Friday, September 2, 2022

Happy Friday! Boy, am I glad to see this week come to an end and a long weekend ahead of me! The grind of getting up around 4:45, leaving for work at 6:45 and working all day is getting to me! Do I really have to adult? Yes, I was spoiled by summer!

Linking up with the ladies here for Friday Favorites!

First of all, some business…I will be back on Tuesday for Prime Purchases with Tanya, Wednesday for Weekending where I will share my weekend, Thursday for Fashion Files, and Friday for Favorites. I am taking Monday off for Labor Day and because my twins turn 20!

So, this week has been like starting school over again because I had to switch a study hall (I just monitored the kids while they quietly did homework) that I had into a Spanish 1 class. We have had so much demand for Spanish 1 that we couldn’t keep up and I now have a class of kids that came from 3 different teachers. I’ve spent the week creating new lessons and handouts for them and trying to teach them my routines – that are probably vastly different from the routines they had established with the other 3 teachers. I didn’t have any other Spanish 1 classes, so this was all new prep for me. I now have 3 preps, as we call them, so it’s not that it’s hard necessarily, but it is definitely more time consuming to plan and prepare for 3 different classes.

One evening I was upset with myself for eating dinner and immediately turning on the tv, so I went outside to read instead. The evening was lovely, but the mosquitos love me so much! That’s one thing I will not miss about summer. I started this – didn’t finish my last book The Spanish House – I liked it but it was slow…

This is so cute so far and my niece is named Nora, so that appealed to me, too!

The sun and the sky really changed my mood around!

One day I made cauliflower rice, AmyLu cherry sausage and roasted frozen vegetables for our lunches.

One day I made Mexican spaghetti squash bowls.

And, one day I made buffalo chicken stuffed potatoes but I forgot to take a photo. This was my week with 3 meals and Erica made orange chicken and fajita bowls. Again, we are eating well!

I savored The Pioneer Woman magazine over the weekend. It’s just so good!

I was happy that Ree talked about blazers for fall.

Kellyann, I think she shopped your closet!

And, I had thought camo was out…

I was really happy to see this because I have several camo things that I still love.

I made it to the gym twice this week again.

I stopped to take in the beautiful sunrise one morning in my school parking lot.

I had not seen my friend Beth in a long time and we have very conflicting schedules now that school has started. We met at Red Hog. This is truly one of my favorite patios in town.

I ordered the best Paloma I have ever had. If you like tequila and grapefruit, you should try this!

We had to have their fries with curry mayo. These are some of the best fries in town. I have done extensive research.

We usually just have appetizers, but we met at 5:30 and had dinner. We decided to split the half roasted chicken and corn.

It was fabulous! I love this place. They also have a little butcher shop that sells other things like fresh bread from their sister shop Blue Dog Bakery.

I love my chairs. Can one love a chair this much?

This is my chair from Walmart last year – we have two. We take these to hear music or watch outdoor plays. I also like to use it on my patio sometimes.

And, this is my anti-gravity lounger that I just replaced. Ahhhhhh…love this chair.

One night for dinner I served this roll/bread on the side and Tom was talking about how much he liked it. Tom is not a big bread/carb eater, so that is big for Tom to say that. Pick up a bag from Walmart deli. They are great as a bread on the side or for a little sandwich. They would be great for Sloppy Joe’s, BBQ, and maybe even a burger. They are only 100 calories each and 3 WW points. They have a European flavor in my opinion. What is European flavor? I am not sure but they have it. I keep these in the freezer and just take one out as needed.

How was your week? Any favorites? What are your long weekend plans?

Happy, happy long weekend!


18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I read Nora Goes Off Script this week too and thought it was super cute! I am so happy to see the long weekend; this getting up at 4:30 thing is kicking my butt this week. I can not wait to sleep in tomorrow!


  2. I am ready for the long weekend for sure, why I don’t really know. I guess I like sleeping in and being lazy! My post today is all about blazers so I chuckled when I saw the article from PW. Your dinner out with Beth looked great – those fries – YUM!!!
    Happy 20th birthday to your twins!


  3. Study hall for Spanish 1 – ouch! Last year I also had one class added and it’s a lot of additional work! But fun…! The school system would NOT function if we didn’t love to teach!
    European flavor? Hm… more crunchy? more salt? I’m not a fan of the American bread, so I guess there’s a difference?
    Happy birthday to your boys! 20! My oldest is 21 in a month…. Crazy!
    My week was hectic, trying to get into routines in the city again, you know… A bit different from swimming from the dock and taking a boat ride after work…
    No long weekend over here…. but you enjoy yours! ❤


    1. Yup! It is a lot more work to create all new handouts and lessons. But, I can do it.
      American bread is bad. European bread is amazing and weakness of mine.
      Thank you! It has gone so quickly right?
      I bet you are having a hard time adjusting. I hope you have some green space or somewhere you can get fresh air in the city, too. I know it’s not the same.


  4. I know you are ready for this much needed long weekend. I would say your schedule and taking on an extra class would kick anyone’s tail. I hope you enjoy every second of your weekend! That grapefruit and tequila drinks sounds so good! I’ll have to try to remember this one when I go out. I love the look of blazers…I don’t think I’ve ever had one. I’d love a knit one like I’ve seen another popular blogger wear. Happy birthday to your sons! Mine will turn twenty as well, but not until March. I love the bakery bread at Walmart and have bought their French bread loaves in the past. I say “in the past” because I try to stay away from bread, even though I love it so much. Have a great day and weekend, my friend!


    1. Yes! It was a big change, but I did ok. I am not a huge grapefruit fan, but this works for me! Look for a knit one that has some stretch to it. I have one that doesn’t stretch and I don’t wear it. Aww, we have kids about the same age. I also try to stay away from bread. It is definitely my weakness.


  5. Thanks for the tip on the bread – looks delish. That restaurant food -incredible! Hope your guys have a wonderful birthday. Three preps is definitely a lot of work!


  6. I loved Nora Goes Off Script and gave it 5/5 stars on Goodreads! The fries look so good, and I’m not even a big potato eater. And I know what you mean about the drastic change from summer to school. I’m exhausted! With diagnostics two days, an AM faculty meeting, and the district coming to observe today, I feel clobbered! I’m so glad it’s a long weekend. Enjoy!!


    1. It was so cute and just what I needed. I was so happy to have a feel good book this weekend!
      I feel that. I did have a pretty restorative weekend and I stayed off of my email! Yay!


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