Monday, August 29, 2022

Linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday!

How was your weekend? Did anyone set themselves up for whatever your idea is of a better weekend? I did my grocery pick up on Thursday, which again was so nice.

Let’s go back to Friday. It was a long week. I was ready to bust out those doors. Erica extended a happy hour invite to our entire faculty and about 12 showed up. It was really nice to talk to other teachers who we don’t get to see.

Bourbon slush!

I left around 4:00 because I had other plans…

All of my high school and college friends are turning 50 this year and I am lucky that many of them live in my city.

My friend Mike had a bucket list item to play guitar and sing publicly and he picked this gorgeous brewery that used to be a greenhouse.

They also have great food – like surprisingly great. Tom and I had brussels sprouts…

I had salmon with sweet potatoes and zucchini and it was delish!

Tom had pulled pork but I forgot to take a photo.

Mike was amazing and played a song that Tom really likes so Tom dropped him a tip and that started something!

Mike’s wife Beth, who I also went to high school with:

We stayed until about 8:00 and then we crashed!

Saturday morning I started my day with some reading and my coffee. Tom started his day with a 32 mile bike ride. Opposites attract, right?

I was so behind on responded to blog comments from the week! Eek!

Anyone peep their name on my comments? He, he!

I did have to do Costco. I got there right when it opened – I thought. How are there already so many cars all the time?

I stuck to food items and paper products that we needed, but I went a bit overboard.

$330 dollars later…

I bought this and it’s good! I am wanting to pick a cleaner protein shake.

I also picked this – a box comes with 6 of these little cartons equivalent to 10 eggs I believe. Someone – sorry! – recommended them and they are really good. Thank you!

I went ahead and made 5 breakfast burritos and put them in the freezer. This time I did the Kirkland egg whites, a bit of cheese, and an Amy Lu breakfast sausage link. I did not do any potatoes. I hope this turns out! I also used a Costo low carb tortilla so I hope that I like it as much, too.

Then, around 2:00, it was time for Part 2 of Mike’s birthday!

They just built a gorgeous pool and this was a real pool party where people actually wear suits and get in the pool – not a fake pool party where people stand around a pool in white jeans, you know?

Complete with bar and bartender. I was informed the bartender is not usually there! But, how cool if you just hired a bartender for 3 hours a day during happy hour?

The cake was gorgeous and was a bourbon barrel!

Theme cups:

and Koozies:

Tom was one of the first in the pool!

A couple of our best friends drove in from Cincy!

The food was catered and delish. I think I have enough pickles, but maybe not…

We got home around 7:00 and ate some leftovers for dinner.

Sunday I slept in a bit and did my weekend morning routine, some meal prep, and you know, made some more strawberry freezer jam – ha!

Then, it was time for Sunday Fun Day…

Our friends were able to join us for lunch at Captain’s Quarters…

and a lot of time just bobbing in the water.

I had very little time at home but it was worth it! I am hoping for a way less busy week this week and I am ready for Labor Day weekend.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


11 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Sounds like you had another great weekend! Again, with the cool places in your city. That brewery looks so unique. I love places like that! Mike’s birthday cake was amazing! My husband would love that and you’ve given me an idea for him someday…he has discovered recently that he loves bourbon. One of his favorite things to do is to sit around with friends and to sip on a glass very slowly. I love your Sunday funday and lake bobbing. Doing that is one of my favorite things. I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend, my friend. I know you’re more than ready for a long weekend, but here is to a great week that feels more normal and that doesn’t kick your behind. 😉


  2. Wow, your friend Mike knows how to usher in 50! What a great celebration. My husband and I are opposites too – he hates exercise and I basically start every day at the gym or out walking! I love how much fun you pack into a weekend!


  3. Hi Amy! Looks like a fun weekend. I have a blog post idea for you – a boat tour, please! The seating and table on board look fantastic. What kind of toys/floats/etc do you guys recommend? Does your boat have a name? Love your blog. Have a great week!


    1. Thank you! Great idea! No name for our boat – my husband feels strongly against dumb boat names – his words. I enjoy reading boat names. Thank you so much and you too!


  4. Wow! What an awesome weekend. Living your best life 🙂 you are so funny. I love that people actually got in the pool. Tom first! Friday happy hour, birthday parties and Sunday on the boat…you all are so fun and have lots of fun friends too!


  5. I am sure you are tired of my highlights because they are all pretty much ….GOLF. But we played in a fun 9 hole Couples Twilight tourney at our club then had drinks and dessert afterwards. We didnt win anything but Tony got to meet a few more guys from the club- all husbands of the gals I play with regularly. So that was good. Sunday we GOLFED with our besties and then went out to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. Looks like the heat is here to stay in California for sometime. I AM OVER IT. Even at the coast this weekend it will be warm but not as warm as the central valley heat so we will take it. Oh and college football is BACK! I am so very excited about that! Have a great week!


  6. What a great weekend! #goals for Mike’s birthday celebration. The pool area was incredible, and I love that it was a REAL pool party, not fake. Have a good week!


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