Monday, November 7, 2022

We have a teacher work day today and are off tomorrow for election day. So, we will only have a three day week with the students this week. I am linking up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday.

The weather Thursday and Friday was sunny and in the high 70s and low 80s. You better believe I soaked up some Vitamin D in the afternoons. Sorry I talk about the weather so much and sorry for the view of my pasty legs!

Over the weekend I finished Every Summer After (4 coffee cups! I really enjoyed it!) and started Pumpkin Spice and Not So Nice (cheesy and predictable, but ok). I’m out of books after this and need to go to the library this afternoon.

On Friday I used my free birthday spray tan at Sun Tan City. Much better! I hadn’t done this since July or August.

I continued celebrating my birthday Friday night with some Cuban food! I got shrimp cooked in lobster sauce and rice and plantains.

My college rommie:

This photo made me laugh! After dinner we went next door to a Korean karaoke bar. Apparently their thing is private karaoke rooms. You get two microphones and an ipad to queue up your songs. Your room has a flat screen tv for the lyrics and a button to call your “concierge” who brings you drinks. It was so much fun! It was way better than singing off key to a room full of strangers! Definitely sing off key with your friends instead!

If you are local, this cake is from Plehn’s and is called the shadow cake. It is to die for!

You know what’s wrong in our society? I will tell you right here and right now. We don’t dance or sing enough. We don’t eat enough cake. There, I said it.

Saturday morning I enjoyed my coffee on the patio…

This tree is almost completely bare now…

Saturday was just a lazy day. I didn’t even run errands. It was so nice! I watched a bit of tv and read and it was wonderful! Tom had football on all day and I watched a bit.

For dinner, everyone was home. Jack had worked until 4 and Mason had been home since about 1 and then we watched Derry Girls and ate Mediterranean.

I tried to start From Scratch but kept falling asleep. Should I try it again?

I finally gave up and just went to bed. I was kinda ashamed of myself that I didn’t stay up later with my extra hour!

By the way, I contacted WordPress about my photos and I still don’t have a solution.

Then, I was awake with the birds Sunday. I just need to get my sleep on the front end because I can’t sleep in anymore! I wish I could! I read, drank some coffee, and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. I am trying to get where I can start my new and improved cleaning routine.

One of my college sorority sisters, Jennie, has a daughter here in town for college and she had time yesterday before going to see her to have brunch with Heather, Heather, and I. We went to our Mexican breakfast place.

I had an omelet.

It was so fun to catch up. Jennie is also my Seint makeup dealer! Hi Jennie!

Then, it was time for our last boat ride of the year – we think. The highs next weekend will be in the 40s so we need to winterize soon.

We had a great 2022 boating season and it helped make Empty Nester’hood more fun. We usually do the first and last boat ride of the season as just the two of us – awwwww! Ha!

I came home and cooked empanadas – first time and they turned out great! And, I made burrito bowls. We sat on the patio and ate and it was wonderful.

Then, my college kids went back to campus. All the college moms are really ready for Thanksgiving break, no? I am so happy I get a night here and there. I feel for those with kids really far away.

Think of me today in my meetings, meetings, meetings. Maybe one of the teachers will have prepared a Bingo card with all of the eduspeak buzzwords we will hear in the meetings. We are promised half of the day to work in our rooms. Grades are due soon for this grading period but I am pretty much ready to post. I have all my plans ready for this week but I have to write all of my college recommendation letters today.

Have a not so horrible Monday!


31 thoughts on “Hello Monday

    1. Me too! Thank you! The boat has been a fun thing we can do together. We need to replace it with walking or hiking this winter! There is a really good spray tan deal going on that might help me through the winter. Everyone just looks better with a little color!


  1. You may have already tried this with your photos, but I go ahead and edit them on my phone and get them just the way I want them before I add them to my post. I haven’t always had a lot of luck editing them in WordPress either. Good luck I know how frustrating those issues are. It looks like you had a really fun weekend.


  2. Sounds like the perfect relaxing weekend for you! I love the pics from your Friday night out with girlfriends. I have heard that it’s scientifically proven that singing is equated with being happy, so I will agree with your assessment. Now you see why I love singing so much, and being in a choir makes my heart so happy. We had a really long choir rehearsal yesterday, but even so, the songs made me smile the whole time we practiced.

