Friday, July 15, 2022

It is my 22nd anniversary today! We have a reservation for dinner!

It’s time to link up for everyones’ favorite with the ladies here! Check out some new blogs and maybe you’ll find some keepers.

So, it was a good week here for me. I had lots of time at home, time to run errands (but not many this week – just Costco and a Kroger pick up), time to sit outside and read, time to watch tv, time to cook for myself and my family, time to be a bit social, and just time to summer! Yes, I am using that as a verb!

As I let my hair grow longer, it has been super tangly. I have stick straight really fine hair, but lots of it. My old Wet Brush was not working and I had some de-tangling spray that also wasn’t really working. Someone (sorry!) shared this new to me style of Wet Brush and it really works. I don’t even think I need to find a spray anymore.

I used my new purse this week to go to brunch. You cannot beat the price of this purse and it looks like it costs more. I think they offer 26 different colors! I think it looks super cute with the thick guitar straps, too. These straps can be removed so that you can put a different one on.

I did pretty well at Costco as far as sticking to my list, but I bought myself a new blanket. When your college kids come home, they steal all of your phone chargers and blankets. Just a fair warning! Our basement is finished and that’s where I like to be in the summer because the AC is so cold down there!

Even Ernie likes it!

I made myself a lunch one day this week from some arugula that I bought and needed to use and some pasta salad I made this weekend. So, the arugula was just covered in a dressing I made up with olive oil, lemon juice, and some spices and then I put the pasta salad next to it and added grilled chicken.

For the pasta salad, I used whole wheat bow ties, mozzarella balls cut in fourths, grape tomatoes cut in half, and then I googled caprese pasta salad and followed directions for a balsamic dressing. I took this on the boat on Sunday and my friend Elizabeth loved it so I sent her home with the leftovers, but I had another container at home. Funny story – my sister Molly had also made caprese pasta salad and we didn’t even talk about it ahead of time! We are also #jamsisters this summer. I have made 3 batches (2 that weren’t exactly right) and 1 that is amazing! And, she has made strawberry and blueberry. My other sister hates to cook and hates to be in conversations where people are talking about cooking.

So, I have been to Whole Foods twice this summer and I don’t hate it. In fact, I think that the prices seem more in line with “normal” grocery stores now. Is this the Amazon influence or is this the “everything costs a lot now” issue?

This frosting mix – I didn’t even know that was a thing – is to die for. It was recommended by one of my IG follows – Rosie in Real Life – and I am buying this again. You mix it with a stick of butter and add milk. And, yes, I made a no occasion chocolate cake just so I could try it. And, try it I did!

Will I become a regular Whole Foods shopper? I don’t know. Ours is in a highly congested traffic area so I would have to be a super early bird to make it work.

A fun outing this week was a brunch with my niece Morgan. We went to Gralehaus which is behind Holy Grale. Gralehaus is mostly breakfast food and closes at 2:00 and Holy Grale opens at 2:00, I think. They have the cutest little German-ish biergarten inspired garden in between the two.

Morgan got a matcha drink and I tried a beermosa. It was pretty good – orange juice and beer.

I got the ugly fritatta – the only thing I’ve ever gotten here because it’s so good!

Morgan got an eggs and grains bowl that looked really good and she enjoyed.

Look how cute she is! She is a nurse and works nights.

My Hokas arrived. Can I just wear these shoes everyday now?

Ernie helped me do a test drive and they feel amazing.

My friend just got back from Paris and London and showed me some pictures and then I found this picture of my Dad and his girls from our European adventure. I think I was 23, Kate was 20, and Molly was 17. I am on the left, Molly is the beanpole in the middle, and Kate is on the right. My Dad stayed for two weeks and the rest of us traveled for four weeks. We did Amsterdam and some smaller towns in Holland, Paris, Brussels and the little town where our exchange student was from, a tiny bit of Germany, a tiny bit of Luxumbourg, Italy and Spain. The year was 1995 I think. Look at those 90s fashions that are all back in style!

And, this is my friend who went to Paris and London and this is us on our first day on college campus. She is getting ready to send her first to college so I went this for her.

I’ve been cleaning out papers and photos this week, too!

Did you shop the Nordstrom Sale or Prime Day deals? I ordered three little Prime Day things and today I am going to try to get some Wit and Wisdom jeans now that I can shop the N Sale.

I had a really good lunch another day. Did you read my cajun bowl idea? I roasted a spaghetti squash and then used the leftover diced tomatoes and turkey sausage and green beans and added lots of cajun seasoning and this was delish!

And, I had a walking meet up with my friend Victoria. This is called The Reservoir and is part of our water company. I never think to walk here and need to do this more. I’m the worst selfie taker and I’m concentrating so hard I forgot to smile!

This is the gatehouse for the reservoir. Victoria was wondering if someone actually used to live here to keep watch on the water supply.

Looks kinda European, right? You just walk around the outside perimeter and several other people were doing the same.

What a hodgepodge of favorites this week, right?

What were your favorites?

If you are new around here, this week I posted Hello Monday, Healthy-ish, Cajun Bowls, and Fashion Files and welcome – I’m glad you’re here!


19 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I really appreciate all your beautiful pictures! And how fun with the 90’s photos – the outfits could be from today!
    I agree; the “castle” at the reservoir looks very European! What a beautiful place! I just wrote a piece about evtol:s (do you know what that is?) and realized that UPS has its worldport in your hometown! You know how it is; I found your blog and suddenly I read about Louisville everywhere…!
    Favorites? Summer! I love your new verb: to summer!


