, Jack and I all get Heath and Mason gets M and M.

Sunday, April 2 – Went to a play on college campus while Tom did yard work. Kids stayed on campus and I went home. Then, Tom and I met our friends at Upland Brewing for dinner. We hadn’t seen Scott and Jessica for a long time so it was good to catch up.

The House of Marigold is so cute! Make a reservation if you are local!
I got a mimosa flight. There were three different juices!
We split a homemade pop tart for dessert!
The one pot orzo dish. I am going to leave the cannelini beans out next time because they didn’t belong in my opinion.
Being silly – I made Tom a “charcutefree” platter because he was off starting Friday at 5 p.m. with me for the week.

I picked up two fun books from the library on Friday, too. I really enjoyed the little French book and found it very interesting. I am almost finished with the second book and it’s cute but predictable.

A note on Tom taking off:

Tom requested the week off a long time ago when we didn’t know what we would do this week or if we would travel. He used to only take off when we traveled, but now we know that it can be good and healthy to have time at home. He really needed this week off.

I made breakfast and lunch for us several days, but I also wanted to eat out a bit and I think we did a nice mix. We also had a nice mix of productivity and fun. He checked several things off of his list and so did I.

I was on a kick with a re-creation of the bagel sandwich I always got at our bagel place before it went out of business. You toast an everything bagel and spread garden veggie cream cheese and then add slices of cucumber and tomato and it is delish! The best everything bagels I have found are from Trader Joe’s. I keep them in the freezer and pull one out at a time.

The German meal:

I made pork schitzel with a sauce, red cabbage, and pan fried potatoes – German style.

The college play

We went to Upland Brewing Company and they have an amazing view of the Louisville skyline. I wasn’t that impressed with the food; it was fine, but I would go back for the view!

I got a salmon BLT:

My friend Jessica and I:

Her husband Scott and Tom humoring us for a photo!

Monday, April 3 – Went to see Champions in the afternoon – so good! I made us a light dinner of spinach salad with warm bacon dressing when we got home. We prefer an afternoon movie.

The spinach salad turned out great!

Tuesday, April 4 – I went consignment shopping in the morning and had some scores you will seen soon! Then, we went to dinner with our friend Eric who was home alone – his family was on vacay without him – and then to the first baseball game of the season.

I also made my first ever homemade salsa because I found my immersion blender! It looks a mess in the big bowl I used but it was really good! We had the salsa for lunch with some sandwiches.

So, back to Tuesday night before the baseball game with Eric…

We tried to go here, but it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so we went to the restaurant in front of it called La Bodeguita de Mima. It was early so we got right in without a reservation.

First baseball game of the season for the Louisville Bats (farm team for the Cincinatti Reds)…

Eric sent this pic to his family group chat and titled it “Baseball game with Mom and Dad”! Dad doesn’t smile for photos. It’s really funny that Eric ended up in the middle of us, right?

Wednesday, April 5 – I had wanted to take Tom to eat at The Bardstown Bourbon Company where I had the tour as part of Elizabeth’s Bachelorette Party.

We visited the cute downtown of Bardstown and went in some shops:

Then, we had lunch here:

Their old fashioned is amazing.

We also ran into someone we know!

We split a goat cheese beet salad:

I got the fried chicken sandwich and a glass of rose and Tom got a brisket sandwich.

We had a beautiful, but windy day and we got lucky because there was a tornado watch all day. When we got home I read outside and then the weather turned on us and we had a tornado warning along with rain and storms. The sirens went off and everything and Tom and I just watched the radar on tv. Luckily it was pretty mild and over with quickly. We didn’t lose power. Our college kids texted us that they were in basements of different buildings where they had class.

Then, we walked Ernie in the aftermath and he was in heaven!

I made lettuce wraps for dinner – yum!

And, we watched Murder Mystery 2, which was pretty darn good surprisingly!

I hadn’t slept well the night before because I think I was too hot. So, I slept like a baby Thursday night and it felt great.

Thursday, April 6 – Tom had a problem with his air pods so he asked if I wanted to go to the mall to the Apple store to speak with a genius. We went right at 10 when they opened but nothing else was open except Macy’s! The mall is a ghost town! It feels weird to go to malls in 2023.

Before we left, I had made chocolate chip cookie dough so it could be chilling. When we got home, I made the cookies in my new oven. The best I have ever made! I also had to go do a grocery pick up. Our kids came home around 4:00 for their Easter break and were very happy to find these cookies!

For lunch I made myself a salad with my leftover chicken from Wednesday’s restaurant lunch:

Jack had to leave to go sing in a church service with his college choir and I made the Tik Tok pasta but with Boursin and I also made angel hair chicken alfredo.

We watched some tv and it was early to bed for me again. I went to bed by 10 at the latest most nights of break but I did sleep in later. I needed it!

And, that is where I am going to leave you until Friday Favorites where I will recap the rest of the break which is just the Easter weekend.

Wake up! The post is over!


21 thoughts on “Hello Monday – Spring Break Recap

  1. It’s so nice that Tom was off with you. I think it’s really nice to be able to just do little outings without really having to travel too far – and how funny is that photo with your friend at the baseball game!! Ha!!
    Glad you’re back!


  2. What a fun and sweet spring break, happy Tom could be off with you as well. I would love Marigold! Oh, girl, the time it takes, what’s even more time-consuming is the crazy social media, especially Instagram it makes my head spin and one day I will walk away from that but I don’t foresee ever leaving the blog just cutting back here and there. Do what you can and what feels right and I hope you’re rejuvenated and it’s a great week ahead!


    1. Thank you! You would really love Marigold and have a cute outfit to match its decor! Right? I can’t even get into the social media aspect with my full time job job. I have to keep it pretty simple right now. I agree. I plan to do what still feels fun and not like work.


  3. Missed you too! Thank you for sharing your break experiences – wow, you really had a lot to share. Thank you for giving me a shower of america feeling!


  4. A mimosa flight is definitely my ideal way to start some time off! It looks like you had a great refresh, a little time off is good for you that way. We saw Champions a few weeks ago, it was great and nice to be back at the movies again. I’m glad you posted your spinach salad, I have spinach left over from a quiche I made yesterday and have everything on hand to make one tonight, so perfect for spring.


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