Tuesday, September 6, 2022

How was your long weekend? You will hear about mine tomorrow! It’s time to link up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. I didn’t spend much this month. I was purposely trying to cut down on my Amazon dependency and I was just busy. I feel like I used Amazon more this month for things I had no time to hunt down in stores and for things I couldn’t find in stores.

I swear by my Simply Saline and use it during every shower. I meant to get the 3 pack at Costco but didn’t, so it arrived one day later with Amazon!

I wanted to start taking fish oil but went looking for a liquid instead of a pill. This is yummy!

I really miss my hairspray. I messed up and have to wait until October. I do have one can, but the aerosol is messed up so it makes a big mess. This is proof how much I love this stuff. My account says I have purchased this 15 times! I think that is always a two pack, too!

I love my new chair! I am sorry that I talk about it a lot. This chair will see more action as the weather cools, too. It’s not too late to have a chair that you care about this much, too!

I bought a gift card for my sister. I have stopped feeling guilty about gift cards. People like them!

I love, love, love my popcorn spray. I think it makes popcorn taste better than movie theater popcorn now. In fact, I can’t eat that anymore. I have purchased this spray 10 times. Wow!

I’m old. I need a mouse. I am happy with my sea green one.

I made a mistake and bought the Kur Fortifying Ridge Filler instead of the illuminating nail concealer. But, I really like it! I also did buy the nail concealer/polish and I love it! If you want to try it, just be sure you are buying the right product. They look just alike in the bottle.

And, that is it for August! I think I did pretty well.

I was thinking about my favorite Amazon purchases of the summer and I had a few of them on this weekend. I love my fedora. I love the color and the fit. I love, love, love my long coverup and I would consider getting it in another color. It has felt so “me” this summer, you know?

I also carried this pool/boat tote.

I am still loving this strap and using it exclusively for the end of the summer.

I am also using this cream purse when I go out right now – like every time almost! Also, look at my friend in the middle. She has the exact same purse but took a Tory Burch emblem off of an old wallet and stuck it in the middle of hers! She had you fooled now, didn’t she?

I can’t quit you Amazon!

What have you purchased lately?


16 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

  1. I’m glad to hear that you let go of the guilt you had when giving gift cards as gifts! Those are one of my favorite things to receive, because I can make it last. What better gift card than an Amazon gift card?! I am like you and cannot quit Amazon. Some things from there are things I order every month for our household, but other stuff is just for fun. It’s too easy to shop there! That purse is one of my favorite Amazon finds…what a great idea your friend had to be an emblem on the front! Thanks for the tip on those Bobs your friend wore…I made a note to remember that if the shoes I ordered yesterday don’t work out. Have a great day, friend!


    1. Totally! I love them, too! It’s just such a great resource. I really love to shop local, but Amazon is just easy.
      My friend often changes her jewelry, too. She will add or take something off. She is crafty! You too!


  2. That is too funny about the Tory Burch emblem! Great finds this month, and I love how you did a summer round up. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases ~ Tanya @ The Other Side of the Road


  3. We used Amazon a lot this month to order all sorts of odds and ends for Alec’s school uniforms and lots of grocery/household items that I either could not find or did not have time to shop for at the store.


  4. I love your pool tote and hat! So cute. I’m still loving my purse too. I’ve mostly just used it for nights out, but could get away with it during the day if I tried. I’m trying to have a couple of lighter Amazon months too


  5. I ordered that ridge filler — hope it works! I really hate the deep ridges in my thumbnails :(. I don’t use Amazon all that much anymore — we even considered canceling our subscription but when we go back through our purchases, we still use it *just* enough. Love that you prefer to shop local — me too.


    1. I hope you like it! My nails aren’t that bad, but it did make the polish go on very smoothly. I have tried to get away from Amazon, but they stopped carrying so many of my must haves in stores!


    1. I do that, too. You should see my cart. I have a 72 hour waiting period and then I usually realize I can live without. I absolutely hate having to do returns, so that deters me.


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