Thursday, October 6, 2022

It’s time to link up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files!

I am kinda excited about this week because I have some outfits from fall break not taken in my classroom!

First off, I have Thursday, my first day of break. I had a hair appointment and lunch outside with a friend. I wore skinny jeans tucked into last year’s suede Western-ish Target boots, my white button down and a consignment vest that is suede-ish that I bought new with tags!

After lunch, I went to my favorite consignment store and found these Kut from the Kloth jeans for $18! I paired them with my new Loft horse sweater! I feel in love at first sight and had to make this sweater mine.

The detail on the jeans and they are the perfect length for me:

I told you in my Prime Purchases yesterday that I bought this sweater vest. I have not worn it out yet. I need to play around with it and see if I like the fit for sure.

I had my faux pearl necklace shortened and have been wearing it like this:

I wore my Nordstrom Wit and Wisdoms for errands and breakfast out. I paired them with my green Target blouse from last spring.

And, for the wedding Saturday I wore my trusty black consignment dress originally from Kohl’s, I think. I topped it with a floral kimono from Target. I wanted to buy a new dress, but I never found just what I wanted. I didn’t look that hard because I knew I had back up!

And, for back to school Tuesday, I wasn’t feeling inspired so I went with palazzo pants and a black top with my new Shu Shop sneakers.

What have you been wearing lately? Do you have a favorite outfit from above? Also, did you notice how many consignment items are in my outfits this week? It does take a bit of a learning curve, but see what you have available. You will walk out empty handed sometimes, but I have found so many good things.


15 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. Nice! Two new cool pair of jeans! I love that feeling! And the vest is perfect, keep it!
    I try to not be too “wintery” yet; I wear lighter colors, weather sensitive sneakers with low socks, short sleeves, thinner outerwear… I don’t understand people that have already bundled upp in their puffers and boots – that’s what we have to wear from November through March and I get so fed up with it!


    1. I am excited to have both a light and a dark flare and I am loving this silhouette! Same with me – I wear cream, orange, mustard, olive until Thanksgiving and light layers. Then, I go for the blacks and reds and darker colors more. I think this keeps your fall/winter wardrobe feeling fresh, you know?


  2. I think my favorite outfits are the first two! That sweater is amazing! The jeans look great on you too and I do also love that vest on you…is it the color throwing you? It does come off a bit more yellow than the natural color pictured on Amazon, so maybe switching out the shirt underneath would make a difference? Just a thought, but I like it with those skinnier jeans. I’m going to have to break down and buy some jeans soon…I have my two favorites that I wear on repeat, but I need some that are full length and not cropped for when it gets cold. I have one particular brand that I buy for all of my jeans- Westbound that I buy at Dillard’s. They’re my absolute favorites and I’ve been wearing that brand only in pants and jeans for ten years. I like to stick with a good thing, apparently. I’m still hanging onto my dresses, because it’s still warm enough to wear them, so that’s what I’m wearing to work today….speaking of, I need to go give myself a quick pedicure if I plan on making that happen. Have a great day!


    1. Aww thank you! I would recommend you look at target universal thread midrise short
      They will still be full
      Length on you. There will be light and dark shades. Order a couple of sizes. I will
      Look into that dillards brand. It is so hard to find a good pair of jeans! Let us know what you find!


  3. All of your Fall outfits have me wishing for cooler weather! I like your new sweater vest – maybe do a partial tuck? Not sure if you can but it will make your legs look longer. It’s my favorite hack!


    1. Thank you! It was so fun to dress myself last week!
      I agree about the partial tuck. I had on my tightest jeans so I need to try with different ones for sure. I think the length might be nice to keep for wearing them with leggings, too!


  4. Cute outfits! My favorite is the jeans, suede vest and boots that you wore first day of break. I like the vest you are unsure of, but I’d wear it with a blue or other color button down. I know it’s trendy to wear white and cream together, but I can’t. It doesn’t go together for me. I’m working on it tho because I know white and cream do you together! Today I went outside my comfort zone a tiny bit and wore my ON curvy fit jeans in medium wash with a Levi’s classic denim shirt, the one with the pearl-ish snap buttons, in light, faded wash. I know denim top and bottom are trendy right now, and I’ve worn the shirt with black or ecru jeans but never blue on blue. So I’m trying! I also wore my blush flats. They’re 1/2 too small and kill my feet! I’m working up the nerve to wear my overalls to school! Ha! One day!


    1. Thank you! Most people have liked that one the most, too. I like white and cream together, but I can see what you mean. I have looked on Pinterest and there are examples of it with a white and a light blue button down. Nice outfit! I do plan to wear chambray or my light blue with darker jeans. I like that look. Oh no – say bye to those flats. Hush Puppies have a cute pair on sale for $39 on their website if they have your size. Just make sure you are totally dehydrated when you wear the overalls!


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