How many parts will there be? I don’t know – maybe 12? Ha! Check out my first post here where I shared my January purchases and probably some early February purchases, too!

Ever since January 1, 2023, I have been looking toward spring with my purchases. I have plenty of winter clothes and I don’t enjoy buying them very much.

At the end of February, I had an appointment at my favorite consignment store and took 6 pairs of shoes, 1 handbag, 1 pair of pants, and 8 tops for re-sale. This forced me to really look at my spring and summer clothing and see what I wasn’t excited to wear. I will be happy if I get a bit of money back to put towards new things – mostly at this shop – Sassy Fox! They don’t take any fast fashion – so no Old Navy or Target for them.

I like to look at spring trends and look at my current clothing and see what I am still excited to wear and what still looks fresh and modern. I try to be very honest with myself. What didn’t fit quite right? What no longer excites me? Just like Marie Kondo says, I think it’s good to thank it for its service and send it along to someone who will be thrilled to have it. I am constantly learning what works for me, what I like to wear, and what I feel good in.

First, let’s recap my Loft purchases of 2023 now that I have photos of me wearing them:

The green and white striped shirt was a hit at school on this day (lots of comments from my students!) and then I wore it unbuttoned with a white tee over the weekend and I loved that look, but didn’t get a photo, unfortunately.

This cream cardigan jacket is super soft and I have been grabbing it for the cool weekend mornings, which has kind of surprised me. It’s a classic and I think it will always be “in style”. I don’t love it with the shirt underneath, but I have lots of options.

And, this green floral blouse is just so pretty and my favorite style of blouse for me:

I really like Loft and they have a nice teacher discount, too. I like to order online and order enough to get the shipping free and then return to my nearby store. I like the size selection online and maybe the deals are better?

I bought this impulse purchase blouse at TJ Maxx. I loved the print!

I am in love! I bought them and I love them! You may remember me telling you about these on my wish list recently?

They are so cushy. Tom has had and loved Olukais for years. Seriously, check them out for your hub. By the way, this is my first shoe purchase of 2023.

This was a bit of an impulse purchase, but I have been wanting a white tank swimsuit. This one appears to be fully and majorly lined, but if it doesn’t work, I will sell it to my consignment store, I guess. I am even willing to pay to get it tailored if needed. I haven’t gotten anything tailored in a long time so I could justify it.

J.Crew white swimsuit $39 final sale:

I have placed a order for these:

I am in need of a black work pant. So, we will see, but Target just makes returns so easy.

And this sweater – swoon!

And, I placed an Athleta order (my first!) for these:

I think I ordered them in a petite length. Again, this is an easy return to make. So, I will let you know.

It continues to be awkward, but eye opening to take my outfit pics.

What have you been buying lately?


15 thoughts on “2023 Fashion Purchases Part 2

  1. Your recent purchases are all winners – hope you like that swimsuit – JCrew has such good quality. Taking outfit photos really is eye opening, isn’t it? I always think that’s why all the Real Housewives join the cast looking somewhat normal (as in not perfect) and then the longer they see themselves on TV the more work they get done – ha!! Like Margaret on RHONJ – I saw her on social media recently and barely recognized her.
    Have a great day Amy!


    1. Thank you! They really do – it is too big and I am seriously thinking about taking it to my tailor to see what magic she can work.
      It really is and you are so right – seeing themselves on camera really makes them do crazy things sometimes and sometimes it’s a good heatlhy, natural change.
      You too!


  2. I’m looking forward to buying things for spring.. but since all my spring stuff is still packed away I’m not quite there yet. It’s been pretty chilly this week anyway and I’m trying to keep on embracing that winter wardrobe of layers upon layers. I did see a few cute things at TJ Maxx earlier this week but I hardly even stopped to really look.


    1. Yes! It’s so fun! I highly recommend doing an inventory first. You won’t believe how much stuff you’ve forgotten about. That’s the best when it all seems new again! I try not to be too swayed in the TJ Maxx clothing section. You can find good things, but I try to just stay focused on my list for home stuff. But, this pattern and color jumped out at me!


  3. I love all of your purchases! I love the TJ Maxx blouse as well. Those colors are all so pretty together, and it looks great on you. I’m glad you found your shoes and swimsuit! Good luck with the white swimsuit…that’s a brave choice. I am always the opposite and want black, or something bold. I’m thinking of ordering one from the company Summersalt. I found one with diagonal stripes that only has one shoulder…it’s so cute!


    1. Thank you! It is a brave choice, but remember that I rely heavily on my cute coverups. So, we will see. It is a bit too big and I really need to take it to my tailor and see what she can do. I have a black suit already that I absolutely love. A lot of people love that brand.


  4. I love love all of your purchases! Last month I bought a pair of shorts and leggings from Athleta. This month my daughter and I have been to Goodwill. I’ve bought 8 tops and several looked brand new some with tags!


    1. Thank you! I really like Athleta – don’t get me wrong – I just didn’t think I would wear them enough to justify the price and they are just too long.
      You guys scored. I don’t think our Goodwill is very good, but there were a few good things last week – just not in my size.


    1. Thank you! I fell in love with the pattern and color. I have worn the new mules everyday since they arrived, which is a true test for me. Finally! I have needed a comfortable work and play shoe for this in between weather.

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  5. That green floral blouse is a winner, that color really suits you! And I LOVE that bathing suit, hope it works out. Bet the J Crew fabric and quality will be nice, which is key.


    1. Thank you! It makes me happy! I think I am going to try to tailor the bathing suit. It’s too big, straps fall down, but yes, the fabric and lining is really nice. I live in cover ups and I thought white under my coverups would be a nice option.


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