Thursday, August 18, 2022

It feels good to “get dressed” again! I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill today for Fashion Files.

For the first day of school, Jen and I decided to both wear our mauve Target Universal Thread dresses. I have this in black and white, as well. Jen has it in the green color, too. These three dresses may have been my best purchases of the summer. I have worn each of them at least 5 times. I found it really easy to throw on for errands or appointments. You can also throw it on over a bathing suit to look a little more put together for lunch before swimming or something of that nature.

I started off with espadrilles, then went to flat sandals, and finally ended in sneakers for rainy bus duty. Teachers get this. We often bring a change of shoes!

Do you buy multiples of a clothing item when you find something you like? I think it’s smart!

I continue to find Universal Thread to be my favorite Target brand. I often just use the filter to see what they are carrying on The material has been great quality and the items wash well.

I don’t think this next outfit for day 2 is super flattering. The skirt is kind of big in the waist and I probably needed a slimmer silhouette with a kimono.

Friday was jeans day and boy was it a rude awakening to squeeze myself into a pair. I have some cute summer blouses that I really don’t have bottoms to match so I wanted to wear jeans with them. In the summer, I would just wear my cut offs or my short denim skirt and those aren’t school appropriate.

Monday I wore a knit swing dress and my kimono that I had fixed by my tailor.

Tuesday I wore my Old Navy dress – so impressed by the quality of this. It’s lined and the material is a nice quality. I am still debating cutting the lining out because it’s a lot, but I wasn’t hot at all. My feet were super happy in my boutique sneakers that I found this summer. Notice my headband for my second day hair?

They are by Shu Shop and Sheaffer has been talking about them recently.

I love that you don’t have to tie them. I did wear no show socks with them and don’t think I could go without.

I think I am done buying warm weather clothing, unless I see a deal to good to pass up. I visited the mall last weekend and I was super unimpressed. I left empty handed. I also visited my consignment store and had made $42 more, baby! This brings my spring drop off total to $310.

My goal is to cycle through all of my summer/warm weather stuff for school each day without repeating outfits. If there is something that I just don’t want to wear, I need to sell/donate it because I won’t want to wear it next year, either.

I plan to inventory my fall stuff and be very thoughtful about holes in my closet that I want to fill.

What have you been wearing lately?

Do you have a favorite outfit above?

Is there anything I should get rid of? Possibly the long white skirt?


16 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. Jeans and blouse are always a win, and the mauve dress is so cute!
    Keep the white skirt! I bought a similar one last year, but can’t find it… (my wardrobes are a mess…) You could tuck in the white t-shirt and tie a knot on the kimono? Because the color combination was really nice.
    I have worn dresses and sandals all week, August is amazing this year, it’s around 80° every day and I’m so happy!


    1. Thank you! Ok! I should definitely try it with other tops. Having a bit of a hard time experimenting bc my fave full length mirror is in one of the kid’s rooms.
      So happy for your weather!


  2. The kimono and the Old Navy dresses are cute! I need to do better at getting rid of things I don’t wear. Every season I seem to say that, but still have a few pieces that never get worn. Maybe there is hope for my fall wardrobe?!


    1. Thank you, Marilyn! I know – it’s hard, right? Yes, I think a smaller wardrobe feels better and you can be ruthless with your fall stuff. Just start by bagging what you think you won’t want and if you go to the bag for something that’s fine! Start slowly!


  3. I love all your outfits, even the long white skirt. Maybe you would like it better with a cute black top! Those boutique sneakers are adorable. I wish I could wear shoes like that…because of a two time fracture on one foot, I can’t wear anything constricting over my left foot. If I wear athletic shoes, they have to be something like the Sketcher Go-Walks that have canvas that stretches over the top, or the Amazon slip on tennis shoe that everyone has raved about. Thanks for sharing outfits…I’m always inspired by posts like this.


    1. Thank you! I think if I just tuck something in to it that will help? Yes, black and white are my fave! I gifted my sister those Amazon shoes and she loves them for teaching. You should get those – hopefully the top is not too tight for you!


  4. I love the espadrilles but I know what you mean about multiple shoes. It poured the first day right as students were leaving. I love your Monday outfit…Kimono queen! Those tennis shoes are perfect. I’m wearing the green universal dress today. 🙂


    1. Oh yeah! Many teachers even keep spares in their rooms, but that scares me because what if I want them at home? I may do that with a few pairs of flip flops I am tired of. This dress is really the perfect teacher dress – pockets! It looks professional and is super comfortable. I haven’t worn my black one yet, but that is coming up in the rotation.


  5. I would not get rid of a thing! If you didn’t like the white blouse with the skirt outfit, try it with jeans or something different. It looks like it could be very versatile! I really love all of these and not sure which is my favorite. Maybe the mauve dress and the jeans outfit? Pretty funny, today when I dropped my son at the middle school, two teachers were wearing the same exact dress: I am not sure if they had planned it or not!


    1. Awww, thank you! I need to do some experimenting. When my college kids move back, I will have access to the full length mirror in one of their rooms – ha! I will also have access to another spare closet to help me spread out and really analyze my fall stuff.
      It is a great teacher dress! So funny!


  6. I love the white skirt but think you need a slimmer silhouette up top with it. I also love the top you wore with jeans! I am looking forward to wearing real clothes, sometimes I miss them in the summer, but not jeans yet! I just got cute pants from belk that you might love. They’re crown & ivy and so comfy!!


    1. You’re right! OMG those pants are so cute! Add to cart! Twins!
      Lol! I know that it’s hard to do jeans but it helps me right now and my room is pretty cool.


  7. Your hair is getting so long and I LOVE it! It looks great! I think kimonos are a great way to go when school starts. it’s hot and they are the perfect layer when the a/c kicks on! Thanks for joining us!


    1. I’m wondering if it’s too long. Thank you! They may not be the most flattering, but they are a great layer to add interest without making me hot – you are so right! Happy weekend, friend!


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