Friday, September 9, 2022

Happy Friday! That was both a quick week and a long week, right? I am linking up with the gals here for Friday Favorites.

We came back to school after the Labor Day weekend on Tuesday and then had to come back that evening for our open house/mock schedule night. The parents are able to go to each class for 10 minutes to meet the teacher and hear a bit about the class.

So, who planned that for the Tuesday after Labor Day? The attendance was poor and we were wiped out.

But, something funny happened and it reminded me of an open house of maybe 8 years ago.

So, about 8 years ago, a student and her parents came in to hear about my class, but they weren’t alone. They had brought their pet chinchilla and it sat on a desk during the 10 minutes. They proceeded to feed it “special chinchilla pastries”. Let’s just say I could hardly focus on my spiel.

So, this year was the first in person open house we have had since 2019. A man walked by (not a parent of one of my students) and said, “let me give you this”. He handed me his business card/sticker for his singing telegram business.

I told him that I would need a sample to know if he is really worth it. He proceeded to sing me a sample in my hallway and then he said, “I don’t do break ups”.

You can’t make this stuff up. I will say that my job makes me laugh pretty much every day. The kids are so funny and then I laugh at the crazy stuff that comes from admin, too. For example, we are still in masks and we just got an email that says that the office is basically out of masks and we are kind of on our own if a student doesn’t have one. So, why are we still doing this? That’s funny, right?

I have so loved my little plant head. I want to get another one and then I think I will move them inside soon.

This is super weird, but Kroger has some amazing recipes on the backs of their products. I have had many people say they got their favorite recipes this way! So, I am going to start paying attention. Look at this – the back of the mozzarella cheese package – chicken prosciutto and pesto lasagna. I am going to use the pesto Erica gave me and change up the noodle, but I am excited to try this!

I believe this is where Jen got her pumpkin pasta recipe that is a family fave.

This is a better picture of what my new Kur polish looks like. It’s so pretty!

I did my Kroger pick up and the mums looked so pretty! I think it’s still too hot for me to try to maintain one. But, it is coming soon!

I felt like a freaking chef, you all! Erica loves Slender Kitchen and told me about this blackened fish with mango salsa taco recipe. I simply used frozen cod that I had defrosted.

I am excited to make this again. The mango salsa was so easy and soooo good!

I started this after school one day and it is cute so far. It is written kind of choppy with short sentences so I may not be able to sustain it. That really bothers me!

But, I am super proud of myself for getting outside to read instead of watching tv in the late afternoons and evenings. It has changed/helped my mental state. I feel like I have more of a day.

This is how crazy empty nester life can be. Tom started eating two of his popsicles at a time instead of one at a time. He “created a new flavor”. I took this picture to send to Jack because I bought the popsicles for him, not Tom!

I didn’t have anything social after school this week because we had open house one day and that only left two more days. Sad, right?

What were your favorites for this short week?


19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Thanks for sharing those funny stories! Yes, I laugh every day too! I introduced my class with a “Hello boys and girls” the other day, and was immediately interrupted by a “and non binary!” – love those kids! (and he was right I guess!)
    I’m intrigued by that nail polish, it looks fantastic! We have it over here, but it’s 20 dollars… is it worth it!?


    1. You’re welcome! That’s funny! I’m impressed they know how to say that. Do you have “furries”? These are people that identify as animals. Sometimes I say “I welcome all genders including furries” in my classes.
      I think the polish is worth it if you do your own nails and really like a good neutral/natural look.


  2. I am dying over the chinchilla and the singing telegram guy – ha!!! Open House right after Labor Day was no bueno, just like the masks – crazy!
    I used to make a mango salsa and this reminded me of how refreshing and good it was – I need to make it again!


    1. Right? You can’t make this up! I bet you have tons of education stories, too.
      We get to be maskless on Monday, but not yesterday. We were already in the “yellow” but I guess there needed to be a waiting period. Kellyann, it’s so dumb. I feel like I’m the only one with common sense.
      Yes to making the mango salsa and homemade chips out of very thin corn tortillas! So easy and better than many restaurants!


  3. I cracked up over your funny and interesting stories from Parent night. Who the heck does that after Labor day? Someone wasn’t thinking. I can’t believe y’all are still in masks…did you say the office is NOT in masks, but they’re making you all keep wearing them? Maybe I misunderstood, but I hope that isn’t the case! I’ll have to start watching for those recipes, I had no idea about that! I LOVE your new polish. I’m really into neutrals right now! I’m going today to get mine done and I can’t decide between a neutral or dark gray. Oh the conundrum! You’re making me want to go neutral again. I have read that book! It bugged me that one of the characters- her mom?- was so easy to dislike. Melody Carlson creates a great unlikable character. I do like a lot of her other books, though. I hope you have a great weekend, my friend! I’m going to try and attempt to do something with my closet this weekend…I want to be like you and wear everything I own. Thanks for inspiration!


    1. Crazy, right?
      Guess what…we get to be out of masks on Monday. That will probably last 5 days. They are basing it off the outdated CDC red, yellow, green maps. No, the office is supposed to wear them. They were saying they had no more masks to give out to kids. We provided them for anyone who needed them. I know – I am going to look through my pantry and see what other recipes I can find. The polish is great! I would do neutral first and then go darker next time?
      I am struggling with how horrible the mom is, too. And, the choppiness! But, it has great potential!
      Yes to closet clean outs. It feels so great. You feel like you have more when you have less. Your upcoming trip will help, too. If you don’t want to take something, that will help you pare down.


  4. I’m excited to go pick up some mums. Definitely too hot right now though.
    I used to make mango salsa often but mangos are hit or miss it seems, so it got to be frustrating.


  5. That recipe looks good! Tom—living on the edge 😂😂 I love your nail color. We used to have open house the Tuesday after Labor Day but maybe they forgot in the two years we haven’t had one because instead we have it next Thursday 😂 a highlight of my week was giving myself a break yesterday and taking a nap when I got home. I was so tired and napped instead of exercised but I really needed it. have a great weekend!


    1. I thought so! We are crazy around here. I love the color, too, and it has lasted 5 days with dish washing and all the other stuff I do. I know – I feel like admin forgot so much! Good luck at yours. Oh – naps are wonderful. We have to listen to our bodies!

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  6. I’m going to be on the lookout for recipes at Kroger now! I have the ingredients to make Jen’s pumpkin pasta and should get to it next week. Hope you have a good weekend!


    1. I know! Me too! I will be the weird creeper taking pictures off of backs of boxes and packages in Kroger. I worked with a guy who had some family favorites from the boxes, too. I think one was the fettucine alfredo off of the fettucine box. Who knew, right? You too!


  7. Tom is too funny! My boys’ school had back to school night this week and it makes for such a long day! Mine u oh s next week. I agree that it’s too early for mums!! Way to get outside and read! Have a great weekend!!


    1. Crazy empty nesters here! It really does make a long day. Oh, good luck on yours! I hope it is at the end of the week at least. Yeah, I really love mums! I have felt so much better with just the small act of reading outside! Thank you!


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