Friday, April 14, 2023

So, I told you I would continue/finish my Spring Break recap here with the remaining weekend days…

Did you catch my Monday post of my first part of Spring Break?

I will also share just general favorites and link up with Andrea and Erika.

Friday morning was funny. I was working on my blog and Tom was working on his work computer and I thought we looked cute across from each other. Tom says I type aggressively but I think he is just jealous of my speed.

Then, I got busy and went ahead and did my breakfast prep for the week because I knew the next two days would not be good for that. Breakfast burritos, of course!

We have kept the same metal Easter baskets with Easter eggs on them since our kids were maybe 8 or 9. I remember taking these on a Spring Break trip to Universal Studios and having them in the hotel room! This year’s basket is super lame and just food to take back to dorm, candy, and chapstick. The small basket is for Tom and I and all of them were hiding in my closet. I don’t like to buy junk and try to buy things they need like socks, but I just ran out of time this year. Do you keep the same baskets or buy new each year?

Friday I met Elizabeth for a late lunch/happy hour because we hadn’t seen each other or talked since her bachelorette weekend!

We shared some fried pickles and fries! We went to Kaelin’s 80/20 and they have some great cocktails!

I went home and was able to have dinner with the whole family because the college kids were home and that was wonderful. Now I can’t remember what we had, but I did cook!

Saturday we had been asked to help celebrate our friend Eric’s 50th at Keeneland race track. I had not been in years and it was really fun!

His wife is one of my besties, Heather:

It was hard to know what to wear because I wanted to look springy and I wanted to wear my new jockey earrings, but it had also turned pretty cool. I was very comfortable with my yellow dress with camisole underneath and my boots.

Their lovely daughter was home from college to celebrate:

Tom was there, too!

The birthday boy with a cigar:

He had some college friends and their kids there, too.

We stayed from about 12 to 5 and then headed home and on our way home I got a good look at The Kentucky Castle!

We ordered pizza and again got to eat dinner with the whole family when we got home.

I finished this and it was cute if a little predictable and slow in parts, but I liked it.

I read this in like 24 hours – OMG! Have you read it? It is spicy FYI, if that bothers you.

Easter was just the four of us and very casual but I made cinnamon rolls,

egg casserole,


green beans,

and potato casserole.

I also started this this week, but I think I’ve already read it! It’s cute so I’m still reading it for now, but I have a couple of other options that I can start.

Looking at all of my colors in my spring wardrobe has made my heart happy this week.

Over Spring Break, I dug out my coffee bean grinder and my old Mr. Coffee coffeepot.

This is the coffee that Erica uses from Trader Joe’s. She brought it to the bachelorette weekend and I thought it was so good. So, I have been enjoying grinding and my old fashioned cups of coffee!

I had a sunny patio Happy Hour with Beth on Wednesday. We got caught up on the latest in each others’ lives. We went to Boombozz.

Re-entry was hard on Monday. I wrote the remaining school days on my white board: 36. I wrote how many days until my AP exam: 21. Eek!

This is the face of a teacher who is not sure she can make it that many days – ha!

It was so nice out this week and Tom is babying his grass seed to fill in some gaps in our yard.

I supervise and make sure he is doing it right.

It’s also been a hard week with what happened in our city’s downtown on Monday. It feels like I’m supporting myself and my students emotionally when there is something like this and I don’t know if that makes sense or if I sound like I’m making it about me.

I started class on Tuesday by acknowledging what happened and just saying that if anyone needed to step out I understand and that if anyone needs supports to let me know and I would send them to the right person. I just don’t know what to say. There are no words.

On Wednesday, my school yearbook photo was delivered so I hope this made them laugh when I passed it around:

Our entire science department does something crazy for the yearbook each year, many of the math teachers do as well, and a few in my department do something. We will see if any other departments got on board when the yearbook comes out.

This weekend is Senior Prom! I always go for some of it because it is so fun to see the kids dressed up. Many of the teachers dress up, too, and go out to eat beforehand, so it can be a lot of fun!

Thanks for reading today and I hope you had lots of favorites!


20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. What a nice wrap up, I loved the picture of Tom smiling! Your spring colors look so good – gosh, I love spring clothes!
    I am still thinking of you all, hoping your students are all okay. When it hits so close to home it is so hard to process.
    Your yearbook photo is priceless!


  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed every minute of your spring break! I know it must be hard to face situations like that with your students after what happened on Monday. It sounds like you did the right thing. I’ve noticed our school counselors floating around our halls a lot more frequently recently, which is probably in light of what happened at the Covenant School in Nashville. I’m grateful we have! Ironically, one of them is who I’m with next week for testing. I was placed in a small group with just the counselor Mr. Langston (the one person who hasn’t spoken to me since I’ve come to work there) and one student who caused quite a ruckus in our hall a few weeks ago when he lost his mind over something. That’s why I’m dreading next week so much! This will be for several hours each morning. I’ll survive it, I know. I hope your day goes by quickly, and that your weekend is great, my friend. xoxo


  3. Sounds like a wonderful 2nd 1/2 of your break as well! I used the same baskets for my boys each year too (once I found a set I really liked and had one for all 2 of them!). The last few years I’ve done away with the baskets entirely and they just get a chocolate bunny but they get enough goodies from all the grandparents that I don’t need to get much.


  4. That was so sweet you and Tom sitting across from each other! Your yearbook photo made my entire week Girl! So good! I’m so sorry about what happened at the bank, just breaks my heart!


  5. I did think of you when I heard the news this week in Louisville. Ugh, such a heavy world we live in. Your yellow dress is cute and brings such joy though!


  6. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend.
    The Easter baskets are cute. My girls just got big chocolate eggs this year, not a basket in sight.
    All the food looks so good, especially the cinnamon rolls.
    You have reminded me that I have a box of grass seed which needs putting down.


  7. I love your yellow dress! Yellow makes me so happy to look at but the color looks awful on my skin tone. I have to stick with yellow accessories or a skirt/pants. I’m praying for all involved with that mass shooting. Just incredibly sad 😭 I read that the brain and concussion history of the shooter are being examined as a factor in his behavior. Should be interesting to see what they find.


    1. Thank you! It makes me happy, too! I’m sorry. I hope the color works for me but I would probably still wear it! Yes – such a hard week. I don’t doubt there is a connection. That is so sad to find out after the fact, though.


  8. This was such a great post! I love all the keeneland photos. You all look fab…I love your boots. Tom is smiling! The yearbook photo is the best! I love that so many teachers do that. Have a great weekend


  9. So, it’s Sunday and I have 32 workdays left in school (I’m off on Fridays) and my last day is June 19… Let’s do this! Actually, the only thing I dread are the staff meetings on Wednesday afternoons ending at five… Every single week!
    I read Verity, it was good! Not amazing, but good! I can so see it as a movie!
    How fun with the year book picture, you really sell yourself as a Spanish teacher! Ha ha!


    1. Wow! That is about like us – but you have off on Friday???? How did I not know this? Yes to no more staff meetings. They could all be an email! I liked Verity a lot but I think I was in the right mood for it.
      Ha – thank you! You can tell I’m a Spanish teacher?


      1. Yes, I work 80 % of a full time. But I do have to attend a digital staff meeting Friday mornings. I try to look professional, even though I most often wear pyjamas…! Yes, two staff meetings e v e r y week!
        Well, a Spanish teacher or just a crazy person… 😀


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