Wednesday, October 5, 2022

I am linking up with Jennifer for Currently today! She gives us present participles (I just taught these in Spanish! #languagenerdalert!) and we will fill in the blanks!


A fire in my Solo Stove and a bowl of chili! I need a weekend night at home to make this happen. Mason loves my chili so much so I hope he will be here. My college kids have a little fall break coming up, too. I really want the cute little Solo Stove Mesa – it’s a table top version. It is the cutest little thing. I might ask Tom to get me that for my birthday. I would also like to re-create my S’mores charcuterie that I made a couple of years ago. It had the traditional S’mores making stuff and Fudge Stripe cookies and Reese’s. Maybe it needs something with caramel? I am also anticipating making soups and more comfort food meals. I can’t wait to make lasagna soup!

I think one thing that stops me from making a fire is that I just want it for an hour or two. It seems like our fires last for hours and someone has to babysit it.

Photo by Bob Clark on


Sorry to keep saying this, but my tricolor mums! I am also admiring other peoples’ Halloween and Fall decor as I drive or walk by.


Too much on groceries! I spent $400 the first month we were empty nesters in the fall of 2020. I spent $800 on groceries last month. So, what does that tell me? I am eating healthier, so that does cost a bit more, but groceries have almost doubled. I am consuming what I have in my freezer, though. I am really trying to continue to cut down on food waste and shop smarter. It’s hard!


Another pair of boots or booties, I think. I want them to be easy to slip on/put on. I am thinking more of a Western vibe. If not a full cowboy boot, I think I would like some Western details. If you have a rec, let me know!


Some of my older fall clothes and shoes! I keep a bag in my closet and as a new season rolls around, if an item no longer fits me or my style, I put it in the bag to either be donated or sold. Most of my fall clothes were new last season and I still like them, thankfully! I am constantly deleting emails and texts. I don’t like a full inbox or text stream. I can’t stand the visual clutter. I also desperately need to go through some spaces in my house and purge. I clean out the fridge and freezer on a weekly basis, too, before I decide what to add to my Kroger pick up order.

What about you? Any of these you want to comment on? Thanks for the fun link up, Jennifer!


20 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I love those little mini Solo stoves! How cool are they? And don’t apologize for admiring those gorgeous mums! I love them too. I hope to add some fall decor to our porch and deck area this week. I went to a pumpkin patch over the weekend, but their prices were sky high, so I didn’t buy anything. Also, I checked off a fall bucket list item in doing so- I just realized that as I wrote that. Woohoo! You may need to share your chili recipe…I can’t ever find one recipe that I love, except for the Pioneer Woman version.

    The price of food makes my stomach hurt. I have never been more grateful for my job, because every bit helps. Thanks so much for linking up today! I hope you have a great day! I’ll keep everyone posted on what the next present participles are for next month. 🤣

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    1. Aren’t they the cutest? Ok – I won’t! I like the thought of going to a pumpkin patch, but ours have become like Disney so I just buy from Kroger or TJ’s. Yay for checking off a bucket list item, though!
      I will post mine! It starts with a can of Red Gold tomato juice and I think it’s just the recipe on the can doctored up a bit. My MIL gave it to me. I add a touch of sugar and cinnamon. Cincinattti style chili has cinnamon! Your job is very helpful right now in many ways, I bet.
      Love a good present participle!


  2. I keep a bag in my closet for clothing too and I am always purging emails/ texts/ photos from my phone. I have been avoiding comparing our grocery bills because I honestly just don’t want to know. I feel like there is so little I can do to control it and we really do eat healthy and fresh and that’s more expensive than how we used to shop.


    1. Yes – so smart to go right ahead and put it in the bag. Me too – I hate a cluttered phone and in box. Yes, you are right – you don’t want to know! I had one grocery month this summer of something crazy like $1600! We are not eating filet mingon and lobster! Healthy and fresh can save on medical bills, so there is that.


    1. They are gorgeous, but pricey! I know that isn’t bad for a boot, but you know me! I hope to see you soon! Let me know if you have a window of time next time you are here to visit Bug!


  3. I’ll play along!

    Anticipating – the election! For any other readers in Vanderburgh County, Indiana: Vote Noah Robinson for Sheriff!!!

    Admiring – also my fall decor. I have two tri-color mums in the back yard, and several others out front, along with the pumpkins and a hay bale and some other things.

    Spending/consuming – also too much on groceries. Also plotting another Yesstyle order for sunscreen.

    Wanting – a vacation. Taking a long weekend to Gatlinburg in November


    1. I love fall displays like that. Mine is quite minimal, but I may add to it. Yes to the groceries! I will have to check that out. I currently have the most dry facial skin I have ever had.
      I am wanting one, too, but it will be awhile for be between the school schedule and our tuition payments and bathroom renovation.


    1. I know! I still think I am saving money by doing online ordering because I am not as tempted by the stuff I see on display! Also, sometimes they give me the bigger size if they are out of the size I requested. I am going to lose these mums if I don’t start to water more. We haven’t had rain in such a long time and there is no rain in sight for another week!


  4. Oh my – but the price of groceries! Not sure what the answer is but we are gonna have to start eating every other day!?! I agree – your mums are beautiful!!


    1. Yes! I know that I still buy too much. It’s really hard to gauge how much I need still. I just hate to go multiple times a week so I try to think about everything needed for one week. Thank you!


  5. Fun! Don’t you just love a fire! Since the energy costs have gone mad over here (you too I guess?), we try to just heat the cabin with our wood stove – cozy!
    And talking about crazy prices…. food! gas! what’s going on!?
    But… we’re doing fine, it’s just crazy! How is it over there?


    1. I do! We don’t often have one inside thb house. I wish we did that more, too. Our best fireplace is in our basement. It has a gas starter on it.
      Yes to gas and food. Our gas is cheaper now than it was, though. Food costs have definitely gone up at both the grocery and the restaurants and a few things are still hard to find.


  6. Those little stoves are so neat – I’d love to have one myself, but I get what you’re saying about babysitting it. It’s definitely chili weather – I made two batches last week, one for a chili cookoff at church, so we had lots of chilis to sample. Visiting from Currently #10


    1. Aren’t they cool? If they need a special something to burn in them I might not like that. Nice! I did make chili this summer once, but I haven’t made it since! Thanks for stopping by!


  7. It is just getting cool enough here to enjoy our patio and a fire will be coming soon. I can’t wait! Our mild fall/winter/spring make the summer heat worth it (at least I can say that now…don’t ask me in August!) I agree that groceries have about doubled in price. Depressing! Love your language nerd comment!


    1. Wonderful! I know you Texans love when you get some relief! Ha – by August you are over it! It is so depressing to see these prices, but I also know I can do better with my shopping. I am totally a language nerd. I love English, too!


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