Thursday, September 8, 2022

It’s time for another installment of Fashion Files with Kellyann and Jill.

I am still chugging along with not repeating any clothing as we are starting our fifth week of school.

On Friday I wore my “Fiesta like there’s no mañana” shirt with jeans and an old Amazon kimono. I am kinda tired of kimonos, but they are just so easy for school.

Last week to meet my friend Beth for dinner I wore my trusty black Target Universal Thread dress. I stopped at a boutique on my way.

For boating I wore my yellow coverup and my fedora, which were two of my best Amazon buys this summer.

You will notice the change of dress here on the same day. Luckily I brought a change and told my friend to also. The middle friend wasn’t on the boat yet…

Tom had slowed down and a bigger boat was going to fast and created the biggest wave and sloshed us so badly. We were drenched and so happy we had a change of clothes to wear in the restaurant. Tom said sorry but the corners of his lips were definitely curled upward.

For school on Tuesday I wore this old tunic top and white capri leggings. I switch to grey capri leggings with this when it gets cooler.

And, yesterday I wore my old rust colored skirt with a new this season bargain $10 blouse.

I am moving my things that look too summery to a different section. I know that the old rules no longer apply, but I just feel ready to stop wearing the palm prints, the white, etc.

I am reaching now for the fallish colors like in the last outfit. But, I am reaching for things that still won’t be too hot because we are still experiencing warm temps here.

What about you? What have you been wearing lately?


12 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. You are doing so well with not repeating your clothes! I am over kimonos too – I’m not sure when it happened or why but I hardly have touched mine. I cannot imagine getting drenched on the boat and not having a change of clothes – thank goodness y’all did!
    I have been meaning to tell you how much I love your hair – it looks so good!


    1. Thank you! I am trying! I hate that I feel that way about kimonos because they are the perfect layering piece for this time of year.
      I am trying a thing with my hair. It is longer than I can remember since my senior year of college. I just don’t want to look dated!


  2. It’s hard to break old habits! I do the exact same with the clothes that look too summery in my closet. I put them at the back of my rod and they’ll stay there until spring comes. I find myself reaching for my favorite jeans, dresses (still, but with kimonos), black pants and the tops that are more neutral and/or fall colors. It’s super impressive that you have yet to repeat an outfit in five weeks! I definitely would not be able to do that. It’s great that you hang onto things…that’s where I fail. If I don’t wear something within a year, I get rid of it. I really could live with a capsule wardrobe and just switch out pieces/accessories to switch things up. I read somewhere this week that someone I follow and who has a great sense of fashion, got rid of most of her skinny jeans.

    Have you heard this? She’s wearing the looser and more flare style now instead…and while I love those, I don’t know if I can rid of my favorite jeans that are more fitted. I wouldn’t call them skinny, but they’re definitely fitted. What are your thoughts on jeans??? I’m curious. Happy almost Friday!


    1. It is! I regularly do these challenges to force myself to wear all that I have and to see that I have enough. I have a tendency to want the latest trends and styles and I start to take my current clothes for granted, you know?
      I am trying to buy better and smarter so that I don’t get rid of things easily.
      I think it’s important to know yourself and that includes what clothing makes you feel the most confident.
      I think I know who you are talking about. I plan to keep my skinny/normal jeans because putting wide legs on me would be a bad idea. I think you can make skinny jeans look more modern by cutting and fraying the hem. I did order a pair of petite length (I’m only 5’4) mildly flared jeans that I hope work. But, I am sticking with the jeans I wore last season. Another thing that can make them look more modern is you choice of footwear – like clogs. If it’s the person I’m thinking about she is a tall and thin person and can do that style!
      Hey – maybe this is a blog post idea!


    1. Thank you! I have tried over the last few years to accumulate some fallish colors in light clothing.
      My leggings are from J.Jill and very old. I have the same pair in grey, navy, and white and they are great to go under a tunic. The fabric is really great. J.Jill makes some great wardrobe staples.
      You are the queen of wearing it all! I really admire that. I am behind on reading blogs, but hope to catch up today.


    1. Thank you! I really love this t-shirt! Fun story. I have had mine for many years and one of my good friends gave me the same shirt she found at consignment and thought of me. So, now I have two! I love it that much!
      This is one of my trusty pull on LuLaRoe skirts. They don’t wrinkle and I like the basic straight silhouette and they are also long enough for school.

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