Thursday, August 25, 2022

Linking up with Fashion Files here! Also, check out Jen’s super cute teacher outfits from yesterday. I love them all!

Who wants to see what I have been wearing? I see one hand raised in the distance. Ok…

Thursday, I wore this fun linen printed skirt with black on top. Have I told you that I try to make sure all my printed skirts and pants work with black – or white?

Friday Spirit Wear for game day, but make it more professional.. I wore my Walmart Scoop scuba blazer – still the best I have found for me, Target jeans that took effort to put on, and my gifted school t-shirt. Spoiler alert: it was men’s cute and stiff…

Someone got out the scissors…

I followed Wardrobe Oxygen’s advice and felt like a freaking fashion designer! I did it to another t-shirt, too. The key is to have the t-shirt a little bit bigger than you need, I think. Also, be very conservative in cutting and you can always go back and cut more.

Boxy, men’s cut t-shirts look horrible on me, but that is what they always give teachers. Tiny violin being played…I showed my creation to lots of our office staff and they all wanted to do it, too. The cut on the neckline opens it up and helps it lay better. The cut on the sleeves makes them not so tight on the upper arms and the cut on the hem helps it to lift away from the tummy.

By the way, Wardrobe Oxygen is a top notch fashion blog. I have been reading it for years.

Mondays call for easy and that is just what the infamous Target Universal Thread dress is. I wore my orange Topo Chico earrings (non-alcoholic, of course) and my patent Birks, which are really getting a lot of love so far. If you are new around here, I am wearing everything I have once before repeating it.

Tuesday I wore my Walmart Scoop dress. I’m still debating if I should have gone down a size. It’s a bit voluminous. My feet were happy in my Shu Shop sneakers. I did not try on the smaller size, so there is where I may have made a mistake. Walmart returns are not like Target returns, though, you know?

Kristin started talking about flats the other day and then it made me fixate on flats. Teachers know their flats. Period. Exclamation point!

If you want me to be real, real honest…the most comfortable flats I have ever worn were my Rothy’s B.W. (That means “before washing”) and my Hush Puppies. Tieks are ok, but they rub on my big toe bone and I don’t have bunions to speak of. Tory Burch are even more painful. Hush Puppies need to work on their name, ok. It’s not good. We all think of a saddle shoe from the fifties, right? But, Kristin was talking about Target flats and I really trust her. She did not steer me wrong on my new J.Crew Factory biker shorts. But, I have been burned so many times by Target shoes.

I went to the Hush Puppy/Puppies – which is it? – website and I audibly gasped. I almost fainted when I put in my teacher credentials for a super generous teacher discount.

Meet my new loves…

My old Hush Puppies were basic black, and when they had to retire I kind of forgot about the brand. I love the look of my Tieks and my Torys, but I have been living a lie.

These have not come in yet, but I am hopeful that they will become my go to flat.

Not all people think flats are comfortable, but I love a flat.

So, what have you been wearing? Are you preparing for fall like I am? I am starting to look at fall clothing and plan for my fall wardrobe.


16 thoughts on “Fashion Files with Cut Up T-Shirts and Flats Talk

  1. Love your outfits! Genius about cutting the t-shirt. I’ve never done that. You’re an influencer at your school too! I need to check out those shoes…it’s been a hot minute since I’ve thought about hush puppies (besides the food!) thanks for the shout out 🙂


    1. Thank you! I really am – ha! Besides the food! Tom loves a hush puppy! I once got in trouble as a child for making mine bark at a seafood restaurant. My mom told me I was “an embarrassment not fit to be taken to a restaurant”. Clearly, I am still dealing with that in therapy!


    1. Thank you! I love the yellow dress, but sometimes I think it might not be too flattering. It is shocking that it came from Walmart, but it is the Scoop brand which I really like. I have been enjoying starting to think about fall!


  2. I love all your outfits! That LBD from Target cannot be beat. I wish I had gotten one over the summer! I love your shoes choices as well and those HP flats are adorable! You’ll have to keep us posted about those when they come in. I love flats, but the ones I have aren’t so flat on the bottom…they have a bit of a gradual heal or wedge to them and they’re pricey from a shoe store here in town that’s my favorite, BUT they’re worth it. I have such pain in my feet all the time and it’s worse when I don’t wear the proper shoes. Well, I’m off to cut up a t-shirt now, so I’ll see you back here tomorrow! 🤣


    1. Thank you so much! You can still get it – they are on clearance now. I will let you all know if the shoes work out. I feel so bad for you having foot pain all the time. Let me know how your fashion designing goes!


  3. Cutting a T shirt does do wonders – I have done it a couple of times, too. 😃 Most teachers are women, but we get the ugly unisex T shirts…that are really just men’s T shirts in disguise. I don’t get it. Have not thought too much about fall. I did buy a pair of wide leg, high waisted jeans. Very different look for me, but I love them. Other than that, I just need some good basics. IF I could find a leather blazer in the best shade of brown, then I would splurge…but it would have to be perfect. Have a good day!


    1. Why have you kept this a secret from me? Lol! We really do get the absolute worst shirts.
      I cannot wait to see your new jeans! I know they will look fab on you!
      You were looking for that blazer last year in black, I think? I will keep my eyes open for you!


    1. Thank you! It was from our Steinmart, which is now closed. I’m still sad about it. They do have an online store, but it’s not the same. Thank you for raising your hand! Ha! You are a good student!


  4. A few years ago, my teacher friend bought herself Tieks and I bought Target ones. She ended up hating the Tieks and I ended up buying MORE Target ones lol.
    I get blisters from everything out there so the fact that I can wear these Target flats for days and days is a big deal.

    I hate tshirts that are stiff and hard to wear!


    1. I only have the Tieks I have because of a consignment store!
      I hate the cheap t-shirt material that never seems to soften up. I love the worn in, soft fabric that you can get for so many t-shirts now. Teachers always are given the cheapest!


  5. Oooooooo I love the new hush puppies! I have a hard time with flats because I need more cushion. The only ones I have found to work for me are from Walking Cradles and Vionic. I have so many weird foot issues.
    You did a great job cutting your T and I need to check out that blog, I have never heard of it!


    1. I still haven’t seen them in person, but they look so cute, right? I am loving being able to wear button up/down shirts and plan to wear my black and white with these flats.
      I sent back the Amazon ones even though they were great – the largest size was a bit snug on me. I had better luck with the Universal Thread Target ones that are a bit more oversized.
      I have not tried on Walking Cradles or Vionic but I know many people can’t wear typical flats.
      Thanks! I think you would like her blog. It’s quite thoughtful.
      Happy weekend!


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