Tuesday, November 29. 2022

The new WW plan rolled out in mid-November -ust in time for all of the holiday eating! If you remember the color plans – purple, blue, and green – it is pretty much the blue plan. Erica (my meal prep partner and co-worker) choose blue in 2021 and I was on purple. There was an assessment that you took that told you what would be best for your habits and tastes. Basically, the criticism of the Personal Points plan (which came between the color plans and the newest one) was that is was too loosey goosey and allowed too much freedom.

In my humble opinion, they can all work for you because they all teach you to track and to look at your portion sizes. And, that is another criticism – that people can live and die by the food tracking. I get that, too.

Anyway, I am still paying the monthly membership and trying to get back to better tracking and I have been doing pretty well. I found out there is a teacher monthly rate for only $10 a month. I might have to quit and re-join to get that, but I plan to call customer service. For me, the app is absolutely worth the cost.

I used to get potatoes as a zero point food, but now I have to count a plain baked potato as 4 points. I made this Spanish omelette over the Thanksgiving break and ate about half of it and saved the rest. Having to control my potatoes is probably a good thing.

I made this “Big Mac” salad Saturday after my body needed something other than heavy Thanksgiving food.

On this new plan, I get all the non-starchy vegetables and fruits for zero points. I get beans, chicken, fish, eggs, fat free cottage cheese, non-fat Greek yogurt for zero points. You are supposed to build your meals around the zero points foods and add in whatever else you want that keeps you within your daily points range. I get 23 points a day. Also, you get 28 extra points a week that I usually use on Saturday night.

My goal is to get back into tracking from now until Christmas. I just want to maintain and continue my habits I have acquired. Erica and I will continue sharing the meal prep duties for our last 3 weeks of school until break. We are using WW or Slender Kitchen recipes for the most part.

I also want to try to be conscious about getting the protein I need at each meal to fill me up.

I am excited to get fruit now and plan to eat more apples and clementines and to especially use these as my after dinner dessert.

I plan to use some of the same strategies I used last winter break. The holiday is only one day (or two or three if you count Eve and NYE), wear jeans for some part of everyday as accountability, continue to meal prep to have healthy foods on hand, and walk and work out as many days as possible.

Are you on the new WW plan? Thoughts?


22 thoughts on “The New WW Plan

  1. I wondered what the new plan was! It sounds more streamlined and that’s got to be good. We used to have the Flex plan and the Core plan, all the changes over the years but all really do gently nudge you to make better choices and still enjoy life!


  2. I do miss 0 points for a potato 😂 I always just had half a potato whenever I make them, so I guess two points at a time isn’t bad. I was doing sooo good and then the past couple of weeks quit tracking. I have the same goals…for December, track, workout 4 days, drink water. Hoping to maintain for the month


      1. I pay about $21. I was fine with it at less than $1 a day per month and I know I am saving in that Starbucks category I used to have in my budget, but I am going to try to get the teacher rate ASAP.

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  3. I like that everyone has the same plan again since it makes it much easier to share recipes and foods with other followers; though I do miss my pasta and potatoes I’m pretty sure I was overeating with those as I hadn’t seen any weight loss in months. For some reason though when I switched over to the new plan it took nearly a week for my “new” zero point foods list to catch up so it was still counting whole grain pasta and potatoes as zero… but then it caught up with me the day before Thanksgiving.


    1. Same! It will make it so much easier to share recipes. I know I was overeating on the potato – my fave food. Yes, I think it took awhile for many to catch up! Ha – ironic, right?


  4. I think I like the new changes more than the plan just before. I’ve been on it now for about 2 months (inspired by you!!) and am down 18 lbs. This should suggest I ate nothing but butter, cake and ice cream before I started. 😉 I enjoy you sharing your meals- it helps keep me on track and gives me ideas!


    1. I agree. Congrats and down 18 pounds in 2 months is amazing! I know how easy it is to let it slowly tack on the old bod so I know you didn’t! I am hoping to share more meals. If you haven’t checked out Slender Kitchen, you must! Also, look for good follows on IG. It really is inspiring to have healthy follows in your feed!


  5. After seeing the wonderful buys you find at second hand stores, I decided to give it a try. I was not as successful as you. I tried on two shirts and could not get past the smell. Although my husband says I have a nose of a hound dog. Maybe it was just me. Or is this common?


    1. That is not common! I have never bought or tried on anything with a smell but also I wash everything before wearing or dry clean but I avoid buying dry clean only. The two shops I go to the most smell like a department store or a boutique.


  6. Hands’ down WW seems to the be the best “plan” out there b/c it’s all about “calories in, calories out” balance. In looking at their zero foods it looks like they are trying to encourage a large intake of protein. That makes sense, from what I understand in current nutrition. That Big Mac Salad looks great!


    1. I agree. It allows you to live the most “normal” life. Yes, I think lower carb and higher protein has always been my struggle, but that is what has worked for me. The Big Mac salad is so yummy!


  7. I just re-joined, but didn’t know about the pasta and potatoes points. I haven’t begun to track yet though…I am still working through Thanksgiving desserts 🙂


  8. Oh my goodness – thank you so much for mentioning the special teacher rate. I just did the chat in the app. But you do have to cancel and then rejoin. It took 2 minutes. What a savings!


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