Thursday, October 27, 2022

It’s time for Fashion Files with Kellyann and Jill and then stay with me at the end for Monthly Musings – Thanksgiving Prep is the topic this month.

I have been behind on sharing my outfits and I have forgotten to take my photo some days.

I can’t remember if I showed this outfit or not, so I am including it. New Kut from the Kloth flares from consignment and Loft blouse from last year. I have on a headband so you know it’s second day hair! Sorry there is a desk in front of me – ha!

I wore one of my three Target Universal Thread dresses for my friend’s surprise birthday dinner. I paired it with my Walmart Scoop blazer from last year and some Target suede boots from last year.

Jeans, Anthro blouse, cardigan for a Friday. I wore my Hush Puppies flats and was super comfy. These flats are really good! These are new straight leg jeans that I will tell you about in a minute.

These pants are Matilda Jane but they kinda look like Aerie flares that the teen girls are wearing. I paired them with a black tank and a knit leopard duster.

Matilda Jane pants again and a Loft consignment blouse I found recently.

Matilda Jane pants and a blouse from last year from a little boutique near my house.

Another consignment blouse from J.Jill and straight leg jeans I will tell you about.

Same blouse from the boutique with jeans on the weekend:

My new Old Navy distressed button fly jeans, tank top, and my new Old Navy flannel.

I ordered this shirt from Belk for like $9. I love prosecco and thought it would be fun for the holidays. It says “Prosecc Ho Ho Ho”. It was $9!

So, I started feeling like my skinny jeans from last season were constricting my legs and I just felt weird. I am not throwing them out by any means. I think they will be warm in the winter and work with tall boots or maybe with my bigger sweaters to give a better proportion on the bottom.

If you are feeling the same way, a great baby step to a different jean silhouette is the straight leg. I came home with a dark and a light and they were each on sale for $18!

They are called the high rise straight. Now I did have to go up a size because of the high rise. I have a stomach and needed that room. Also, they were too long, so I cut and washed and dried them for a perfect fray hem.

My distressed were not on sale, but I really liked them so I got them. They are called the High Rise O.G. Straight Ankle and they are the perfect length on me as you can see above. I am 5’4.

I really recommend that you do like Kellyann and I did and try on multiple styles and sizes to see what will work for you. I didn’t want to deal with returns so I went in and it was a good experience. I feel set for my jeans for the season, now!

Monthly Musings – Thanksgiving Prep:

I haven’t given much thought to Thanksgiving and my family doesn’t have our plans made yet, either!

I am linking up with many ladies here so check out more posts!

  1. Do you host Thanksgiving or go elsewhere? We usually go to Tom’s sister’s house on Thursday and do Tom’s family and then go to my family’s meal on Friday. That way we get two dinners and get to see both sides.
  2. What dishes do you make or contribute? I am usually given a few side dishes to make. I often do the potatoes because you have to have someone serious about their potatoes, you know? Just kidding! I also like to bring a signature cocktail to my family’s feast.
  3. What is your favorite Thanksgiving recipe and will you share with us? I posted here and here.
  4. What are your Thanksgiving traditions? I usually make breakfast for my family of four and then we have a leisurely morning. I love to watch the parade while cooking.
  5. Stuffing or dressing? Dressing – I don’t want to eat from the cavity of a fowl.
  6. Pumpkin, pecan, or apple pie? Pumpkin! It’s special because this is the only time of year I have it! Must be served with Cool Whip. Must be Cool Whip.
  7. Casual dining or set the table? Probably in between. My SIL sets a beautiful table with a floral arrangement, but we do buffet serve yourself with nice plates. My mom loves a paper plate and again it’s a buffet serve yourself and there isn’t room for everyone at one table.
  8. Favorite beverages to serve with Thanksgiving dinner? My apple cider sangria!
  9. Do you shop Black Friday? Heck to the no. I am still eating Thankgiving feasts. I believe in Cyber Monday.
  10. Holiday movie or football games? Well, I am not ready for Christmas until I have fully given thanks. I am a purist – sorry. I don’t care about football but I like having a game in the background because it just feels right.

Whew – that was a lot!


21 thoughts on “Fashion Files and Monthly Musings – Thanksgiving Prep

  1. Your fall fashion is so on point girl! Thanks for joining Holly and me today. I am going to have to try that sangria!



  2. I love that dress/blazer/ boot outfit! I’m going to have to come up with a similar look with one of my dresses (that I never think of wearing since I never ever wear dresses!). But I am determined to wear them more often.