    I don’t have Word Press, but I was going to suggest editing them on your phone and then putting them here. That’s what I do on my own blog. Here’s to hoping your meetings run on time or are short and that you’re able to get lots done in your room! Enjoy that three day work week. That’s awesome!


    1. It was! A little social, a little time to myself, a lot of cooking! I totally agree with that! I know it fills your cup!
      Yes, I think I am going to have to get better at my shots and editing on my phone.
      It was not bad at all! I was so glad! I was super productive and I am ready for the week – only 3 days when we return!


  3. Your birthday celebration looked like so much fun – I agree – we need to dance more, sing more, and eat more cake. We have Friday off for Veterans’ Day, I really wish they’d close our local school for election day since they use them as polling places.
    I picked up my Chico’s pants on Saturday – I got the brown color. You are right, they are so soft!


    1. Thank you! It was! We don’t have off for Veteran’s Day which is kind of bad. Yes, to the election day. It’s a KY state law, I think. The brown color is amazing! It will look so good with black, white, camel, and more! Hope to see them on Thursday!


  4. Hope the meetings go well! Alec’s school only has 3 days this week too but oddly they have Tuesday and Friday off so it’s a weird on and off again kind of thing. That karaoke night sounds like so much fun; a book I was reading had a similar space inside (the main character was the concierge at the karaoke place) and I thought that sounded so much better than a full on karaoke bar.


    1. They weren’t bad this time. That is a weird week! The karaoke was so fun! No way – that is funny that you had just read about it. Yes – way better! I am not a good singer!


  5. I loved Every Summer after. We have a fundraiser to go to next week, and I might get a spray tan. I’ve been spoiled because I’ve been tan since fall break, and I’ve loved having some color and not being so pale. I love the photos of you with your friends. Y’all even dress alike. So fashionable. I think it’s sweet you do the first and last boat ride. I just saw the weather and temps will definitely be cooler this weekend. I watched the first episode of from Scratch. I’m going to give it another episode or two. I’ve heard lots talking about it but I’m not hooked just yet. I hope you have a great Monday. We always joke about hearing “with fidelity” as the catch phrase this year 😂


    1. It was really enjoyable for me! Coupled with our sunny and warm weather I could almost pretend it was a summer read for me!
      Yes, to the spray tan. Do it one-two days before.
      I told everyone to wear their black finery!
      Yup, I think that was our last. It is going to be cold this weekend. Maybe it will get me in the mood to start Christmas shopping online!
      I have never heard that term – it sounds like a banking term. OMG!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a great terms for clothes 😂I always feel like I need to get through the kids’ birthday before I can think about Christmas but I should probably start making a list or two. I just panicked realizing I haven’t done much to prep for their bday …so I guess I will start there


    1. So exciting for you to have your birds back in the nest! Thank you and I loved hearing about your trip. I am so glad you did that. I bet it felt weird and you kept saying the kids would enjoy it!


  6. I feel your teacher inservice day pain! We have one tomorrow, Election Day. I saw the agenda, and it made my eyes spin in my head. So so glad I’m not an English teacher because they gave the worst of it! We don’t have much time to work in our rooms either. We have too many mini meetings tomorrow. Makes me miss those virtual inservice days of years past! Work/nap/repeat! We are under a hurricane warning right now, and it’s supposed to be a Cat 1. I’m crossing everything for no school on Wed and Thurs. It’s been that kind of year! Your food always looks so delicious! And that cake looks amazing! Glad you had a great birthday!!


    1. It turned out not to be too bad. The worst thing was a video about trauma that our kids might be facing. It was so hard to watch. And, I just feel like they want us to be social workers on top of teachers. I know that sounds bad, but it’s just so much on our shoulders. I don’t feel equipped. I hope yours isn’t too bad.
      Oh no about the hurricane! I will be like that with snow days. We haven’t even heard how they will handle them yet – e-learning days or true snow days? Thank you! I enjoyed every bit of that cake. There wasn’t much left after the night out but I saved some for my kids and they loved it, too.


  7. Happiest of birthdays!! You are celebrating in style and I love it! So much fun. That karaoke room is a great idea! I love that you and Tom do solo boat rides to open and close the season. This weather was so wonderful and by the end of the week it’s going to be chilly. I’m glad you made the most of it! I loved Every Summer After and I’m glad you did too! Hope the meetings weren’t too boring!


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