Thursday, March 30, 2023

I had already posted my Tuesday post when I heard about what happened in Nashville. I really have no words. Well, I have lots of words that probably aren’t appropriate to type. So, I hadn’t planned to post yesterday and I am glad because I was not in a good state to do so. I did read a good post at Cup of Jo here, if you would also like to read it. Just click anywhere on the red type.

I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill today for Fashion Files. Yes, I do realize it seems so silly to share about what you wear and there is no good way to segue.

I am reaching for all of my long sleeved springy blouses, my new Olukai mules, and jeans lately. It’s easy and I like this look.

Here I am wearing a Target blouse from a few years ago. My jeans are also from Target in the style I have in black, darker wash, and lighter wash. I did decide to cut and fray the ones below. I feel like they looked a bit longer because they are looser. Even though I have all three in the same size, the black is the most snug and the lighter wash is the most loose. Another reason to always try things on and to not get hung up on the sizing.

I believe this is the same day – I changed into my green blouse and darker jeans to have dinner with Beth. I think you can even tell that the darker fit better?

Friday it was raining but we had the junior awards ceremony. I wore my Walmart Scoop dress from last year and changed into tan suede boots.

Friday after school to try out the new liquor store/bar I changed into my new cut and frayed lighter wash Target jeans, my Old Navy blouse, and my gold clogs.

Saturday for my father in law’s party I didn’t get a full length photo, but I wore my Target magenta little house on the prairie dress and my tan boots again.

Sunday I did a little window shopping and broke out one of my two pairs of Target cut offs. I have on a very old Costco white top.

Monday for school I wore a very old Target blouse.

Tuesday for school I wore my black Target jeans and the chambray version of the cream top in my Friday happy hour photo.

And, finally yesterday for school I wore the darker denim Target jeans again with my new TJ Maxx blouse.

See what I mean about jeans and blouses?

So, what have you been wearing?

Are you doing ok? This is some heavy stuff.


24 thoughts on “Fashion Files

    1. Thank you! I love colors and prints so much. I know – it’s been a hard week. It’s hard to walk into a school everyday knowing that it could just as easily happen there.


  1. I’m still wearing sweaters and layers and fleece lined leggings… but getting to throw in the occasional blouse when it warms up a bit. I even put on my flip flops to walk around the house yesterday!


  2. I agree Amy, it’s hard to find words about what is happening. Well, least words that will help. I am praying. Praying for those who make decisions to make the right ones and also praying for peace. I wish that rather than divide us further, we could all agree that something has to be done and then do it.
    You really found great jeans – isn’t it crazy how the same brand in the same size can fit differently? You have a great collection of pretty blouses!


    1. It really is. How many more is it going to take? It really is funny. I think this style fits my body type and I really like them. Thank you! I think I am set on long sleeve because it will be too hot for them soon!


    1. Thank you! I love the spring colors! You are doing great! I am going to hit consignment shops over my break and I’m excited. I’m also hoping I made some money to put back into my wardrobe!


    1. Nope. It’s not ok. You would not believe the training teachers have been through. It’s crazy. One of the plans is for us to throw books at a shooter. Really? How about we actually fix the problem?
      Thank you!


  3. I live in an outskirts of Nashville and I am just so not ok with what is going on with all of this. Trying not to be political but not good with what is going on in this country and making jokes about things. So Sad. I loved all of your outfits. Loved the blouses with jeans, so cute.


    1. It’s hard to not make it political when one particular political party is preventing the passage of meaningful legislation.


      1. I don’t trust a politician as far as I can throw them from either party. There is so much corruption in our government. Money talks. That’s all I will say.


    2. I know. It can happen anywhere. I have not heard anyone making jokes, but that is appalling. Let’s not normalize school shootings! I think about the possibility at my school at least once a week. I have one girl who wears tennis shoes everyday and she told me it’s “so she can run” if needed. Are you kidding me? This is not ok.
      Thank you so much and I wish I had more solutions.


  4. I went to the article posted in which she states that firearms are the leading cause of death in children. Actually, automobiles are. I’m just as saddened by the senseless taking the lives of those 3 children and 3 adults but we must provide correct information and not mimic talking points that are not factual.


      1. I enjoyed the article very much. And I appreciate and notice how you are so thorough in what you post. I certainly wasn’t being critical of you but simply pointing out how many are repeating incorrect data. I really enjoy your blog.


      2. I didn’t take it that way but thank you for clarifying. You are kind to say that. Thank you for commenting regularly and for being here!


  5. I love all these outfits. You are ready for spring. I haven’t haven’t braves putting on shorts yet this year 😆 I love all the blouses and the black jeans/chambray slides too


    1. Thank you! It was the spray tan that made me feel more confident. I think I’m gonna get sprayed today. I paid $1 to be able to spray the rest of the month and I haven’t decided if I will pay for April yet.
      Thank you – I put all my blouses together and I have tried to rotate through them!

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