Friday, November 11, 2022

Happy Friday and Happy Veteran’s Day! Are you off? We are not. It is time to link up with the girls for Friday Favorites here!

This week flew by!

Here is a random mix of things that made me happy this week!

When isn’t Ernie a favorite? He is a good boy!

I attempted empanadas and they turned out great! Using refrigerated pie crust is the way to go. Here is the recipe I used if you want to try them, too!

I also thought I would share my “everything” breakfast potatoes. I microwave a couple of small potatoes after washing them and poking them with a fork. I let them cool, dice them, salt and pepper them, and then saute them in a skillet for a while.

Leave them alone and let them get really crispy on one side before flipping them. Cook on other side and finally add everything but the bagel seasoning. So good! Mason often requests these for breakfast.

I used them in my 3 breakfast burritos for the week. I did my meal prep on Tuesday and only made 3 for the short week.

Meal prep – even a small one this week – is always a favorite. My one lunch for Erica and I is an asian chicken teriyaki bowl with broccoli and cauliflower rice.

A library pick up is always a favorite! I get nervous when I run out of books to read next. Do you?

Starting this one first:

I had a nice day off for Election Day Tuesday that included voting – of course – and some errands. Tom absolutely has to have beer cheese and his favorite brand is only sold at Liquor Barn. I got that for him and couldn’t believe all the Torani flavorings. This gives me lots of ideas for coffee and for cocktails! Coffee and cocktails at the casa, don’tchaknow?

My sister Molly likes Mom Water. It is basically a hard seltzer without the fizz. Are you a Karen? Don’t we all have a bit of Karen inside of us? You can drink Karen flavor! Molly is weird and does not like carbonation. Carbonation is the chef’s kiss to all my cocktails.

Proof! My polling place is my kids’ old middle school and I did not have to wait at all to vote.

I was able to meet one of my Heathers for lunch. We had salads at Waldo’s and split some fries.

Ernie has had some nice walks lately. It is turning cold on Saturday so we have to soak this up!

Are you a fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? One of my favorite “characters” is Mauricio, Kyle Richard’s hub. This is his new show on Netflix with two of the daughters who are in the real estate biz with him. I am starting this stat!

I have had this little nail lamp for gel nails for a while and what was stopping me was the removal process. I ordered a new gel remover from Amazon and I am hopeful.

Basically it just takes patience. You have to put the base coat on, cure it, put a color coat on, cure it, put another color coat on, cure it, put a top coat on, cure it. I think it took me 30 minutes.

I will report back on how long it lasts, how the remover works, etc.

Erica made our lasagna cups one day! I am not kidding when I say that these taste exactly like the real deal. I am so excited to try a white lasagna version next week with spinach and artichoke.

For dinner, Tom and I had chicken, green beans, and a mixture of white and sweet potatoes. He loved this meal.

In case you missed a post this week, here is Fashion Files, Fall Shoes, Teacher Tuesday, and Hello Monday. Thanks for reading!

Have a wonderful weekend!


18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I just picked up wanton wrappers yesterday to make lasagna this week! I’m going to have to go check out that Lauren Denton books; I’ve read a couple of hers and really enjoyed them but she’s not one of those authors I really ever think to look for. I like to have a good 5 or 6 books waiting for me in case one book doesn’t really grab my attention.


    1. Yes! I hope you like them! Let us know! I agree – I think I have read one of hers, but don’t think to look for her. I am excited to read it. I am the same – I like options and get nervous if I don’t have them!


  2. All the options for cocktails! I don’t know why, but when I read “dontchaknow”, I said it in a Minnesota accent in my head. Why? Was that a skit on SNL at some point? I feel like it was. Does Ernie like the cold? My dogs are always so frisky when it gets cold here. I am excited for the drop in temps today and this weekend! I want to wear sweaters so bad I can’t see straight. Your nails look great! I hope they last for you! Have a great weekend, friend and thanks for the kind words about my back- I feel MUCH better today after seeing a chiropractor yesterday.


    1. Right? I was in my element but didn’t buy any. I think an adult cherry limeade like at Sonic would be good for summer. I meant it like that! I can’t remember where it is from. I want to say it’s also from a kid show mine used to watch? Ernie gets such energy from the cold. I think it is because he is a January baby. We brought him home in March. I want to throw on jeans and a sweater and call it a day, girl! Thank you! One has already chipped, but I think I did it too thick on that nail. Other than that, they look perfect after 3 days. I am so happy you feel better. I believe in chiropractors! I once got major relief from mine!


    1. Make them! I bet your whole fam would love. Great comfort food for this colder weather, too. I can hardly wait to make the spinach and artichoke version and I think I might also make the dip at the same time. Love that dip!
      I think the key is to have a show on your phone that distracts you from how patient you have to be!


  3. Your mention of Bravo reminded me, did you finish Paris Girlfriends? What did you think? My favorite girls were Anya and Adja. They were hard workers and real in my opinion. Victoria has anger management problems and the others were not relatable since they had parents supporting them. I liked it , especially for all the Paris scenery and would watch another season.
    Now I have to go check out Mauricio!


    1. I did! It was just mediocre to me. Those were my two favorites as well, but Anya did annoy me by being so materialistic about her wedding and everytime she says her fiance’s name I say in my head, “Bless you!” Victoria and Emily suck. Margaux is just meh. The star was Paris, but I need more interesting people!
      Let me know what you think of Buying Bev. Hills. I have only started one episode.


  4. All your meals this week look delish. I haven’t heard of buying Beverly Hills, but now I want to check it out. I’m almost finished with my book and can’t wait to start a Christmas book. Have a great weekend.


    1. Thank you! Thank you! It might be a fun show. The size of these houses is crazy! I am still on the hunt for just the right Christmas books to request, so do let us know on the blog!


    1. I think you would do ok. 3 are actually very filling! And, the wonton wrappers are so low cal. I know- I could not bring myself to buy a syrup at $12 after finding $3.99 ones at TJ Maxx! You too!


  5. I was just laughing at Jennifer’s comment about Dontchaknow above…I did the same thing! We are getting a cool front tonight, and I’m looking forward to it! Your nails definitely look professional! Enjoy your weekend!


    1. That is how I meant it! Ha! It is currently rain/snowing outside! Eeek! Thank you! I can’t wait to try my new remover to see if doing gel at home will work for me. It’s gonna come down to that! Have a lovely weekend!


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