Friday, July 29, 2022

I swear that I keep typing these dates on each blog post with my jaw hanging open. Time has just flown; I know I am a broken record. Wait – what is the modern term for that – “a buffering streaming platform”?

Anyway, it’s link up day with the ladies here!

I found these plates for Shark Week at Target. We aren’t really into shark week, but it did get a laugh out of my college kids and I will do anything for a laugh from them. When you make teens laugh, you are winning!

We had a lot of rain this week. I had a nice rainy morning on the patio Monday.

I even worked on my blog posts on the patio.

Tom took off this week. He had some vacation days to use and I think he needed a break. He was off a week for Covid but he really wasn’t himself. I think it has been a struggle for him with fatigue since he went back to work. He also lost 6 pounds when he was sick. This week he has been working out a lot and doing all the little fix it jobs around the house. He is also working on our new hall bath and getting sub contractors scheduled.

He is also up for whatever I want to do, which is really sweet.

We visited a plant shop called Forage!

And, I wanted him to pick out our next plant baby. He picked this:

She (as the shop lady called her) is now living in our bedroom. The shop lady also told us, “She’s a thirsty girl”. It made us chuckle.

After the plant store, Tom got to go to Big Bad Breakfast for the first time.

He got a burrito and I got an omelette.

Tuesday night was a favorite because we all got to eat dinner together finally. I made salmon, broccoli, little red potatoes, and Sister Schubert’s rolls.

I noticed my nail color matched Tom’s shirt – lol!

I told Tom I “needed” to go to TJ Maxx on Wednesday to get more skinny coffee syrup and he said “let’s go”. I told him I would only let him go if he didn’t judge my shopping. I would give him a B+.

I picked up more meal prep containers. I also like to use these to give people things and I never want them back.

We went chair idea shopping. I have wanted a reading chair in the corner of the bedroom. This was our favorite, but we would do it in fabric.

We took Ernie swimming and visited the marine shop, Marine Sales and Service. The dog River works the counter. She is hilarious and keeps touching you with her paw. She is better at customer service than some of the sales people we encountered at other shops!

Tom hung my photos! He was concerned about not putting holes in the wall and not hurting the wall so we used the Command strips and we are hoping they hold up.

Also, a big shout out to Tom for being so handy. My check engine light came on and Tom was able to troubleshoot it for me. Our freezer didn’t seem cold enough to me and Tom replaced the fan himself for only $10. He saves us so much money by being able to fix things. Or, by being willing to watch a Youtube video and learn!

Wednesday night there is usually a sailboat race on the river if there is enough wind. We headed by car to Captain’s Quarters:

So pretty!

Then, we saw some people we knew and talked to them for a bit. I had a Kentucky lemonade, which is lemonade and bourbon usually.

As the sun was starting to go down…

Now the big reveal…I bought salted caramel again and yes, I did it – I went ahead and bought pumpkin spice, but I promise I won’t break it open until Starbuck’s makes their first one, ok? Isn’t that the end of August now? Ha!

I re-stocked on Diva. This will be my third small bottle. I add a capful along with my laundry pod.

And, I believe this was Andrea’s and Tanya’s rec to buy the auto air freshener but to not necessarily hang them in your car. I have one hanging in the laundry room and I think I will take one to my classroom. The kids demand a good smelling classroom! They always comment on how it smells these days. I can’t imagine me loudly commenting, “Boy, your room smells of coffee, cigarette smoke, and abandoned dreams!” in the 80s. Can you?

I have been making breakfast “bowls” this week. Just when you thought I couldn’t make another type of “bowl”. I did frozen roasted veg, some diced hashbrowns, and then topped it with two scrambled eggs.

I had a Kroger pick up this week and they gave me a bag of freebies again. I get these every few months. Score! Free stuff! I’ve been wanting to try Liquid IV!

This has taken me forever to read, but it’s not for lack of enjoying it. I am close to the end. It’s not the book, it’s me.

The feminisim/women’s rights topics that are part of this book are really hitting home to me. Have we come very far since the 60s when this book was set? Even in my career field of education, women have to be careful. If we are too outspoken, we are perceived as female dogs. If we complain, we can be seen as whiney and emotional. If a man speaks out or complains, he is just being a man. I have had bosses who treat men and women differently. Now, I am by no means saying I have had it the worst of any sector of the population, but I think gender inequality still exists. What do you think? Have we come very far?

So, my favorites this week were rain, quality time with Tom, dinner with the whole family, and more.

What were yours? I hope you had many!


14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Another great week in the books for you! I love that you live near the water and enjoy so much it has to offer. It’s also nice that Tom had the week off and got so much done as well as taking a little break for himself. I can help him gain back those 6 lbs BTW, I am excellent when it comes to gaining weight, ha!!
    Enjoy the weekend!


    1. It was good! Me, too! I have always lived on the Ohio River except for a few years during college and after college. Kinda funny. I think this week will help him be ready to tackle work again on Monday. I think I gained his 6 pounds in just a couple of days. I am, too! I am actually ready to get back into a routine because I have gotten too loose this summer. You too!


  2. How fun to go shopping with your husband! It’s sweet that he wants to do whatever you want to do. Todd is like that as well and we shopped together this week as well. I am always grateful for characteristics like that about my husband- I have many friends whose husbands are not engaged and don’t want to spend quality time together. It’s sad to me! I need to try the coffee syrups…I keep seeing and reading about them and I’ve never had one before. Does it come with a pump or do you just pour it over the coffee?

    That harbor and sailboat race were beautiful! What a fun and different thing to do. I love any body of water and wish we had one closer to us. We do have the Mississippi River in downtown Memphis, we just don’t go into the city that often. The traffic on the interstate is always so dangerous and we have tons of interstate shootings. So, no thank you. Can you even imagine? A friend of mine’s husband was shot driving a few years ago and he almost died. I like to stay close to our little idyllic town because of this. Memphis is one of the most dangerous places to live these days!


    1. It was fun and it is rare! He really is usually up for whatever I want to do unless it’s late at night and too peopley!
      So, I just discovered the syrups fairly recently. Because I use fat free half and half in my coffee now, I do miss some of the fun creamers but the calories/WW points are high. So, I take about a T. of half and half and some syrup and froth them together with my little Amazon hand held frother. It seems very coffee shop like to me!
      If you don’t have access to a TJ Maxx, the Torani sugar free brown sugar is delish from Amazon. You can get a pump but I just pour.

      Thank you – I am the same about water. Love seeing it even in the winter. That sounds horrible about Memphis. Tom has been, but I have never been there. I would not want to venture there either. I wish we could crack down on things like this happening in our world.


  3. What a fabulous week. So much Tom time. B+ shopping at TJ 😂always room for improvement. I’m glad he’s feeling better. Thirsty girl plant. Too funny! The sailboats are beautiful. I hope you have a great weekend!


  4. So fun you and your husband could spend some time together. I am going to TJ Maxx today since it has been a while since I’ve been there. I always find the neatest things there. I need to try the car air freshner trick. Have a good weekend!


  5. I think I would totally order an omelet if it came with a side of fries and salad– YUM! All those sailboats together on the water are so pretty. We sometimes see just 1 or 2 on our lake but always at the very far end away from us


    1. I know, right? I did not eat all of them! Love seeing the water and sailboats on it are just icing on the cake. I love your view that you have everyday! So pretty!


    1. I only use them to flavor my morning coffee. I started using fat free half and half and I froth that and the syrup together with my little Amazon hand held frother. Yay to WW!


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