Tuesday, October 4, 2022

It is the first Tuesday of the month and that means it is time to link up with Tanya for Prime Purchases.

I did not buy much in the month of September! But, what I did buy is really, really good.

One of my best friends, Heather, turned 50 and I did a “Favorites” theme. I typed up 50 favorite things about her/memories we share, too.

I bought her the Donna Karan cashmere mist deoderant because she also really appreciates nice smells like I do. Also, this is something that many won’t buy for themselves. I was not implying that she stinks at all! Also, I bought mine at the end of May and I still have some product left. I think that makes it way less per wear than some other ones I have used.

She loves Tyler candles and the Diva laundry soap, so I got her a 3 pack of the air freshener.

And, I got her the beaded champagne earrings like I have.

I think she really liked my kinda hodgepodge gift!

And, I have been wanting a sweater vest…

I ordered this one and it is super soft and not scratchy at all. I am deciding if I need to go down a size because it is kinda long.

I plan to wear it just as she is with one of my button downs under it!

What have you purchased this month?


17 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

    1. Thank you! I hope so! I need to style the vest and possibly try tucking it. I may need to size down due to length alone but I want to have room for the shirt underneath and I am seeing a lot of oversized vests.


  1. I love giving and receiving gifts like the ones you gave your friends! I always think you can never go wrong with several fun things. Would you believe I didn’t buy anything this month from Amazon, other than my subscription items? It was a good thing…we needed a spending break there!


    1. Me too! That’s awesome! You had your trip approaching so probably that made a difference. Did you read Hotel Nantucket? The end of the book has tons of Nantucket recommendations!


  2. I have bought way too much and moved on! LOL! I did just order the sweater you posted about. I had it saved to my wish list, but I took your advice and sized down one. So we shall see! I did also order some new outdoor flameless timer candles for my porch and patio lanterns. So we shall see. I didnt want to order luminar brand – never know when one will “disappear” off my porch. Although we have been super fortunate and haven’t had issues with that.


      1. Yeah, you say leggings! Of course I don’t wear it with just tights… In Sweden we call leggings tights… You can wear something longer white underneath if the vest is too short (borrow a long white t-shirt from your husband or the boys)


  3. That is such a fun birthday gift that you put together. I bet she loved it! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road


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