Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Look at me posting this before December – woohoo! Can you even believe it’s the last day of November, though? What a whirlwind of a month, no?

Who is ready to eek out all of the December goodness? I am also going to really be focusing on how to make my January something to treasure and not dread. It’s the hardest month of the year for me.

This year I thought I would do a December-specific Bucket List. I did well with my summer and fall lists and I think the whole point of these lists is to be intentional and joyous in a particular season of life.

-Attend a holiday concert for Jack’s music group at his college.

-Attend my school’s annual madrigal dinner – it is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and support one of my students in the group. I have plans to attend with Erica.

-Attend Tom’s work party and wear one of my new sparkly pieces.

-Attend my work party – it is a very casual affair after school on the last day before break but last year it was a hoot.

-Wear all the plaid, sparkly, velvet garb that I own.

-Go to a Christmas pop up bar downtown. I have got to make this happen. It is like Christmas threw up and they have seasonal drinks in fun holiday cups and a few snacks on the menu, too.

-Make my family’s pink merengue cookies! I love making these for my sisters because they hold special memories for us.

-take my time wrapping and watching a Christmas movie

-go to as many little events around town that I can – many of our little shopping areas have festive events.

-make a new Christmas cocktail. I am thinking about making it Lindsay’s White Cranberry Cosmo! Also, I bought a bag of cranberries to sugar and freeze.

-enjoy J and M at home from college on December 15.

-go ice skating – hopefully at our little pop up Christmas village but if not at the normal skating rink. I grew up ice skating on the lake that we lived on. I love ice skating but haven’t done it in years.

-celebrate Christmas as a family of four – I need to decide on our meals.

-celebrate with my side of the family – we decided to have a pasta party and have several types of pasta and pasta bakes, salad, and garlic bread so that will be fun.

-celebrate with Tom’s side of the family and decide on the food.

I know I am forgetting a few things. What’s on your December bucket list?


18 thoughts on “December Goals

  1. I always say I need to make a bucket list and then never quite get to it but we do have a few traditions each year that are always on the calendar. I think your list will ensure that you have a fabulous December to remember!


  2. This is a great list! I don’t think I’ll do a bucket list this month, per se, but I’ve already done several things that I love and enjoy during this time of year. Things like our annual girls night out on the town square for cocktails and Christmas shopping (even though that was cut short due to my friend’s family emergency), the Christmas tree lighting…our town parade is this Friday night as well and I’m debating on who to go with or ask to go with me. Todd will be working, but the boys should be there…two of them, anyway. We always just park at my church for this, so it’s convenient.

    I love the idea of holiday pop up bars and events! How fun. I tried a new (to me) cocktail last night, but I don’t know what it’s called- it was eggnog with a splash of Captain Morgan’s rum. It was AMAZING. I had the recommended serving size to keep calories down and considered it a sweet treat after dinner. Have you tried something similar? A lot of people don’t care for eggnog, but it tastes like melted vanilla ice cream. I really like it!


    1. Thank you! Ok – yes, you already have! I think you have done more than me. Do you enjoy baking? You don’t talk about that. Ask girls from church maybe? and meet up for a drink before hand! I love that idea, too. I love egg nog and bourbon. I can’t remember the exact recipe but it was my go-to December recipe a few years ago. I bet the Captain Morgan is yummy with those spices. I love egg nog, vanilla shakes, and anything vanilla flavored.


  3. What a great list. The pop up bar sounds so fun! Ice skating is always a fun thing to do. Travis hates it because it’s the one thing he’s not good at 😂We have a few parties on the agenda, I love baking cookies, we always go to the horse park lights and more.


    1. Doesn’t it? I have wanted to go for the couple of years we have had it, but this is my year – I hope! Ha – so he is one of those that is good at everything. Annoying! I love baking cookies, too, but I didn’t do much last year. I need to time it well to have a place to take them.


  4. I love your list! Do the ice skating! Swedes are quite outdoorsy, so I would say that all Swedish kids own their own skates! All schools have ice skating days!
    And I love it that you have a pop up Christmas bar! I want that!
    For my list it’s about slowing down and savour every moment… My family are in a harmonious period right now (!) and I hope it will continue through December… I want to watch Christmas movies and chill!


    1. Thank you! I will try to make that happen! I have my own skates! I am sure they are 30 years old now, though.
      Yes to slowing down and savouring every moment. I love that you are in a good period with your family. That sounds so cozy and hygge and fika!

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      1. You’ve learnt so many new words! (Even though hygge is actually Danish… still – Scandinavian!) .-D


      2. We’ve started it and it’s really good! Just so you know; even though Norway is our closest neighbor, the nature is totally different from ours! I also find it very exotic with the mountains and the lakes!


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