Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Today I thought I would share the shoes I have been reaching for the most in my closet lately or that I plan to wear very soon. Gosh, I love shoes! Do you? I always have!

These first two are among my most worn school shoes. I splurged and bought Danskos back in August or September but in a different style than the ones you see so much. They have a bit of a lower top and I really like them.

My Shu Shop sneakers were a good purchase. I still love them and I wear them a couple of times a week.

My Hush Puppies are still favorites. I have actually worn the cow print the most!

I have light brown Jack Rogers booties, black Lucky booties, and grey/taupe really old booties. The Lucky ones are the most comfortable.

The black Cole Haan heels are the ones that I have been wearing with my faux leather pants. Excuse the insides. I recently purchased the taupe ones but I haven’t worn them yet. I didn’t have a taupe heel in my closet. They are Marc Fisher and I really like his shoes.

I didn’t show that many of my shoes – I have only worn tall boots twice, for example.

I am still thinking about something like this below and honestly I went to the mall and couldn’t find a brand I liked the look of any better than these on Amazon! And speaking of the mall, I basically hated everything. Thanks, universe, for saving me money!

I’ve also got my eye on these, but apparently they are the Cabbage Patch Kid of 2022. Did anyone like that reference?

What shoes are you wearing the most lately?

Anything you have your eyes on?

I feel so limited for my school shoes because they have to fit so many requirements – they can’t be hot, uncomfortable, fussy, inappropriate, etc. Ha!


14 thoughts on “Early Fall Shoes

  1. I keep finding myself reaching for my sandals, because it’s been SO HOT here. As long as it’s hot outside, I will wear sandals. I don’t really care about the appropriateness of the season either, and for that same reason, I keep doing my own pedicure every couple of weeks. I do also really love the leopard print Hey Dudes that I bought before I traveled to Cape Cod. They’re super light and comfy, which is what I need right now. I go through phases with shoes…for instance right now my beloved Dansko sandals/shoes feel too heavy. I’m dealing with lots of foot and ankle pain right now, so I know that plays into my decisions. I also have a pair of black flats that I love that have leopard print tops. They’re really cute. I still want some nude flats, but have been unable to find any that I like.


    1. I feel weird wearing sandals to work now! But if I didn’t have this type of job where people see I would wear my sandals! Check out nude flats at hush puppies – maybe they would work for you? Maybe with an insert?


  2. I wear Vionics most often, they are just the most comfortable on my feet. I did buy a great pair of booties at Evereve that are surprisingly comfortable! I have been thinking of getting a pair of lug sole boots – had some last year but they were so hard to get on I got rid of them. The cow print Hush Puppies are so fun!


    1. I really need to try some on! We also have an Evereve. I need to look there, too. Oh gosh – if a shoe is hard to get on I am not going to wear it! Thank you- they are so comfy!


    1. They are basically GG dupes and you have those. I am happy that I have worn the heck out of them because it makes me feel like it was money well spent. Since my kids are sensitive about seeing teachers’ dogs I abandoned sandals much earlier this year. The things we do for them!

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  3. I wanted a pair of black lug soled loafers last year but could not find a good fit. This year’s Nordstrom anniversary sale came through for me and I’ve been wearing the heck out of them. Otherwise it’s mostly my hokas or a pair of black nikes. I keep seeing a pair of embellished Birdies, but man they are expensive! I’ll keep an eye on them after the holidays for a sale I guess.


    1. Yes! What a good purchase! Don’t you love when that happens? I know – I wish the Birdies were more affordable. But, if you have a small shoe wardrobe, you could justify the purchase!


  4. I’ve always loved shoes and my attic store is full of them (ask my husband…!). But… since the sneaker entered my life (again) I almost never wear anything else… AF1, chuck taylors, hoka clifton… that’s my shoedrobe right now!


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