Friday, September 16, 2022

What a week! Are you tired of me saying “What a week”? I probably will be saying this until May.

It’s time to link up with the ladies for Friday Favorites here.

Here are a few faves from my camera roll…

Monday was our first “mask optional” day! Two other teachers and I compared our matching maskne (mask acne) from the weeks of wearing the mask. It was so nice to have a naked face.

I saw so many smiles in the hallways and in my classes. Awwww!

I found a new fave/second fave Glade plug in. I also love Cashmere Woods.

I am still using and loving this. I bought mine at Costco.

I ran out of instant cold brew coffee so I have been pouring my cold coffee dredges with skinny pumpkin latte creamer into a cup to make my cold brew protein to take to school. It becomes a pumpkin-ish (not too strong) caramel flavor and it’s good. I hated to waste this little bit of coffee, so this new plan is making me happy.

These two teas are really nice. I want to drink more tea. I had a hot cinnamon sunset Tuesday during my planning period at the end of the day.

I talk about Kroger all of the time around here. I thought I would show this bag they gave me with all of the related stores – I think?

Maybe that means they have similar deal or products if you don’t have a Kroger but have one of these near you?

The weather has had a touch of fall and it has been divine!

Look at that sky!

I am still getting outside in the afternoons before I cook dinner and/or after dinner to read and it’s still really helping my mental health. I think the hardest part of back to school is being trapped inside a building all day. I am almost finished with this and it has been a joy. I have really enjoyed it!

Kroger has been giving me a bag of free samples lately! I do my pick up and I get home and am suprised to see a resuable Kroger bag with maybe 8 different product samples. These are 100 calories and really good! I wouldn’t have tried them if I hadn’t gotten a sample!

The drive to the gym is spooky. No one is out!

I cannot say enough about how I think these have helped me!

It looks like Ernie was helping me clean my closet, but he thinks when I go in my closet that I am putting my shoes on to walk him. I did it!

I bought a new OPI in a light grey and already messed it up a bit.

My niece turned 23 and we went to a new charcuterie place one day after school.

I love to support local businesses, but this was $23 and did not include crackers.

My drink was pretty looking, but just tasted ok. It reminded me of an Instagram filter.

Morgan got a frozen drink and said it was good.

I made Tom and I breakfast for dinner one night!

I made burrito bowls one night!

This is what my breakfast looked like this week…

And that’s about it for the week! What were your faves?

Happy Friday!


23 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. “It reminded me of an Instagram filter.” 🤣 I know EXAC TLY what you meant when you said that. It looks cute and trendy, but for that price without crackers? At least you tried it once. Your dinners looked good from this week! I love breakfast for dinner. I used to go all out and do biscuits with two types of gravy: chocolate and sausage style. Needless to say, I don’t eat like that anymore. I know you’re thrilled that it’ s the weekend! I hope you enjoy it and that it feels long and relaxing. Thanks for that book rec- I love her books and will probably buy that one to read while I’m gone.


    1. Yes! So disappointing! I couldn’t make a fuss not that I would have to the teen employees because it was my niece’s birthday. Thank you! I have been doing more variety than I did this summer, thankfully. Chocolate gravy! OMG! I think I made it once and I also made a chocolate cobbler. I hope you get to read some good books on your trip, but you might be too busy, which is also good!


  2. Oh, please continue saying What a week! and I’ll be with you – all the way to May! Your students are so cute, you Americans look so wholesome! And it’s so fun that kids look exactly the same all over the world!
    Ouch, 23 dollars for that charcuterie board…! I guess I will faint when I enter Publix next summer!
    A fave this week was taking my 9-graders to a famous spot in Stockholm where a classic book took place (heard of August Strindberg?). Always fun to leave the school building for a bit! And reading your blog of course! 😀


    1. Ha! Ok! I know you feel it, too! It is so nice to have other educators to vent with! We look wholesome? You Swedes look wholesome! Great word! Are the styles the same? I keep wanting to do a post on high school fashion.
      No, that is not normal. But, I have a feeling our grocery prices will have doubled since last you were here. Did your mother in law notice the increase?
      That is so fun! I haven’t had a field trip since 2019. I am trying to go to a hispanic dance performance in the spring. No, I have not heard of him.
      You are too kind!


      1. Yes, mil noticed the grocery prices! But she’s quite good with her money… she even buys some food at dollar tree… (ok, I confess to buying ice-cream there a couple of times… and soda… and crisps… and cookies…)
        Field trips are great! I’m in the spirit now so I’ve booked a museum visit too! 😀 (post covid = happy times!)


      2. Yup! Some people do that. I think I have bought spices there. Very high quality! Ha! We buy candy there all the time.
        We have still not returned to pre-covid field trip days, but we are starting them up a bit.


  3. I would be so disappointed if I paid $23 for that charcuterie board. You could go to Trader Joe’s and make your own for that price or less! Your food you make always looks so yummy! Have a relaxing weekend!


    1. I know! It was my niece’s bday treat, so I refrained from saying too much, but I will not get it again. I think they did go there! The chocolates were definitely TJ’s! You are kind to say that. I hope I am proof that you don’t have to eat bad food to eat healthier food.


  4. Such a good week! The weather in the morning is so nice. The upcoming hot forecast makes me angry. I love the nail color. After fall break, I will transition to a darker color. I hope you have a great weekend


    1. It really is! We have 90s a couple of days next week! Thank you! I thought this color was good for this transitional weather. I hope you do, too! Hope it is the perfect mix of fun/social and relaxation!


  5. What is the color name of the gray OPI nail polish? And I haven’t tried the goli gummies. What do they do for you?
    Thank goodness for the weekend 👏


  6. That is about what we pay for Charcuterie around here. But crackers included. WE had to pivot after Karen’s mom passed away last week, so no Dallas trip but we came to the beach house and are still here. We tried a new golf course in Santa Barbara and ate at a new to us steakhouse in Santa Maria, Ca. We haven’t done a whole lot here this week and its been divine. This is giving me a little taste of what retirement life will be like with Tony. And I am HERE FOR IT! I mean, its not happening anytime soon but maybe 3-4 years. In the mean time, I will enjoy all the time I can get with him over here! Have a great weekend!


    1. We have another charcuterie place where you get triple the amount for the same price and you get to pick your own meats and cheeses. So, yeah, no that is really high for here.
      Sorry about no Dallas trip but sounds like you made the most of it. Sorry for your loss of a sweet lady. Many wives aren’t ready for their hubs to retire! Tony will go with the flow I am sure!


  7. I tried to make Wells scrambled eggs for dinner the other day since Scott wasn’t here. He said “Breakfast time is over”, and so this 4 year old has high standards and expectations.


  8. what is the name of the opi polish? It’s so pretty. Also, how have those gummies helped you specifically, if you don’t mind me asking.


    1. Taupe-less-
      Sorry I forgot to list it!
      I think they have helped me fall asleep and stay asleep. It very well could be in my head! You can take up to 4 a day but I just take one before bed.


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