    1. Thank you! I wasn’t sure it was flattering. I am trying to wear dresses and boots before it gets too cold. But, these are more weekend outfits for me – I would be too uncomfortable for 8-9 hours.


  3. Yay for the new denim! I feel the same way about the skinnies – they have their place in my wardrobe for sure but the straight legs are much more comfortable and give such a better proportion.
    My favorite blouse is that one from the boutique – I love the colors and your hair looks so good!


    1. Yes, thank you for the push! That blouse is my fave, too. I have worn it a lot! Thank you! I am enjoying my longer hair even if I may be too old for it – I know you would say not to worry about how old I am!


  4. I love all your outfits, as usual! I think I love the weekend ones the most, just because it’s the weekend and you’re out and about. πŸ˜‰ I don’t know what my favorite jeans would be considered- they’re cropped, yes I wear them all year long and can get away with it because I’m 5’3- though they’re fitted through the thigh, they do continue down straight and there’s a little kick thing where they end. So, straight skinny? I don’t know. They’re my favorite and definitely the most flattering pair I’ve ever worn and I get compliments on them, which is always a great sign. I have such a uniform! That’s what I’m always struck with when I read these posts, but I’m okay with it. I pretty much wear the same type thing over and over- jeans, poncho or shirt with cardigan/kimono/vest, the occasional sweater…you get my drift. I switch out pairs of jeans between dark and light, then I have some black pants that I love and wear often. I add two more pairs to my fall/winter wardrobe- one is dark green and the other pair is cranberry. They’re fun, especially in December!

    I laughed out loud when you said you wouldn’t eat stuffing out of the cavity of a fowl.

    Happy Thursday to you, my friend. The weekend is so close!


    1. Thank you! I think I liked my weekend one the best, too. I love cropped because they are full length on me, too! I would love a kick flare! Or, whatever that is called. I am trying to be happy and remain happy with the pairs I have. OOH – dark green and cranberry. Where are they from? It is ok to have a uniform. I think a couple of outfits that make you feel great is wonderful. I enjoy looking at color pairings on Pinterest and sometimes find a color match I wouldn’t have made on my own.
      Ha – I love the word “fowl”!
      Happy weekend!


  5. I love all of your outfits especially the one with the yellow cardigan. I also tried on a variety of jeans this year. I now have skinny black wit and wisdom jeans that I love, straight leg girlfriend jeans, and bootcut jeans to name a few! I found flares at Old Navy that fit well but didn’t buy them because I wasn’t sure how much I would wear them. They also require a higher heel. I host Thanksgiving for my family and whoever wants to come from my husband’s family. Similar to what your sister in law does with buffet style and pretty table settings using nice plates.


    1. Oh, thank you! I had to take it off because my room is an oven. I was also hot in my jeans. That’s why the Matilda Janes are so great for teaching. They are a cooling material, I think! Or, they feel cool. Wit and Wisdom are so good! I don’t have any black and I would like some! My flares are petite so they only require a bootie with a one inch -ish heel. I wore them with my MIA clogs the other day, too. I agree that it is hard to figure out your footwear with some of the silhouettes. That is so nice that you host and have it open ended. I wish my dining room was bigger. I would love an outdoor feast like on Parenthood! But, we don’t know what type of weather we will have.


    1. Oh, how fun! That would be lovely! I love the color rust! Let us know what works from Amazon – so overwhelming for me!
      Thank you – I really like that blouse. The material is really cooling and the colors are so fall. I love a good blouse!


    1. Aww, thank you, Michelle! I am trying. But, I am also trying to wear what I have. I have plenty! I get distracted by the shiny and new online and I am really working to see what could be similar in my closet, you know?


    1. Yes! Thank you! I am excited to wear my ProseccHoHoHo shirt and I might wear it with the red pants! Crazy! These MJ pants are giving me life for school attire. I love them so much.


  6. I am also a Thanksgiving purist but it’s easier for me because we celebrate Thanksgiving in October! However, American Thanksgiving is when our church usually kicks off the Advent season with walking the labyrinth and I love it!

    And I have to check out that Apple Cider Sangria recipe. Sounds delicious!!!


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