    1. Thank you! It’s just so funny that I have to take photos of photos since they aren’t digital. Yes, they could be. I will be researching that word now… ha! Yes, we are a worldport. You know that my ultimate goal is to get you up here next time you get to Florida! Let’s make it happen in 2023. Maybe we will hate each other but maybe we won’t. Just kidding!


      1. I do some writing for my husband, he owns an aviation magazine and an aviation web page. I write about the most crazy technological stuff that I don’t really know anything about… like evtols πŸ˜€
        It would be a bummer if we hated each other! <3<3<3


      2. Oh, that’s right. Sorry for forgetting! That really keeps your English sharp with all of the technical terms. It really would be a bummer. I can talk to most everyone and if I don’t like you, you probably won’t know it. Ha!


  2. Your FF are always so fun to read! I always have so much to comment on that I forget by the end ha! The picture of you and your dad and sisters is so sweet – what wonderful memories. And you and your friend at college! Gosh, I remember dressing just like that. Gosh I love photos!
    Your niece is cute too and I love that y’all can get together for brunch, sounds like y’all have a special bond and that is priceless.
    Happy Anniversary, can’t wait to see photos from your dinner out!


    1. Thank you! I know – I do that with some blogs, too. It’s almost like I need to take notes. I have quite the hodgepodge, I know. I thought about organizing better, but…you know how that goes. I love seeing old photos. It is fun to get to know her as an adult now. I hope our dinner is good – 5:45 reservation, baby!


  3. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a fun date night out with your hubby! What an amazing trip you and your sisters took with your dad- those memories are priceless! The 90’s fashion being back in style cracks me up. I was heavy into the grunge thing in those days and I am still appalled at how embarrassing that must have been for my mom to be seen with me. Insert emoji of girl with face in palm. I love beautiful buildings and that gatehouse at the water reservoir is beautiful! It definitely has a European feel to it, not that I’ve seen a lot of Europe, only a small portion which looked totally different. (We were in Iceland twelve years ago for two weeks.) I hope you enjoy your weekend!


    1. Thank you! We have a reservation for 5:45 and are meeting on his way home from work – doesn’t that show our age? I agree about the 90s fashion! I didn’t really do grunge but I did do the open oversized flannel. Does that count? The reservoir will be pretty in different seasons, too! Iceland would be so interesting!


  4. You had such an awesome week! The food looks amazing! Those throwback photos are so sweet. And I quickly noticed Fanny packs and cross body purses. Fashion does come back around! Travis loves his hokas; that was nice of Ernie to let you test them out. I hope you have a great weekend.


    1. My week was no Mexico! Thank you – I am trying to have a variety! Yes – fanny pack on one of us and crossbodies on the others. It really does. Travis knows running shoes I am sure! I don’t plan to run, though!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love the stone gatehouse, especially the ironwork at the roofline. Happy anniversary! I love to go out to celebrate our anniversary, it’s a special date every year. We talk about the things that make us stronger, the happy and the sad. So fun to see your photos, I love that you got to travel to Europe so young, it really opens your eyes to different cultures.


    1. So pretty, right? Thank you! Yes, I hope we can reflect a bit and not just on our food! Lol! I am, too. I got to travel so much and it really shaped who I am as a person, I think.


  6. I definitely remember those 90s styles! And I completely agree about the Whole Foods prices – either they have come down or every other store has gone up.


  7. happy anniversary!! 22 years is an accomplishment for sure. the last few anniversaries (we are at 37) instead of a gift we go out to dinner and pick a table of diners to quietly comp their meal. we have tried to do it anonymously but a time or two we got caught and peoples’ grateful surprised reaction were better than any gift!!
    the 90’s styles are sure fun to remember, some more than others. we had 4 teenage girls at that time and we still occasionally tease them about ‘junior high bangs”
    have a wonderful dinner and a time of reflection and also the best weekend!


    1. Thank you! Wow – 37! That is such a nice tradition! I love that! 90s are really fun – I actually have forgotten many of the styles and surprisingly I am wearing or would wear some of them. I can’t go back to that hair, though! EEk!


  8. Ha! I’m a terrible selfie-taker too πŸ˜‰
    I’ve heard so much about the Hokas. . .I just don’t walk enough to justify them (I’m a tennis player so my shoe allowance goes there). I LOVED your shoes/sandals in the first picture with your black shorts and tank. I agree with the “satisfied with what you have” — if you look for posts about capsule wardrobes those people inspire you to wear a very limited wardrobe. One year I decided, since I was a specials teacher and would never remember what I wore what day for the classes I had, that I would only wear black and white all year. I got really, really tired of it (ended up adding khaki in later in the year) BUT it really helped with wanting to buy “stuff” — just black and white and a couple great pairs of shoes. I would maybe do it again, because I am a proponent of uniforms in the workplace and school, if for no other reason then it really cut down on “too many clothes”.
    Beer and OJ, no thank you, but the food looked amazing! Glad you are having such great weather that you can get outside!!!


    1. My arm isn’t long enough and I spend so much time concentrating on taking it that I forget to smile! Ha!
      I really love those sandals. I bought them last year but I think they kinda don’t go out of style. They are fun!
      I am intrigued, but I love color so much and I don’t want to be that limited. I think I have a fairly small working wardrobe right now and I also think I LOVE most of it!
      It wasn’t as good as a regular mimosa, but I am glad I tried it.


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