Friday, March 31, 2023

Can you even believe that it is the last day of March and tomorrow is April? March went by quickly and I was fairly busy which leads to one of my favorites which I will tell you about in a minute. I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for their fun Friday Favorites link up.

My first favorite is that I have not shopped this month since this post! I think it’s a product of the month being cold, pulling out my spring stuff from last year, and just being busier and lacking time or desire to shop when I did have free time.

Another favorite is that…yesterday I turned my alarm off until April 10th! I am a morning person, but my alarm goes off way too early and I want to get up because I want to get up and not because a device is telling me to get up!

I made it to the gym 3 times and I’m counting that as a win! It was rough and I am sore.

I started watching the Diana years on The Crown. I was bored by the earlier stuff and gave it up a couple of years ago and I started back and then realized this will be nice before Charles’ coronation in May.

This is Ernie’s friend Maisie. She was out a lot this week on our walks!

Ah, it’s been sunny but still a bit of chill in the air, but one day Erica came over for a margarita. The sun felt so good!

My students made little posters of their spring break plans. It seems like fewer than maybe ever are traveling this year. And, many are going to Red River Gorge, Gatlinburg, or Pigeon Forge which are all within a few hours drive. Many are doing college visits, too. Not that many are taking big trips.

I broke out the white jeans yesterday with a very old consignment blouse from Target originally.

I was inspired by Kellyann to return anything from Amazon that isn’t just right or that I change my mind about. Many people have talked about the amber oil as a perfume and I found it way too strong.

Here is my tip if you have multiple returns at one time. Screenshot your return code and then edit and use the mark up feature to write what the item is. See the word “amber”. Maybe I am slow and you already do this!

And, to celebrate the start of spring break, Erica and I went to Boombozz after school and they had half price drinks!

And, before I go, I haven’t talked about my nails much lately, but I have been using regular polish in a pale pink color. It is my Kur polish and I think it lasts longer than my gel system. Yeah, the gel just doesn’t last that long for me. I love this Kur brand but it’s pricey. However, I am going to use up the whole bottle and how often can I say that?

I had a really good find this week. These are really good cooked in the air fryer and dressed like a normal burger. I would like to give it a Mexican spin next time.

This is a really good flavor!

Now that the weather is warming up, I am drinking out of my mason jars more. I just love to do this for some reason. I deeply care about glassware! Ha! I will judge a restaurant on its glassware and dishes.

As I type this, I have my Lilla Rose hair flexi flip in. Have you entered the giveaway? It is open until April 4th! Marie will contact you and I will announce the winner here, too, but remember I am taking a blogging break until April 10th.

I will miss you, but I think this will be good for me.

As always, thank you so much for supporting me here in this space,


20 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Enjoy your break; my alarm went off at 3:30 this morning; Alec had to be AT the school by 4:45 the latest this morning to catch the bus for his SkillsUSA competition… and I’m looking forward to taking a nap later! LOL. I’ve been hitting the (home) gym a few days a week and I really do feel so much better when I can but it is not easy to make myself get up and do it.


    1. Oh gosh! You do need a nap today! I hope he does well! That’s great! Yes, it’s hard for me to get motivated at home and actually going somewhere helps me.


  2. Happy Spring Break! I think the kids not traveling is indicative of the economy and uncertainty right now but little road trips end up being some of our faves- lots of funny memories made in the car for sure 🙂 You look great in that blue print top and I love your nail color as always!


  3. That last drink in the Mason jar looks good- what is that? It looks like a coffee drink. I’m glad you’ve had a good week! I hope you enjoy every second of your spring and blogging break. You’ve earned it, my friend. I’ll miss you around here too, but it’s good for us to have breaks. My recent ones have also been nice and I’ll probably continue on that path, or maybe if I post a lot still, I’ll change things up and make them short and sweet, and more story like. I have two big writing projects I’m working on right now, and those are needing to take precedence over everything else. Maybe we can catch up one day over a phone call while you’re on break! I’d love to do that and chat.


    1. It’s my iced coffee protein shake proffee. You put a bit of instant coffee in the bottom with water, froth it up, add ice, and pour a protein shake of your desire in and it is better than Starbucks!
      I think breaks are much needed, too.
      That would be lovely. I will touch base with you about one late afternoon that would work!


  4. Yay for returning what you don’t love and thanks for the shout out! I will miss you and your posts, I live vicariously through you!
    I hope you enjoy your break, get some rest, have some fun and come back ready to end the school year!


    1. I guess I didn’t even realize that you COULD return so much but that’s part of what makes Amazon so convenient!
      You are funny – my life is pretty routine!
      Thank you – I just found out we go until June 2nd. They didn’t forgive us any snow or emergency days even though we go longer than the state requires. That hurt my mental health to know we go into June. So, it’s up to me to do what I need to do to help my emotional state! I have a couple of planned days off after break.


  5. Love the white pants with the blue and white blouse! Great idea to take photos of amazon items, I’ll do that from now on. So sorry you have to go until June, that would set me back for sure. Have a great break Amy!


  6. *Back in the day* when I did low-carb/high protein diets, I ate those black bean burgers all the time. They really are good. I feel like they’re super expensive now though so I haven’t in awhile!


    1. Everything is so expensive!
      Trying to combat that with less food waste. I made one with a thin slice of provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. I’m the only one who eats these so they last a while for me. Love the Boca hamburger more, though!


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