Tuesday, August 30, 2022

This post is inspired by Barbara Brown Taylor’s memoir; many bloggers and influencers talk about this from time to time…

It sounds dramatic, but it could really be the smallest thing. It’s just another way of saying what you really appreciate in your life or what makes your life easier.

It’s kind of a gratitude practice.

And, some of these things you probably already know if you are a regular reader!

Having a laptop at home so I don’t have to tote my work laptop back and forth anymore! I love having less to tote back and forth. Some days I only take my brown crossbody to school. Who am I? Are the days of teacher totes over? Tom bought this little Dell laptop for me for just $80 from his work. They turn in old technology and are able to buy it for personal use.

I don’t do much work at home anymore, but when I do, I can just use this.

Meal Prep – this will probably always be on my list. Even just having my 5 breakfasts ready to grab and go is a huge timesaver. I am trying to cook one night and have at least two meals out of it – dinner that night and lunches for work. Even better if I can make chicken or ground beef for two dinners at once.

By the way, the above breakfast burrito variation turned out delish! I would have never thought to just stick a whole sausage link in the burrito, but I saw it on Instagram.

Kroger Grocery Pick Up App – the app is amazing. It saves everything you normally buy so you can just re-order all of it. You can add things gradually through the week as your run out and it saves/remembers your items. I just love it. I am not opposed to Walmart, but Walmart is not convenient. Kroger is really close to home and we love Kroger brand items, too.

I do a Wednesday or Thursday pick up usually right after school, so no special trip out is required. I want to pick it up between 2:45-3:15, but I always choose 1:30-2:00 on the app so it’s ready for me. My student who works there says that they save your order for a full 24 hours if something comes up.

I tell the app I am there and which parking spot and honestly I am almost always the only one in a spot at this time. The employee comes out and I pop my hatch and do not even get out of my car. Oh, what a time to be alive!

Those of you all doing delivery…I don’t think I can get my Kroger plus card discounts if I were to do Instacart and I don’t think Kroger has their own delivery.

And, you are winning when you include your Trulys in your order! Ha!

Wearing sneakers to work – where has this trend been all my teaching career? Of course, I could have always gone this route, but now it’s actually trendy and you don’t look like Tootsie in Working Girl. Is that the correct reference?

Having fun things on the calendar – I keep it pretty positive around here, but I struggle with my kids leaving the nest. It helps me to have things to do with Tom and our friends at this time of year. First of all, how am I old enough to have kids in college? How am I old enough to qualify for retirement? I loved being a mom of babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, elementary aged kids, and even middle school kids. High school was touch and go – lol. I totally enjoy this age, too, but it’s definitely different. For one thing, my kids are horrible texters and phone conversationalists. I get one word responses from most texts. I feel so much closer to them when we are in person. But, they needed to move back to campus because I could tell at the end of the summer they were ready. We started annoying each other more.

What’s saving you right now?


13 thoughts on “What’s Saving Me Lately

  1. I definitely find that meal prep is a huge help; even if I do sometimes feel like I spend all my time in the kitchen! LOL. I miss grocery pick up but the only store around here that offers it is Stop & Shop and I’d go broke if I shopped there weekly. We went to Market Basket when we arrived home Saturday and for two heaping carriages of groceries we spent around $300; I had to run into S&S yesterday and it was $100 for 2 BAGS! Instead I’ll go back to shopping either Thursday evenings or Friday morning and avoid the weekend crowds.


  2. We don’t have Kroger here but we DO have Kroger delivery! Isn’t that crazy??? I love shopping in store when we’re in TN and I am hoping they open some actual stores here.
    I usually go the grocery store in the morning on weekdays when they’re less busy but if I didn’t work from home I’d be all over ordering online!


  3. Grocery pickup is definitely saving me right now as well. I do have the time to actually shop myself, but after not working for so many years, I am tired and a little brain-weary when I get off work. On Monday I worked six hours, then went straight to Kroger to pickup my grocery order. I literally thank God for this convenience that we have and for the sweet people who are willing to work right now when nobody else seems to want to!

    Another thing saving me right now is having the promise of a quiet night at home to look forward to each day. (I’m laughing because we may be opposites.) I love to read so much, so that’s what I do most nights. This was fun to read! I love those tennis shoes. I am thinking if I could find something similar, they probably wouldn’t hurt the foot that’s been broken twice. I need to check out the kind that you don’t really tie. I have a trip coming up at the end of this month that will require lots of walking and am needing to consider some new shoe options. I am pretty sure it’ll be cool there as well, so sandals are probably out.

    I hope you have a great day!


    1. Yes! Do you love planning it for your way home from work now? It saves a trip and seems so efficient. Now if Kroger only came to your house to put it away.
      No, I do have a quiet night at home most nights, too. I need that after being around so.many.people all day.
      I think you could try a shoe and see? The ON brand does not tie. I am not sure if you mean more athletic looking or more day to day.
      Thank you and you, too!


  4. Target grocery pick up. Walmart you have to have a minimum $35 and sometimes I just need 3 things. I could go in but who leaves Target with just what was on their list? Not me!! And my beach house. Even though it will be warm there this weekend….it wont be 110 degrees warm! I am over the heat. Mother Nature is drunk and needs to go home!


    1. We don’t have much of a grocery in our Targets, but I love Target pick up! It’s just as efficient as Kroger! Total money saver. We have had such a nice August, so I am sorry! I hate the extreme heat. I know we don’t deal with that, but we are very humid here.


  5. I love this blog post idea! I need to stay positive and think of some things saving me right now…Kroger app for sure!
    I’m wearing sneakers and a dress today! I feel like middle school is touch and go 😂 thanks for being a positive light on this dreary Tuesday !


    1. Thank you! It’s hard to stay positive sometimes. Yes, love the Kroger app!
      Oh, I love that! I love that you are showing us more outfits! It is quite eye opening to take the photos, right?
      Awww – I do try!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Dustin Hoffman was Tootsie, Melanie Griffith was Tess McGill in Working Girl, I loved those movies! They are probably not PC now, lol


    1. Yes! You know the look I mean! It is really funny to watch movies from even 10 years ago because so much has changed. I see some of them through the eyes of my extremely liberal children.


  7. Totally agree with you, having something to look forward to is definitely a sanity saver! Recently got my boss to allow me to work one day from home, serious game changer. Going to Costco on a Thursday at noon, versus a Saturday is so much more efficient. And then one less weekend errand! Love those sneaks, btw.


    1. It really is! That is so awesome and good for you! The worst you could have heard was “no”, right? Yes, that sounds so much better! I want to try Costco delivery. Now, that would be a game changer! Thank you! I am loving them!


  8. I am also not a chatty texter. I used to talk to my parents on the phone like once a week as an adult, but now they facetime with Wells a lot. (I lived at home in college so imagine that with your boys lol)
    Grocery pick-up is a huge convenience thing for me. Wrangling Wells + baby is HARD.


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