Monday, October 3, 2022

My weekend started last Wednesday after school and it’s not over yet! Today is my last day of my little fall break and then I will have a 4 day week. I am linking up with Holly and Sarah to share a bit about what I’ve been up to.

At first, I thought a fall break from September 29-October 3 seemed a bit early, but it occurred right after our first grading period ended and during what I think of as probably our best weather around here!

I am always trying to do better at achieving work/life balance and it has been so nice. What is it about having a weekday off that just feels different?

Let’s go back to Wednesday evening…I was feeling a bit celebratory but Tom had a long day at work, so my buddy Heather met me for the sailboat race at Captain’s Quarters. It was beautiful sitting at an outdoor table and watching the sailboats go out to the course and then come back in as the sun was setting. Ah…. I just love being around water. It is so calming.

We split some onion rings and a spinach salmon salad and then Heath loves dessert (as do I) and picked this to share and we could not believe it when it arrived!

Thursday morning was hair day! Yay!

Then, I met Elizabeth for lunch at Caffe Classico, which is a Euopean cafe.

Balance – Belgian frites, wine, and salad.

Then, we went to my favorite consignment store and I found Kut From the Kloth jeans for $18. They were the perfect length!

I finished this and it was so cute. I do recommend it! If you read The Authenticity Project, it is the same author.

I started this! I was so excited when my library came through with this request just in time for my break. Why another ghost in your story, Elin?

Thursday night I made a random dinner for Tom and I of some stuff we had around.

Friday morning my college kids agreed to have lunch with me! We tried a new to us Mexican place. Mason had Mexican coffee and we shared chips and queso. We spoke Spanish most of the time and had the sweetest server from Mexico. She was tickled that we were speaking Spanish.

They had Mexican breakfast, too, so I got a breakfast dish that was amazing.

Jack got shrimp tostadas…

and Mason got a salmon spinach salad.

Tom wanted me to teach them Spanish when they were little and I kind of did. I used lots of Spanglish with them and we had lots of books in Spanish around the house. But, I also didn’t want to force what I love onto them. They both chose to take it in high school and took 4 years. I got to teach them in their final year. I am so happy that they truly love the language and they are the ones that start conversations with me in Spanish. They are both really good!

Friday night Tom and I went to dinner and I had a burger (didn’t eat the bun) and green beans. Tom got meatloaf and was in love!

They have an ice cream parlour upstairs and Tom got a milkshake, too! All of his favorites were present!

Saturday we had a road trip to a wedding and stopped halfway for German food! Look how cute their little gift shop is as you enter the restaurant:

We sat down and looked at the wall and Tom was sitting right by his birthplace – Wiesbaden, Germany!

And, this is where his family lives:

I got a German beer:

And some sides! I took much of it home!

We went to my cousin’s daughter’s wedding. Mother of the bride, but she looks too young to be, right?

They did cupcakes and a small wedding cake for the bride and groom to cut.

The bride was beautiful!

Sunday morning I had my coffee on the patio despite the cool morning.

More Hotel Nantucket!

Then, just Tom and I took the boat out and had lunch on the river. It was so beautiful! I just want to bottle up this weather, you know?

What was the highlight of your weekend?


15 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. So much goodness! I love that you taught your boys Spanish and that you had them for their last year of it in high school. How sweet! They seem like wonderful young men. So, your husband was born in Germany? That’s really cool. Do you love weddings as much as I do? You looked beautiful! I love that dress/jacket combo. This weather has been PERFECT. It’s been that way for us as well…we’re warming back up this week, but by Friday, our high is back down to 70 again. I love fall!! I hope you have a good day, my friend!


    1. Thank you! It is really fun to be able to share that with them. My hub was born to a German mom and an American military Dad. We took our kids to Germany when they were 14 and stayed for 2 weeks! It was so cool. I do love weddings and it had been a long while since we had been to one. Thank you – that is my standard wedding dress these days and I add a different topper. That was a kimono from Target a few years ago! Same for us! I still haven’t made that fire that I am so looking forward to!


  2. What a fun long weekend you’ve had! Our schools got an unexpected Fall break thanks to Hurricane Ian. You take the best food pictures and I swear you have the best little restaurants. Enjoy your day off!


    1. Thank you! That is not a good kind of break for them – I hope schools can get back to normal soon. We do have the best restaurants and I am sorry for all the food pics! He!


    1. Aww, thank you! She is stunning and almost 6 foot tall. I didn’t get a great pic of her, but hopefully I can snag another one off the wedding website. That is my standard black wedding and funeral dress – I have a few different toppers. I wanted to buy a new dress, but didn’t find anything. Oh well!


  3. So much fun! And the food pictures make me so hungry! I didn’t know your husband was born in Germany?
    You looked amazing at that wedding! I love the dress, it looks so good on you!
    Weekend was great, 21 year old was actually in the cabin with us for two days!


  4. That’s amazing that your boys are fluent in Spanish. Grace took 4 years of Spanish, and jack took 3. Now G is taking German in college to try something different. The German food looks delicious and authentic. How interesting that Tom’s family is from Germany. My dad’s entire side of the family is from Germany, but several generations back. Have a wonderful week!


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