Thursday, November 18, 2021

I have always loved Thanksgiving! I love the food, the colors, the fall vibe, and really just everything about it.

Last year was such a departure for us from our “normal”. First of all, our kids were coming home from college for the first time and staying home until January. I hated that it was that way due to Covid, but I was giddy! Both of my kids were very scared of the virus and of course, there was no vaccine. We decided to just be the four of us and it really worked for us for that very different year. We had lots of Solo Stove fires, watched tv and movies together at home (the movie theater was still closed, I think), and my kids just really enjoyed time together. They had hardly seen each other during August – November because of the strict Covid rules. For identical twins, I can only imagine that was super hard. They continued with classes online for a couple of weeks from home and then did finals from home. I continued teaching virtually and Tom continued as one of the only ones going in to his office. It was just weird times, you know?

This year, Jack and Mason only have 5 days off just like their mom. Tom also has the time off which is nice.

On Thursday we go to my sister-in-law’s house here in town and we celebrate with Tom’s side of the family. We have the traditional meal around 4:00. This year I am in charge of the sweet potatoes and the desserts.

On Friday we will go to my mom’s house with my side of the family. It is about an hour away. We usually do the traditional meal again and we also go to some of the local businesses for some Black Friday shopping – small town style. It is weird without my Dad. He loved Thanksgiving. I am very excited to see all of my nieces and nephews. We have so many teenagers now!

I like to really wear my Thanksgiving colors because after this, I am over the fall colors and I move into Christmas colors and all.the.plaids! And, I start wearing my beloved velvet. I like to dress up and I might wear a dress one or both days.

These are some options to consider:

Thoughts? What do you wear?

Healthy Strategies:

I plan to eat what I want during the Thanksgiving meals. I will try to walk both mornings and eat a healthy zero point breakfast. Then, I will just enjoy and live life

I plan to do a grocery pick up for Monday after school for the ingredients for the dishes I am making and I am going to add stuff for a few lighter meals for the days before and after. I think it will help me to have the healthier stuff on hand. I plan to make a vegetable soup.

It also helps that I will not have the leftovers at my house.

Maybe I will think about halving some recipes so I don’t have a ton leftover.

I would love to hear your plans! We are only a week away! It is so crazy how this fall has flown!

Thankful for you,


7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. My dad’s favorite holiday was Thanksgiving so it’s a time I always think of him most – so bittersweet. Your strategies sound great – I always told my members its not one meal that will do you in; it’s the leftovers! I am wearing a dress and waiting patiently to see what the weather will be like – could be 90 could be 60, ya never know here in FL!


    1. I will be thinking of you. It’s just so hard. I love that message you gave your members. I totally agree. For me, it is usually a slippery slope from Halloween – Derby. Why are there so many food holidays! I am telling myself each holiday is only a DAY which is similar to the leftover thing.
      You really never know in FL – back up outfits. An excuse to shop more, right?


  2. So far this week I have amassed 51 weekly points by making sure to exercise and follow a healthy eating plan only using my daily points and those extra points I earn. I plan to do the same next week so I’ll have a large bank of weeklies to use then I can eat whatever I want for thanksgiving diner and on Friday too (honestly I don’t eat gravy and only eat white meat chicken with lots of veggies and potatoes so I just need points for rolls and dessert anyway). By Saturday most of the leftovers should be gone and I think I can get back on track the following week.

    As for what I’m wearing; I just picked up a new color block sweater in shades of brown, rust, ivory, and… maybe tan? I can’t remember the 4th color.. but I’ll wear that with either my brown leggings or my jeans.


    1. That’s a ton of points! I don’t have a fitness tracker like my coworker and she gets a ton. I am trying not to use fit points anyway. I do use all of my 28 weeklies. That is a good plan for you and you can do it and still enjoy.
      Those colors sound great. I am leaning toward wearing jeans to make myself a bit more accountable!


  3. Such a fun post! I love Thanksgiving too! I love your plan for walking and zero point breakfast. You’ve done such a great job living your life too! I know you will enjoy having your boys home!


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