Wednesday, September 7, 2020

How was your Labor Day weekend if you are in the US? Mine was great! It was really just what I needed. I am also linking up with Jennifer for Currently!

Let’s go back to Friday…

Erica and I met at Goodfellas pizza and grabbed a slice and a giant breadstick to split and took it into the speakeasy section. So cool!

I ordered a smoking bourbon drink!

This will be so cozy and perfect as the weather gets cooler.

Then, we headed to Elizabeth’s house because she was hosting a birthday party for her fiancé Andrew.

She has two dogs…



They had Jimmy John’s and…

some snacks. I brought a Mexican layer dip that was devoured. Just sayin’.

Erica and I stayed for a couple of hours before we had to head home. Her hub was out of town and Tom wanted to collapse in his chair so it worked out perfectly that we would just go.

Saturday morning there was a threat of rain so I knew I needed to do my coffee outside before that happened.

I was meeting Victoria at the Fleur de Flea vintage flea market and it was great because they had everything under cover.

We bought bought a dough bowl.

My dough bowl:

It never did rain on us! I came home and read and finished this. So cute! It was really just what I needed.

I then started this and have now finished it, too. It was just a fun read! I was so happy to have books that I couldn’t wait to get back to. It had been awhile!

Also, I wish I could just buy a bunch of this Truly flavor – strawberry hibiscus.

Mason needed a sweatshirt and went into my closet and picked my brightest hot pink sweater. It looked really funny in the candlelight. They came home and we had chicken, potato wedges, and honey mustard salad. We sat on the patio in the rain and listened to music and talked and it was lovely.

I did some meal prep Sunday morning – just 4 breakfast burritos this week. Oh yeah!

The skies looked bad, but we took a chance because we had plans to boat for Sunday Funday!

We ate at Cunningham’s on the river…

And we tooled around…

We headed to the cove and it was a par-tay…

There was a drone flying a blow up doll around. I do not even want to know the story behind that.

One of my friends posted this and I wanted to show you what that mess looked like from an inside source…

We stayed on the outskirts; don’t worry.

The guys were tired – lame! The girls wanted to keep the party going so we went to Heather’s pool. It sucks, right?

And, got in her hot tub, too!

This girl joined us…

We ordered pizza and enjoyed a couple more hours together.

Monday morning it was raining, but it was ok with me…

I made chocolate chip pancakes and felt so lucky that my twins’ birthday fell on Labor Day!

I did another yummy meal prep dish, too!

Our kids wanted to do our favorite Mediterranean take out and we watched The Bear. We are enjoying watching this with them when we can.

After cookie cake they headed back to campus together.

It was a nice weekend with lots of downtime and some social time thrown in.

Now it’s time for Currently!

Loving – I am really loving having a laptop at home and at work. I feel so much lighter with a smaller work tote. I was carting the work laptop back and forth everyday. On days that I don’t bring lunch I can get away with my cross body purse and that’s it! I am liberated!

Beginning – I am beginning to think about the cozy fall foods! I am excited to change up my meals a bit. I am thinking about chili, sausage tortellini soup that I am going to do with my own homemade chicken sausage and a whole wheat noodle. I want to try more soups and more pasta dishes with whole wheat noodles. I want to try to do some oatmeal for breakfast, too.

Ending – I will be ending the wearing and hanging of my coverups and swimsuits – yes, I hang them. I will fold them up and put them in my summer bin. So sad, right?

Picking – I tried to get excited about putting out fall decor last weekend, but I just wasn’t ready. I will be picking out some minimal decor and either donating or leaving the rest in my bins. I hate to shop for new decor each year, but my tastes have changed. I always start with looking in my bins and I am still really into my white pumpkins.

Posting – I hope to be posting some fall fashion posts soon. I want to use what is in my closet and I want to look to the fall trends and see how to make those work for women of my age.

I love these prompts. It’s fun to see how each blogger approaches them differently! Did you see Prime Purchases yesterday? I am excited to go back and read all the linked posts. I want to start writing down gift ideas for the upcoming holidays and I think this would be a great source!


15 thoughts on “Weekending and Currently

  1. What a great weekend! I say you start a Go Fund Me for your friend Heather – poor girl really needs a better place to live! Ha!!! What a gorgeous pool.
    It’s so nice that your twins had a birthday over the long weekend!


  2. So many great things! First, that dinner place with the speakeasy after work on Friday looks so cool! And the scene at the lake on Sunday- WOW. I have seen other pictures that are similar of friends who live near me. We also have a very popular lake here called Picwic and it looks just like that- a redneck yacht club, as the country song states. Ha! I can’t imagine swimming in the middle of all those bodies! No thanks. I love that your sons’ birthday fell over the long weekend- what a perfect night with them to celebrate! Speaking of good food for dinner, you mentioned Mexican dip? You’ll have to share that in a future blog post! Don’t you love taking things that people devour? What an ego boost.

    Thanks so much for linking up with me for Currently! I love reading the different spins everyone takes on each topic too. I hope you have a great day, my friend! I’m looking forward to seeing your fall fashion finds and your décor.


    1. Thank you! So cool, right?
      We were just fine to be on the outskirts of that mess!
      My Mexican dip is just refried beans in the bottom, sour cream with taco seasoning mixed in as the next layer, then topped with cheese, green onion, and tomatoes. Super easy and I have been making this for my friends since after college! Yes, I love that!
      I love that part of Currently, too.
      I am, too, if I can get motivated! He!


  3. What a full weekend! I’m with you on beginning to think about some fall meal planning and also pulling out fall decor. This was the first summer I did very little on my patriotic decorating and I may not set out all of my fall stuff either. But who knows, once I get it all out, I may not get rid of anything :). However, I really do want to look through it all and not feel like I have “stuff everywhere”. Enjoy your day!


    1. Yes! I am excited! I might make chili soon. I did make it once this summer and it was so good! I didn’t do any patriotic decor, either. I am really into minimal and plants right now, so that may be affecting me. Thinking of you and hope you are doing ok with the empty nest life.


  4. Such a fun weekend! The weather forecast was so crazy with 80–100% chance of rain all weekend and we didn’t see a drop until Monday afternoon (it finally poured!) happy birthday to your boys. 20…wow! I’ve never thought about hanging my swim coverups…I should do that in the off months so they don’t get all wrinkly .


    1. It was the craziest forecast, but it did work out for me because I got to do what I wanted. Also, it wasn’t too terribly hot, so that was nice!
      I love to hang my coverups like dresses in the summer, but I will put them away in bins soon.


  5. What a weekend! That party crowd at the cove looks crazy! I have paired down my fall decor to one bin and that makes me so happy. 🙂 I love reading everyone’s currently posts.


    1. I know, right? That is amazing that you only have one bin. I just think I like my everyday decor too much and want to just sprinkle in a bit this year – like my little white pumpkins. Me too! It is such a great post!


  6. You have never mentioned where the twins were attending collage. Then there is the name on a sweatshirt worn by one. We all know you never divulged it. Kids!!!! 😂😂


    1. No, I do try to respect their privacy. Most kids have multiple college shirts and sweatshirts and many of my students find them at Goodwill. I think it’s so great that they love to hunt there and save clothes from the landfill.


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