Friday, October 28, 2022

Linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites!

I debated sharing this in favor of staying positive, but it’s been a hard week. I have basically just worked and come home and I feel like I have been run over by a steamroller every day. A colleague said she is February tired in October. I concur, but I am not exactly sure why.

Last week we had active shooter training that we had to lead for our students and this week we have had fights occurring and had to change some policies because of this. It’s just hard.

My students are great, but it’s just hard. It’s hard to keep their focus. I think they are so distracted by what’s going on with their phones. What are they missing? If they aren’t on it, they are thinking about it, maybe?

I don’t know. I hate to start on a negative note, but I don’t want to be fake, either.

Erica, my co-worker and meal prep partner gave me an early birthday gift to complete my Day of the Dead patio. How cute!

I am reading this fall book right now. There is way too much talk about the main character’s pet hamsters so far so I am trying to block that part out. Very weird!

Tom’s company competed in a chili cook off and I got to go, too. The weather was beautiful!

Of course I voted for Tom’s!

Their theme was Talladega Nights and Tom had to be Ricky Bobby’s Dad.

They even had a cocktail called “Mountain Booze”.

We took Ernie on a walk before dinner and the trees and the sunlight looked so pretty!

And, Tom and I are enjoying watching Amazing Race this season.

What were your favorites this week?


23 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I am sorry you’ve had a hard week, I hope this weekend is a good one and leads into a good week. Our HS quarterback was killed on Sunday while trying to help someone on the side of the road. It is so tragic and I can’t let it go. He was a student at my elementary school and all I can think about is his sweet little face and how I never knew then that his time was limited. The whole community is devastated. And I think of the students at school and how I know so many of them and wish I could go be with them. But since I no longer work for the school system I can’t be part of the grief/recovery team. Sorry, didn’t mean to make this about me. Just sayin, working with young people requires a lot and takes a lot out of us, doesn’t it? Thank God for Fall in a Cup!


    1. It’s nothing like what your system is dealing with. I saw your post on FB, but I didn’t know the whole story. I am so sorry. You can’t help because you aren’t part of that district but the virtual now is not considered part of the district?
      It’s so heavy to shoulder the sadness of our kids and our own sadness. We have to be strong at all times.
      It just doesn’t make sense that this tragedy happened.
      Yes – I am hoping to enjoy some today!
      Thinking of you!


  2. I know you’ve mentioned in bits and pieces how weary you are. I stopped and prayed for you and for your students and coworkers as I read that opening to today’s post. I can’t imagine how mentally and emotionally exhausting that is. Are you getting close to the age that you’re thinking of retiring? I’m just curious, it seems you’ve mentioned how you are recently. This would make me want to retire soon, just because I take things on that are exhausting. I hope things turn around quickly, friend. I know you’re weary! Also, I appreciate your transparency. I try to be that same way on my blog.

    What a fun event your husband participated in! The fall is so perfect for outdoor events, because it’s usually so pleasant out. My husband and I love The Amazing Race- we used to all watch together when the boys were younger. I always forget about it…do you watch on Hulu? I would say a favorite of my week are two things: seeing my brother Paul for the first time in a year and a half and Thursday at work when my best friend Missy and I laughed so hard over one of the phone calls I got that we couldn’t answer phones for ten minutes. I LOVE working with my best friend! I hope your day goes quickly and that your weekend is restorative and all the things you love most. 🤎


    1. I felt your prayers! Thank you! I had so much of a better day yesterday. I shared my heart with the male teacher next to me and to Erica, my work bestie, and then I felt the weight lifted because they are in the trenches with me and they commiserated. I got my mindset in a better day and had a great day. I also made sure to fully plan for next week.
      I qualified to retire last October, but if I stay about another year I will get more money – like $500 a month. I need to make an appointment with the Kentucky Teacher Retirement System to get exact figures. My plan was to wait until my kids graduate from college, but also, will I be bored? I still really love teaching. I would love to be part time, but that just isn’t done much here. Also, part time can easily become full time by the nature of the job. I teach 6 classes now and would teach 4 if part time and have no planning period. See? It’s kinda odd and not really fair.
      It was a fun event! Amazing Race is so fun to watch. We love seeing the other countries and the cultural based challenges.
      Your work situation sounds so fun! I am so happy that it’s a great fit for you! And, I know you are a blessing to them!


      1. OH, 100%, RETIRE WHEN YOU CAN!!! It makes sense to wait, but you won’t be bored — promise!!! Because you stated your age in a later post, I know you are about 6 months older than me and you have PLENTY of time to enjoy a very active life outside the classroom!!! Your part-time set-up is for the birds — no way! I was thinking three classes, 2.5-3 hours a day, in-and-out. What about private schools? I lot don’t have enough for a FT foreign language teacher and the class sizes are generally smaller too. Or, like me, (I didn’t retire, I left) find something using transferrable skills. I have only worked PT since leaving the classroom and I stay very, very busy. Do you listen to Boo Mama (Sophie Hurst)? She left her career too and I don’t think she is bored a single day (she is in the same season of life as us). One time she even mentioned how much more MARGIN she has in her life now — she is so right.
        Anyway, that is a big decision to make and I guess you didn’t even ask our opinions on it — ha! Again, coming from one go-getting to another, you will NOT be bored. Take that out of consideration 😉
        Your weekend looked fun and just what you needed 🙂


  3. I totally understand the cell phone dilemma with kids. Also the fact that parents don’t set boundaries. This past week was book fair. We told our daughter “No” and her teacher she was not participating. (She is not a reader and it would have been a waste of money so to speak.) It is basically the thrill of purchasing something. Not being a good steward. Needless to say, she came home with a book that is sitting on the counter. I choice to repay the person that purchased the book for her. My husband said it is the times we are in. It is easier to give in than to be respectful to the parents and their rules. We are trying to save for a trip to Disney so every dollar counts for us.
    May Grace Be With You!!


