Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Y’all knew I couldn’t stay away all week, right? I am mainly on here to announce the winner of Marie’s Lilla Rose giveaway…

She has also already emailed the winner…

Barbara (queenbibmibc)!

Congrats to Barbara!

Thank you to all of you who entered and if you didn’t win, I hope you will consider ordering one from Marie, if it’s something you need and will use, of course.

But, I also want to support my friend Jennifer and her Currently link up! If you are new to this, she chooses five present participles (language nerd!) and we fill in our responses with photos and words.

My answers are pretty much all inspired by the fact that I am on Spring Break and it’s a Staycation for me with a couple of day trips.


The blue skies, green grass, and wonderful spring weather!

Tom has the yard looking really nice! A rare front view of the casa:

And, having the time to just read and not be in a hurry.


I can keep my spring closet pared down and organized! I did a nice little clean out on Sunday.


My kids invited me to a college play that they were not in but wanted to see and I said “yes”. It was 30 plays in 60 minutes and it was a pretty cool concept. The audience picked the order. They completed all of the plays in 60 minutes!


I am needing to make this again! I looked up a recipe for spinach salad with warm bacon dressing and it turned out amazing. I love when these are on a restaurant menu, but dare I say that mine turned out better? I cooked the red onions and mushrooms which I think helped.


I am feeling nostaglic when I see pictures of baby Ernie pop up in my memories. He is still doing well and we are so grateful and thankful.

And, I was feeling all the feels with this movie. Tom and I both loved it. We both love Woody, too.

So, that’s what is happening Currently for me!

What about you?


32 thoughts on “Currently

    1. You are sweet to say that! The plays were very short but it was so interactive that it made it fun and my kids knew people in the play and it was fun to see them laughing.
      Thank you so much!


  1. One thing Todd and I noticed about your pretty state is all the beautiful green grass! Your yard looks incredible, so I know Tom is proud of his hard work. I am reading that same book! That’s funny. I’m glad you’re enjoying your break, thanks for coming out of it to join us today! I miss you when you’re gone!


    1. We’ve got that bluegrass! Ha! Thank you. All the rain has paid off, I guess. The book is cute but predictable but it’s what I needed. Thank you for the kind words!


  2. Yay! A post! What a nice surprise!
    Your house looks fantastic, I love brick!
    Ernie!!!! I can’t take it!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    I hope you have a great break!


  3. I “currently” have too much spinach and mushrooms in my fridge so I am totally making that salad — just without bacon. It looks so good! And I CAN’T WAIT for “reading outside in the sun” weather to hit here. Enjoy!


    1. You will not regret it!
      I am not sure what to tell you about no bacon grease – maybe evoo? Apple cider vinager and Dijon make up the other elements of the dressing. Let me know how it turns out!


  4. I’m reading the same book, kind of waiting for something exciting to happen! I’m planning a trip to the consignment shops you mention a lot on here! Hoping to find an Easter dress. Enjoy your last few days of break ❤️


  5. Woody Harrelson is great in every movie…we just saw one recently but now I can’t remember what it was.
    Hope it was a relaxing week off! We (“we”) have a four-day weekend but spring break weather here was miserable because it was so early!


    1. Love him and he went to college in my hometown.
      It was really nice, but then this week of re-entry kicked my behind! Yeah, that is the benefit to a late spring break. We usually have better weather.


  6. Missed you! I must see that movie! Awww sweet Ernie, I was just thinking about him! The weather in Indiana is getting nice too. Happy Easter!


  7. Your lawn looks beautiful! We just got sod after having a new septic system installed. I told my neighbor that I feel like the mother of a newborn except my baby is sod and not a human 🤣 New grass needs constant water and care! I need to make that salad. I’ve had something similar and it’s so good! 😋


    1. Thank you! Yes, we had to re-sod our whole yard several falls ago. It is just like a newborn! I hope you make the salad – lots of recipes you can google.


  8. Love the surprise blog post💗 you have such a loyal blog following we would have missed you too much!
    Baby Ernie💙
    Happy Spring Break!



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