Monday, November 14, 2022

How was your weekend? Ours was cold and snowy! What? We never get snow this early and I was not ready! I am linking up today with Holly and Sarah to share what I did.

Friday, as you know, was Veteran’s Day and I thought I would share my Dad and I here, too. I shared on social media. Of course this is a photo of a photo.

Erica made burrito bowls for our Friday lunch. We both had college education majors observing us on Friday so they ate with us and the four of us chatted.

After work, we met Elizabeth at Martini’s for happy hour.

It’s located in one of my favorite outdoor malls.

I stuck with bourbon based martinis. This was just so-so.

This was really good. It was a sweeter one, but I forgot to note what was in it.

We had some focaccia and some..

spinach and artichoke dip and stayed there chatting for about two hours.

I went home and made Tom and I a light dinner and mine included popcorn and some catching up on Bravo shows from the week.

Are you caught up from the time change? I am putting myself to bed between 8:30 and 9 because I just can’t keep my eyes open. I am struggling a bit to get out of bed in the morning, too.

Saturday, we knew it was a possibility, but I didn’t really believe it.

We ended up with at least an inch!

I made myself a Spanish tortilla because I was watching a dating show from Spain on Netflix and it just seemed right.

I did laundry, cleaned the living room and kitchen, and tidied up my closet.

I had plans to attend Jingle Fest in NULU which is just to get people to visit stores in that area and ring in the season. I met my friend Victoria and it felt good to get out in the crisp air. This is the courtyard at a shop called Red Tree and the snow on the umbrellas looked so cool!

Snowy baby Buddha?

Jen, this candle is for you. I love this brand of candles!

We popped in to the macaron bar and I had a Fruity Pepple macaron. Yum!

I discovered a really cool new to me bourbon lounge that I will have to visit.

The decor in Red Tree:

A cool little alley:

Victoria and I said goodbye and I got a to-go Emmy Squared pizza to take home.

I put up my few Thanksgiving decor items:

For dinner, we got take out sushi and mine was really good. It was avocado, asparagus, cucumber, and some garlic chips and tofu dust on top?

I am really loving this book and I am trying to enjoy reading inside rather than outside! I started my Sunday with some reading.

I did my 5 breakfasts for the week and one of my lunches – spinach and artichoke wonton lasagna cups. I added mushrooms and onions, too.

My DIY gel mani lasted 5 days. I am happy with that. I used my new Amazon remover and they peeled right off.

I did a new one and it does require some patience. I think it took me about 45 minutes.

So, this was what had been stopping me. Since the removal process was so easy, I am kinda excited! It doesn’t look perfect, but it looks pretty good.

Tom and I ran a few errands that included visiting a Mexican grocery store for some prizes for a couple of competitions and games I’ve been playing in classes.

We checked out our almost opened Top Golf!

And, the Mexican influence made us really hungry so we ate a lunch/dinner at 3:00.

We came home and Tom fixed my headlight that was out and I read some more.

And, that was a wrap on my weekend pretty much!

WW rolls out their new plan today at 9:00 a.m. if anyone is interested. I am exciting to see all the deets.

Thanks for reading,


18 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Eek! Snow already?! I am just not ready for that even though I know it is supposed to be pretty chilly here this week. It looks like a lovely and delicious weekend.


    1. Right! Something that doesn’t hurt your plans but provides a bit of pretty scenery! Thank you- I am enjoying this burgundy and having nails that look nice for more than one day – finally!


    1. I couldn’t either! It really did make me start thinking about Christmas. I am really enjoying this and I can handle it only lasting 5 days because I get tired of the color. It looks like it is not doing the damage to my nail beds like the salon does. Win, win so far!


  2. I love the way the snow looks in the courtyard of that adorable shop! That’s fun to be out in weather like that…and I love being out when it’s so cold. I think it’s because I can breathe better in cold, crisp air. I’m always wheezy in the warm, humid weather. I use an inhaler, but it doesn’t always help.

    Your weekend sounds perfect! Did you and Tom ever get around to winterizing the boat? I hope so before all the snow! If not, I guess I know what y’all will be doing this week. I don’t know that I’ve heard of a bourbon bar or shop- my husband would love that! He is in a bourbon club with a few of his friends. That snowy looking martini looked interesting! It’s fun to get cocktails and appetizers…I need to remember to do that sometime.

    I hope you have a great day, friend!


    1. It was so pretty! I think it was nice to get out. We pay to have the boat winterized. It is done. Sad. Oh, that is fun. I didn’t know your hub was such a bourbon guy. Cocktails and apps are my favorite so I don’t really miss the meal!


  3. You always have such fun weekends! I love reading about them. We raked and bagged leaves and cleaned the pool. 🙄
    Have a great week!


    1. Thank you! I do try to look for fun things to do. Oh – so much work. Tom finished most of ours leaves last weekend and now our trees are pretty bare. I wish I had a pool to clean! Lol! You too!


  4. So pretty to have an early snow! When I was little, we had a dusting of snow one year on my birthday, which is early for us. Your nails do look good and I love seeing pictures of the Spanish food. We have a top golf that is at the very beginning stages of construction here, so that is neat to see the finished look there. Happy Monday!


    1. It was! Wow – that would be early for you! Thank you – I am enjoying having gel again without ruining my nails. I think the salon stuff is stuck on more like glue and this is fine for me! We were shocked by how big Top Golf is. I want to try it out!


  5. I’m excited for the new WW program too. I haven’t tracked in almost a week but I’ve learned to move on and that is life when you are traveling as much as i have been !!! I think it will be like the old program that i got to lifetime with. I sure hope so. I didn’t like this last program at all. Looks like you had a a good weekend. We were in Las Vegas. Fresno state football won. We ate great food and had a fun time. Tomorrow I’m off to Scottsdale with my daughters and a friend for Taylor’s “dirty 30” bday trip! How is my baby girl turning 30! Have a great week!


    1. I am getting back to tracking and it’s eye opening! I really let myself have a lot of extra points over the last few months. I am excited for everyone to have the same points values so I can use others’ recipes! Have a great trip and happy bday to Taylor!


  6. What a great weekend! That candle is right up our alley! I couldn’t believe how cold it was on Saturday. The kids had a race at Bellarmine that night and it was 30 degrees! I love all your photos of the umbrellas, etc.
    love your thanksgiving decor too!
    I’m so tired in the evenings as well.
    Last full week and then a break 🙂


  7. I was NOT ready for our snow this past weekend either. And sadly, it looks like it might be here to stay. Ugh. Those hanging umbrellas are SO CUTE!!! I love them!


    1. I know! So early! I am sorry. Ours is gone and we have 50s coming after this weekend. I thought it was such a cool view with the snow and I am so glad I got out in it.


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