    1. Yes! And, I think you hit the nail on the head. I think it is the sense of entitlement and lack of boundaries. The students don’t seem to have any remorse about cheating and their bad behaviors and the pandemic made it worse. Even though I teach Spanish I try to talk about how to act in the real world. Bad behavior is glorified on social media. Good for you for how you handled your daughter’s situation. We didn’t parent perfectly and we have issues, of course, but my kids are very thankful and appreciative and not entitled. I have apologized for them sharing a car and that we would look to get another one next year and one of mine said that just wasn’t necessary and that they can share. That made my heart feel that I had done something right. It starts at a young age. If your kid acts that way at 5, you have a much bigger problem at 20. And, yes I am parenting until mine are out of college and beyond.
      We did a very low budget trip to Disney! We stayed on property at a mid level resort and ate breakfast bars or whatever we brought, took our own water bottles, went to the park that was opened early for people on property, ate an early lunch around 11 and and early dinner around 4-5 and shared meals. We didn’t do any character breakfasts and didn’t buy buy buy. This was a long time ago but we did the entire trip for $1400 by driving there in our minivan. We didn’t move the van the whole 5 days and did the busses, monorail, etc.


  4. I’m so sorry you’ve had a rough week. I have tremendous admiration for teachers. ❤️ There is so much that gets in the way of teaching!! Have a great weekend and I hope next week is a better one!


    1. Thank you, Susan! I know there are so many hard jobs out there. I am not trying to be a martyr. I had a great day Friday! I need to get my mind right for next week and I am fully planned so that will help! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your sweet comment!


  5. Amy dear, it’s Friday and my first time reading blogs the whole week… Teaching is so hard and stressful right now! My students are a handful, if they’re not too sleepy, the are too energetic… But why complain, right?… ;-D
    My fall break starts today! Bliss! I have tons of correcting, but it’s so ok!
    Enjoy your weekend! ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. It is, but I did have a great day Friday! I am fully planned for next week and I felt like I connected with my students. We played a fun game in one class and had round table discussions in 3 classes. The other class got to start the movie Coco for Day of the Dead.
      Happy Fall Break to you!


      1. Isn’t that strange (and lovely!) how things can just turn like that! I had a shitty day last week, and when I came home my husband surprised with a pair of shoes I had been drawling over during the weekend! I was so happy! A bit magical actually…!


  6. Oh, that is hard because being a student is hard, being a teacher is hard and life is well, hard. All these things have joy as well, but definitely, there are harder days, weeks and seasons. I have been there a lot this year with different situations. Some weeks, I have struggled to post a lot, even though I know there is still so much to be thankful for. Thanks for being honest and hoping you have some downtime to rest and relax this weekend.


    1. Yes, I don’t make it all about me. I know how hard it is to be a student and I feel like I am compassionate and reflective of my teaching. I also try to get the pulse of my students on a weekly basis and have open conversations about their challenges. Friday was wonderful! I had a great day and I think my students did, too. I try to keep it positive, but I don’t want to be fake. I hope you have a relaxing weekend, too!


  7. I just came home to a notice that my son’s school was in lockdown all day… and this was not a drill as they just had one a week or so ago. Thankfully the lockdown has been lifted and all regular classes have resumed (and I was so incredibly grateful he was away on a SkillsUSA field trip!).. I can only imagine how stressful that was for EVERYONE. I hope the next few weeks are less stressful and more fun.


  8. Ugh! I don’t know why, but your post didn’t show up on my WP app….so I’m just now reading. Im sorry you had a hard week. It was crazy town at my school too…especially Thursday…we were all over the news. I love the new doormat…& the chili cook off is so fun! Im glad you got to spend some time outside. I know that always helps. Have a great weekend.


    1. It’s probably on my end! I woke up and my post didn’t post at 4:00 a.m. like usual and then I got on my computer and I had lost half of it. It was par for the course for this past week! Ha!
      What happened Thursday? I am sorry to say (am I, though?) that I don’t watch any news anymore. I lost my kitchen tv and then my ipad is too old to play Youtube tv and then I was like, it’s all depressing anyway!
      Yesterday was a much better day! I really engaged some students and I had some really great test scores from my lowest level class. They were so happy and proud. I also feel like I planned well for next week which includes my birthday so I wanted to have smooth sailing. Ha! I also get observed next week, but it will be fine. Happy weekend! My friend is coming to Keeneland today and it will be gorgeous!


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