Thursday, September 15, 2022

It is Thursday and time to link up with Fashion Files with Kellyann and Jill.

Let’s see what we’ve been wearing…Saturday we had 80 degree temps, and then from Sunday on it has felt like there is a touch of fall in the air. It has been perfect at around 70 degrees. But, the ragweed pollen is high. Ask me how I know!

I am really bad about taking weekend outfit photos, but I will try to work on that. If I go somewhere during the day on the weekend, chances are that I am in cut offs.

I wore gold Birks, cut offs, and a relatively new boutique blouse that I snagged on sale for $10 this summer to go to the flea market. I think this blouse is the perfect early fall transitional piece.

Saturday for dinner I wore a Target impulse buy blouse, light jeans, and clog sandals. My photographer didn’t do a great job capturing the entire outfit – ahem. I was in Target getting a few things and I wanted a transitional blouse to wear out that night and I picked this up. It is a little bit shorter than what I am used to, but I think and hope it worked out for me. No stomach was showing. Have you noticed how all the shirts are shorter for the high waisted jeans?

Another Target recent purchase, but it wasn’t impulsive. I gasped when I saw this style and print online. It comes in another colorway, too. I started the day with a cardigan over it. This is my type of dress and it is the Knox Rose brand, which I like sometimes. It has pockets!

This is my outfit when I don’t know what to wear. Everyone needs one of those. I didn’t feel great (ragweed) so it was perfect. These are my trusty Chico’s pants (bought for $10 at a consignment shop), a sleeveless Loft blouse that is really old, and a kimono from TJ Maxx that is really old. My clogs make me feel a bit like a garden gnome, in a good way. Several students told me I looked good? So, there was basically no effort in this outfit.

What have you been wearing lately?


14 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. Those are all cute, but I LOVE that Target dress! I am not a fan of the shorter tops on me and would never be able to wear them. I do love your effortless outfit too. I have a couple of those that I reach for every once in a while. I just said on Jen’s blog, that I need a dress for fall/winter and am going to try Walmart. I really love their dresses! I hope you have a great day, friend and that you feel better soon.


    1. Thank you! The red color is quite tempting, too! I don’t want to wear super high rise jeans so I don’t think any other shorter tops will work for me. I do not want to show any amount of stomach! Walmart is killing it lately. I have to do exclusively and hope for no returns!
      Thank you!


  2. I am NOT HAPPY about the cropped tops. Tony and I ran into Anthropologie this week, I love their clothes but everything I loved was a crop type top. Not many 50+ women want to wear that and not all of us shop at Chicos. I am NOT a Chicos fan. Or all the older type women stores. Even my beloved Athleta! All crop type tops. So annoying. Can you tell I am annoyed !!! HAHA


    1. I love the idea of Anthropologie, but I just can’t ever find anything I would wear. I did buy a beautiful blouse with my birthday gift card, but I wouldn’t have spent that much if I hadn’t had it. I try to find Anthropologie-ish items at other places that I would actually wear. Chico’s makes some great quality basics (pants and shirts to go under things) for people that have to dress for work, but some of it is very ageing. Hopefully the cropped stuff won’t last for long.


  3. Always such cute fashion you have! That top definitely works and looks cute on you. I like the lighter jeans and may need to find some like that. I like that Knox Rose brand at Target. I am looking forward to sweaters and leggings! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Marilyn! I really have enjoyed having these lighter jeans. I even wore them with a black sweater last year and liked the look. All of my jeans are Target Universal Thread. I like mid rise. Me too on both counts!


    1. You are sweet to say that. It is kinda bugging me, but i think if I try putting it up more that might help. I am also trying not to wash it so much, but that got me sick from the pollen in my hair! It is so eye opening to see ourselves in outfit fotos, right? It has helped me a lot!


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