Wednesday, October 26, 2022

It is time to link up with Sheaffer and Shay and hope I’m not being too redundant for my regular readers!

Eating Lately:

You know it – more Slender Kitchen recipes! I told you I was going to make One Pot Creamy Mushroom Pasta – amazing!


Red Curry Thai

These were both dinners for Tom and I and then lunches for Erica and I. I love just using one website right now to get new ideas.

I also made us a breakfast bowl for one of our lunches.

Reminiscing about:

I have a few fall photos framed as part of my fall decor.

I love this photo of my sweet twins at an apple orchard in my hometown. My Dad was with us.

And they also had pumpkins there…

and a professional family photo at a historic home near our house. Our photographer was my former student.


This sight!

And, my companion, of course. I love walking through crunchy leaves!

Been Up to:

Oh, you know, just trying to teach 150ish kids a day. On Friday, Spanish 3 got to try to play Spanish Scrabble. These girls wanted a photo of their group, their Scrabble board, and a staged fight over the game!

They are so cute and sweet! And, in case you don’t know, high school girls are super casual. The attire is t-shirts, sweatshirts, running shorts, sweatpants, and tennis shoes. Seriously, has there ever been a more low maintenance time for our teens?


I don’t know. I guess the winter a bit. I have a huge let down when Christmas is over. I want to find a way to love January!

Working on:

This was just for fun, but I thought it was so cute. It is a Thanksgiving appetizer that looks like pumpkin pie. Directions coming soon!

I also put myself in charge of the taco meat for Spanish Club’s taco bar this week.

Excited about:

A couple more fall boating outings, hopefully. We normally winterize the boat at the beginning of November.


My Bravo shows! Also, for some reason I am watching Bachelor in Paradise. I only watch about an hour of tv a night right now.


I bought a couple of fall books on Amazon.

Listening: I am listening to my podcasts – Watch What Crappens, Big Boo Cast, Midlife Matters, and Bestie Breakdown. I also really think I like the new T. Swift album. I am not a Swiftie by any means, but I do like her music.


Here is my casual fall weekend ‘fit. I am wearing a flannel as a shacket because I can’t really handle anything too long or bulky on my frame.

For work, I am cycling through my Matilda Jane pants with blouses. I think these pants are great. The quality is great and they look nice for work while feeling like I am wearing sweatpants.

Well, that’s about it for me! What’s up with you on this Wednesday – the last of the month! How is that possible?


16 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. I struggle to enjoy January, February, and even March… I really do not the cold, dark days of winter at all. Your meals look so good! I love those old fall photo.


    1. I know. I always think oh Februrary is short and it will be fine, but it is truly our snowiest and coldest month – more than January usually. And, March is fickle! Thank you so much – having fun with the meals and enjoying my fall photos.


  2. Love the pics of your neighborhood- that is fall perfection if I have ever seen it. The pics of your family and boys when they were little are just so precious too. I need to find something to love in January too…sigh 🙂


    1. Thank you! I include them because so many like to see them! I love these little photos that I get to see each day. I really miss those little things somedays. I am happy they still let me hug them when they are home.
      Yes, I am not sure what the January solution is!


  3. Something to love in January- I think most of us could say that very thing. I do love the newness of the month: the month, the new year….but it always seems like it’s 13 weeks long, at least. I LOVE walking on crunchy leaves! I think fallen leaves in a yard, or on a sidewalk are so beautiful. I’m always a little sad when my husband wants us to rake them up…I think the dogs love them too! I love that the teens are casual right now. I haven’t noticed that here, but that’s not to say it isn’t true. I think it’s awesome! I feel like we were more like that in high school and it lessened the pressure to always look a certain way, so it makes me happy to see that again. I love that you love your students so much- you’d mentioned how it’s been a hard year so far in school, but I know they are all huge bright spots in your life. They’re so fortunate to have you, and you them!


    1. I know! I want to hibernate, yet I need to really plan things. It feels super long! I love crunching the leaves! We blow them to a corner of our yard that is kinda our compost area. We aren’t super worried about the leaves. I agree!
      I am happy that the girls especially don’t have to primp as much as they used to.
      I do love my students, but every day I feel that I have run a marathon. You are sweet to say that. We have had a lot of heavy stuff lately – active shooter training that we had to lead and lots of fights at our school. I am very concerned.


  4. I pinned that creamy chicken pasta recipe – must try soon! I would love to live somewhere that Fall looks like it does in your area, it is so pretty! I love the leaves! And all those pictures from when your boys were little, aren’t they just priceless?


    1. Yay! Let me know what you think. This website is really good and I like the one stop shopping lately. Fall is just gorgeous. I am including more photos this year for those that like to see what it looks like. The photos are priceless. Wish I had taken more!


    1. My sisters made fun of me because they started out with brown hair and then from maybe 2-8 they had the exact same color hair as I paid good money for at the salon. Then, their hair got dark again. So weird! Tom was white haired as a child and now his hair is brown – what little he has left.


    1. Aren’t they? I can’t remember such a beautiful fall and it may be due to lack of rain. The leaves have stayed on the trees this year for quite some time. I have conflicting thoughts on January. I want to hibernate, yet getting out would make me feel better!


  5. I love the throwback pics of your boys and your family. So sweet. Hadley does not need another hooded sweatshirt 😂that’s all she wears. Very casual. Haha The app is so cute. Can’t wait to hear about it.


    1. Aww, thank you! Ha! I bet she doesn’t! The app is so cute but needs to be assembled and eaten right away or it gets soggy. I think I might take the stuff for my nieces and nephews to make before we eat.

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