Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Posting my family “cookie” recipe again! It isn’t Christmas without these!


How was your weekend?  We are only two days away now!  I took a break from documenting my weekend but I did get almost all of my shopping finished.  I only have one more thing to purchase.  

This recipe may not seem very Christmasy, but to my sisters and cousins and I they sure do! Christmas was the only time we got to enjoy these.  The story goes that this was a recipe of my mom’s mom’s friend in Chicago.  We traveled to Chicago every Christmas and my aunt had these for us.  Now,  I make 3 or 4 batches a season.  My son wanted to bring these to a class party on Friday so that was my first batch.  Disclaimer:  I have found these don’t turn out if it is raining!  They are a little bit temperamental.

Leave 3 eggs out on the counter for awhile to come to room temperature.  

Preheat oven to 250 after they come to room temperature.  

You need:  

the 3 eggs

3 and 1/2 tablespoons of raspberry jello

3/4 cup sugar

1/8 tsp. salt

1 tsp. white vinegar

1 cup of chocolate chips

Once the eggs come to room temp, separate out the whites.  You only need the whites.  Add the vinegar and the salt and beat until they become stiff.  I use a hand held mixer and it takes a good 2-3 minutes.  Once stiff, add in the sugar and the jello gradually.  (I prepare a mix of those two ingredients in a bowl so that I am ready).  Then just mix a bit more to combine.  Turn off mixer and add in chocolate chips.

Drop by spoonfuls onto a parchment lined cookies sheet or a buttered cookie sheet.  This will makes two sheets worth.  

Very Important:  Bake for 25 minutes at 250.  Then, turn off oven and leave in for another 20 minutes.  If you open oven they will fall, so I always turn my oven light on.  

If you live near a Grater’s Ice Cream, they have a bit of a raspberry chocolate chip ice cream flavor.  They are great kept in the freezer and eaten cold, too.  

Aren’t they pretty?  I have also made them for Valentine’s Day!

Would you ever try these?  What cookies do you like to make?  I am hoping to make buckeyes and more Rice Krispies treats with the Christmas cereal.  

Thanks for reading!


16 thoughts on “Pink Merengues

  1. You gave me this recipe a while back, and I love it! I usually make them without the chocolate chips.

    I usually like to try at least one new cookie or fudge recipe a year, although I haven’t made anything yet this year. Just haven’t felt the baling spirit yet. Maybe because it’s been so warm?


    1. Yes I did! I have thought about making them just white without the jello! But I think I love the chocolate to much to leave out. I haven’t felt it either. I would like to make buckeyes. I also want to make pretzel crack. I have never tried fudge. It seems too hard.
      What is up with this warm weather?


  2. In Sweden the gingerbread cookies is a must, all kids make them. And the gingerbread houses! I’m a bit tired of the taste though, and buy a French (expensive…) version instead, they are a bit more grown up. Don’t know if I will bake anything… I’m not a baker! But I will make a lot of yummy food!
    Believe it or not – I’m distance teaching! Finally the region shut down the middle schools too, but only for the last three days… I have to be in the school though, since we’re packing to move back to our real school! Busy days… But on Thursday I’m off at midday! 24 days!


    1. Here for many people, too, but I am not that big on them. They are a lot of work! I love to bake and cook. You are distance teaching? What platform are you using? I use Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Slides, Kahoot, Quizlet, Youtube – those are my big ones. 24 days off – wow!


      1. Google Meet, google drive and Youtube. And we have a great platform for assignment results, homework, schedules etc. It was interesting when google broke down worldwide yesterday! Or maybe you were asleep then?
        24 days – I know! Crazy! You?


      2. Have you tried the breakout rooms in Google Meet? So fun! My kids wrote children’s books in Spanish and I broke them into groups of 3 and they read to each other – they can even share their screens!
        Yes, I was awake when Google went to sleep! I thought we were going to get a day off but it was quickly fixed! Ha! We get off from December 18-January 4. We also have a system called Infinite Campus where we record our attendance and grades. Apparently it links to Google Classroom but I don’t know how. I have a really good system for recording and entering grades that is working for me.


      3. Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into that!
        I was also hoping for a shorter day yesterday, but no… Google works too well! I actually think they have their servers in our neighboring country Finland…

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  3. I just love a recipe that means something! I have old recipe cards from when I was in Girl Scouts and I still pull them out to use them. It’s funny to see my 8 and 9 year old handwriting!
    Not sure what or if I’m baking this year; my son loves snickerdoodles but I end up eating all the rest!


    1. Me too! And, the fact that we only had them once a year usually! My aunt kept about 5-6 varieties of cookies in the old fashioned round tins in her basement fridge. My cousins and I would play in the basement and sneak some! I love kid handwriting! I have not made my baking or cooking list yet – I have started looking through my recipes. My boys are boring and always want just these and chocolate chip!


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