Thursday, February 27, 2020

This is a topic I have put a great deal of thought into – the weekend! I use my brain power for the important things., right? Of course each season of life is different; you may have to do what works for you in the given season with the age of your kids, your spouse’s work schedule, etc. I remember when I actually looked forward to Monday mornings because my weekends were so intense with infant twins. Each season will pass if you are currently in a hard season.

These are things I try to do and have found really work for me:

I did this Trader Joe run during the weekend but felt I needed a graphic here!

-Do some errands during the week so that Saturday isn’t all about errands.

-Do one load of laundry each week day. I don’t do this right now. But, I do try to start laundry Friday after school to get a jump on it. I hope that when my mudroom next to my kitchen contains my washer and dryer that this will be easier to do!

-Make Friday night dinner automatic: pizza, sandwiches, etc. Come up with an easy tradition.

-Go out on Friday to make the most of your weekend. I have trouble with this sometimes because I’m tired. Sometimes I will simply do a happy hour and then bring food home. Sometimes I will meet my husband on his way home. I’m always glad I did something!

-Divide the weekend into 5 sections and try to do one thing during each section.

Section 1: Friday night

Section 2: Saturday before noon

Section 3: Saturday afternoon or evening

Section 4: Sunday before noin

Section 5: Sunday afternoon

I can’t remember where I heard that tip but I liked it.

-Try to make the weekend feel different than the week. Light a candle. Drink an afternoon coffee.

I love this candle so much!

-This is a hard one… don’t spend your Sunday thinking about work on Monday. What works for me is to take a little chunk of time either Saturday or Sunday morning to do some work. That way it is off my plate and I can relax. The last two weeks I have worked really hard to prepare for Monday before I left school Friday and that has been so good for me!

-Try to do at least one social thing. I read about events on Facebook or elsewhere and pencil them in my calendar I’m case I can make it work.

-Make errands more fun by doing them as a family or as a couple. Or do an errand on the way to something more fun.

What makes it a good weekend for you?

What are your best tips?


13 thoughts on “How to Have a Great Weekend

  1. Very good ideas, and your first paragraph was so thoughtful, thanks! I think I’m in a “middle season” where I need to recharge after loosing my parents, raising teenage daughters, renovating the cabin… It’s a nice season though! I’m very family-oriented, it’s very important for me to do stuff together as a family; eat dinner, watch tv, travel…
    Well, my best tips are to create traditions and make it fun for the teenagers to be home with you! My kids know that at our place they’ll get the best food, the best ice-cream, a movie or a good tv show…


    1. Thank you! I think you and I are in the same season. The highlight of my day is dinner with my family. I show love through their favorite foods and treats among other things. Traditions are so important. They don’t have to be big things because I think they will remember the small things. Hope you have had a great sports break!


    1. We haven’t been great about Fridays either. It really does help me to plan something fun for Friday, though! Dinner at 5:30 and you beat the rush and can be in pjs by 8? Ha! This Sunday I get to see college friends so that will be something to look forward to! Also I have two personal days to use soon! When does your school year end or do you work in the summer?


    1. Thank you! I’m a work in progress and sometimes I don’t use my weekend time wisely. Such is the life of a teacher or anyone who works M-F I guess; I am thinking of it, too. It doesn’t help that our principal sends an email Sunday morning about the coming week! Ouch! Ha!
      Happy almost Friday!

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