Monday, July 18, 2022

Time needs to slow down! Ok, now I only have two weeks left of summer! Yes, teachers are quite possessive of their summers! And, I am a bit salty because we are starting earlier in August than we have in years. Why???? I am linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday!

So, Friday I got ready for my fun Saturday plans. Every year my sister and her husband boat from our hometown up river to Louisville. I decided to make my Aunt Judy’s veggie pizza and fruit pizza.

I used two of the Crescent Roll sheets and baked them plain with nothing on them. When they had cooled, I put garden vegetable cream cheese on half and vanilla frosting on half. Then, I used carrot shreds, cauliflower, broccoli, and tomato. I think you can also add shredded cheddar cheese.

For the fruit, I used canned mandarin oranges and fresh blueberries and strawberries.

They are both so good!

I went back to Whole Foods and got the vanilla frosting mix and it is equally as good as the chocolate mix.

I also got stuff to make Hawaiian bun sliders and their pretzel bun sliders with turkey, ham, gouda, and cheddar.

So, we had reservations for our anniversary dinner Friday, but my sister and her husband came by boat Friday, too! So, we postponed our dinner to hang with them. First stop, a drink at Captain’s Quarters…

Then, we boated to Cunningham’s and had spinach queso…

and I got onion rings and fish. All the fried foods!

Seriously discussing the menu…

After we said goodbye, Tom and I were so full but we walked Ernie and that helped.

Saturday morning Tom worked with our plumber to put in our hall bathroom bathtub and put the pipes where they needed to be. We were not going to start this until after J and M headed back to the dorms, but I guess Tom was motivated to get started. We need to order fixtures, tile, and the vanity, but our vision is exactly our dog wash in our mudroom. We have lived with it for two years plus and we love it. Easy!

As a reminder, this is our dogwash:

So, that is our inspo and we are going to paint the walls Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray because we have a ton of paint left and because we like it.

So, the plumber left and we headed out on the river. The sky was gorgeous!

And, bonus, because my other sister had traveled to our hometown and she came, too. This is a blurry picture of them not waiting for me to start the party:

My brother in law waiting to help us anchor:

Molly and Tom:

We got out all the toys!

I brought the hot pink cooler Kate gave me for my 21st birthday – Can you see it on the inflatable dock?


The day went by so quickly and I was sad when they had to head back…

Sunday morning, Ernie jumped in bed for a cuddle – with Tom, his favorite…

He’s even laying his head on Tom’s pillow – Ha!

Sunday was overcast and I read and had my coffee and then it started raining and I moved to my covered patio…

Just started this and it’s really cute so far!

Is there anything better than a rainy, lazy day at home?

Then, I did some meal prep – birdballs! Ground turkey meatballs is what that means. You can also do ground chicken or a mixture.

And, I made another batch of freezer jam, but this time I split the pectin between raspberry and strawberry. We will see how this batch turns out. I bought lower sugar pectin this time.

Then, I met Erica at a Mexican place to hear about her recent trip. We ate so many chips with salsa and queso. Getting back on track today…

So, that was my weekend! What was the highlight of yours?


22 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. We spent the whole weekend driving home from Tennessee… so my highlight was settling into my own bed last night! Pretty sure I was sound asleep by 8.


    1. Oh man. I hate the driving that travel requires, but aren’t you glad you weren’t on a flight that got cancelled or delayed? Lol! There is nothing like landing in your own bed.


  2. I love floating in a lake/river! What a fun weekend and day with your sisters. I love a rainy day at home and we’re having one of those today, hopefully. It already rained here last night and is supposed to rain most of today. I hope it sticks, we’re desperate for some! I can’t believe you only have two more weeks of summer…I know it goes by quickly for teachers!


    1. Me too! I was so relaxed. The three of us stayed floating for most of the 5 hours. We are having a rainy Monday, too. I don’t mind it at all. We have had lots of sun this summer. I can’t either! It feels like the fastest summer of my teaching career!


    1. I feel like that’s all I talk about, but we can only use it on weekends and there really aren’t that many in the boating season, right? Your girls might enjoy making the fruit pizza. I think it tastes really good with the container of cream cheese frosting, too. I have also used kiwi before in addition to the fruits I used and it looks so colorful and pretty!


  3. I have to say that Wells was reading (“reading”) over my shoulder while I scrolled your post and he was verrrrry interested in your unfinished bathroom photo lol.


    1. That made my day! Lol! Tell him I can send him a video!
      My friend used to take her twin boys to construction sites to sit there and watch. Cheap entertainment!


  4. What a lovely weekend! I can’t wait to see your finished bathroom. I love that your sister boats to meet you all . The sister swimming pic is great! School emails are starting to roll in and I’m all like “no.” Ugh


    1. Thank you! Me either! I think I have my inspo and I might do a post on it. I love that Tom picks the tile and hardware and vanity and lets me have carte blanche on the fun stuff! I can’t believe how few emails I have gotten…did they kick me off the email list? Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow! I’m shocked that you have to go back in 2 weeks, try not to think about it! That inflatable dock and those chairs look so great, I would not want to leave that spot. So good that you got some rain, it keeps happening all around us, but never at our house.


    1. I know, right? It’s the hottest time of the year for us, too. We have really enjoyed our new “toys” so far! We have lots of rain chances next week, but this week is hot and dry! I hate stepping outside and feeling that humid air. I have wanted to stay in my cold basement and wrap up in my new Costco blanket way too much!


  6. We saw Where The Crawdads Sing and I liked it alot! The book was one of my favorites so I have been patiently waiting for it to become a movie!! Played golf and that was about it for the weekend. Heading to the beach this week and I am so ready. I love having people over but I truly love just being there with Tony and not having plans. Have a great week and enjoy the rest of your summer!


  7. Wow, I love your weekend! Mine was fine too, but not as adventurous as yours…! I’m actually keeping a diary in the summers to try and catch everything that is going on. We bought a sup and it’s so nice to just paddle around!
    I’ve ordered Lessons in Chemistry from the library, looking forward to it! Right now I’m struggling with The Spanish Love Deception, I can’t really get into it…


    1. Thank you! I love that! We have two stand up paddle boards. Tom was really into it. I have heard other people say they struggled with Spanish Love Deception and I think I tried it, too, and couldn’t do it. I am not that into reading right now – more into tv! But, Lessons in Chemistry is really cute so far!


      1. I have a tv show for you that I really enjoy! Bling Empire on Netflix! It follows crazily rich Asians in Los Angeles and they are really cute and interesting! And rich…!


  8. Sounds like a great weekend!
    My mom used to make frosting out of a box like that, with butter and something liquid — probably water. This is before “canned” frosting. I’ll have to see if I can find that brand at Whole Foods.
    I love a weekend on the water!! I used to make those veggie and fruit pizzas all.the.time (Pampered Chef days) and forgot all about them. I’ll have to do them again — so good!
    What is an inflatable floating dock??? That looks so cool! I’ve been contemplating one of those big roll-up mats for our lake vacation but I might like the dock idea better if you can travel with it and inflate at the destination??
    Lessons in Chemistry just became available for me at the library but I’m deep into two (or three?) other books right now. I finished The Younger Wife last week and LOVED it.


    1. I couldn’t find this type of mix in my regular grocery store. For this one, you use one stick of butter and milk. So much better than the canned! I rarely do the veggie/fruit pizzas, but they are such a crowd pleaser! You can even vary the toppings for different holiday color schemes!
      This is our dock, but they are very pricey and very cumbersome. The lily pads are so fun for kids and adults, too. Tom had this dream to have this for maybe 5 years?
      I am on the list for Younger Wife! I bet it won’t come until I start school…


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