Tuesday, June 28, 2022

It’s time for another edition of “Eating Lately”. You all seem to really enjoy these posts and I get a lot of comments. I think we are all constantly struggling with what to make and eat, no?

I’m not doing great in the eating department – let’s just get that out there. We have had more treats in the house with Tom’s birthday, Father’s Day, the college kids at home, and the list goes on. Also, I am staying up later and that makes me more snack-y!

I am waking up the next day and just telling myself it’s a new day and a new chance to eat well and feed my body well. I am trying not to over-obsess. I do want to lose more weight, but I am also ok with maintaining for now.

I am really learning to plan, prep, and cook before I get to the point of “starving” because that’s when I make the not so good choices.

Because I’m not meal prepping like I do in the school year, I feel like I’m cooking a lot.

Here is a common breakfast for me. This is a Spanish omelette. They don’t flip their omelettes, but rather, they keep it more like a pizza. The potato or potato and onion omelette is their most popular. I make a smaller version and use two eggs and two egg whites and some water. I usually will slice up an already cooked baked potato and only use about half.

This is Shay’s Spicy Asian beef bowl, which I highly recommend – except use oyster sauce instead of the chili paste. I felt that tasted really harsh and way too spicy. I have made this three times now. I tried it once with ground turkey and didn’t like it nearly as much. I am now sticking with Laura’s lean ground beef.

Can’t stop and won’t stop on the Greek bowl. I usually have this for a lunch because my family is not as excited about this.


Buffalo Chicken with cauliflower rice, homemade light ranch, celery, and a steak roll from Walmart:

Tip on the cauliflower rice. Some people think they don’t like it, but I have cracked the code and I’m obsessed. Always use frozen. Let it thaw on paper towels for quite awhile and then really cook it – let it get brownish. Add a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. It really makes a difference.

Another omelette but with mushrooms and onions:

Boca burger and one of those side salad mixes from Kroger:

Trying to choose proteins and salads at restaurants, but I try to always get to share some fries, too!

I almost always choose fajitas at Mexican restaurants now.

I usually leave the rice and beans alone.

I made a couple of new things for lunch this week. I used English muffins and on the left is a buffalo chicken open faced sandwich with a little bit of cheese on top. On the right is chicken, roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, and balsamic.

I’m still loving this grilled chicken from Costco in the refrigerated section. It is the best I have tried. Many of the already grilled chicken products I have tried are slimy. I don’t do slimy chicken.

If I want some bread, a great option are these cute little frozen Trader Joe’s baguette breadsticks.

Whole wheat bowtie pasta with jarred Prego and Laura’s lean ground beef. I really like whole wheat pasta now! The secret is to cook it a bit longer.

Burrito bowls are usually a once a week thing for us. This was Tom’s with regular rice and mine is the same but with cauliflower rice.

My skinny margarita, too!

I love having this frozen vegetable mixture on hand from Costco. Sometimes these can be bad, but this one is excelllent. I sometimes will have this with some eggs for breakfast.

I have also been eating a lot of my veggie sandwich – vegetable cream cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, or whatever you want. In addition, I have had a few deli turkey sandwiches. My goal this week is to eat at least one salad a day. I have been slacking on my salads lately!

What have you been eating?


24 thoughts on “Eating Lately

  1. I need to look for those frozen veggies at Costco. Summer is always a bit harder for me because we socialize more, I say maintaining is an excellent goal! So many good food ideas Amy, thanks for sharing.


    1. They are really good. I also like their cauli rice in the frozen. It comes with mulitple bags inside the big bag. I need to cut down on the cocktails, too. I need to replace sparkling water sometimes. I just feel like everyday is vacation in the summer! Hope I gave you at least one idea for this week!


  2. I am really struggling to eat better this past month too; with summer arriving we are eating far too much ice cream and going out to lunch or dinner often. I do well at home when I meal prep but the weekends just seem to undo all that hard work all week long! You have some very tasty meal options here!


    1. Same! I started really tracking again two weeks ago and it absolutely works when you track. I will run out of points sometimes by Saturday night or Sunday, but at least tracking keeps me in that habit. It’s a slippery slope for me! I hope I gave you at least one idea. I know I repeat meals a lot!


  3. Yay! You are back in my WP feed. I always save your food posts. So many great ideas. You me breakfast omelette looks yummy! I’ve been so good with my eating but had lots of fun this weekend, so I’m trying to be good this week and get back on track


    1. Yay! I lost my Monday post, though. I think sometimes toggling back and forth from the website on my laptop and the app on my phone causes problems, but oh well.
      You are doing great! I can tell you look really trim, but you didn’t look not trim before, either! Lol!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I knew something was up! I’m having trouble uploading photos from my phone sometimes. Slow sometimes. I’ve been really intentional since spring break and am seeing some progress! I do feel a bit more trim 😀


      2. Yes, I do, too. And, I am just not that technical to solve blog problems. I have thought about getting someone to clean up and make my blog more professional. Have you done that?
        I am struggling to drink enough water. Keep up the good work!


      3. I can’t justify the cost if I don’t make any money. I have also thought about trying to make money, but there is literally no way I could do all the social media, the links, etc. and teach full time.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Garbage. I have been eating garbage. Specifically, I have been emotionally eating garbage because the world is a dumpster fire.


    1. Same! I am trying to reduce my snacking. I don’t like BBQ stuff but the rest of my family does so I know I will not eat that. Tom needs to eat all of his birthday and father’s day chocolate so I’m not tempted. And, I just need to get my butt to bed before I start craving things. It’s hard right now out there. I’m trying to stay off social media as much as I can.


  5. Wow, your food pictures look great, you are a real gourmand! We start every day with eggs on toast, it’s really yummy. Yesterday I felt very American when I did my own hamburgers to put on the grill. I’m mostly lazy and buy the ready ones… But it tasted better with my own burgers!
    Don’t worry about not eating perfect – YOLO!
    Btw, Monday’s post disappeared… But you can read it as a post in the e-mail. It was a great post anyway!


    1. Aww, thank you. Sometimes I think I need to keep it simpler. I always start with eggs! So good! I would love to have more toast, but bread is my weakness. Maybe when I am maintaining I can do that. I can’t figure out what happened to my post! Sometimes I have issues between the app on my phone and the website but oh well! Thank you! Happy Midsommar!


  6. Thanks for the inspiration, I’m off the rails with my eating lately, ugh, I need to have a serious sit down with myself! I’ve been great with the salads and I’m having the veggie sandwich (love it), my downfall is snacking. I’m trying to drink lots of water with lemon to hydrate and substitute reaching for that instead of a snack.


    1. Aww – I”m the one that needs it! The veggie sandwich is so yummy, but are you getting enough protein? I can tell that I snack more when I haven’t had enough protein. Maybe adding a salad with chicken with it or something? I am doing very bad with water this summer, too! Ugh! I know that my snacking happens at night so I really need to go to bed earlier. I have been waiting up for my kid who gets home around 11!


  7. Your food looks so good; healthy and colorful! I’ve been maintaining lately…I recently started making smoothies everyday in an attempt to get more good stuff in me. I bought PB powder and use that along with bananas, spinach and almond milk. It’s tasty! I’ll also do bananas, spinach, frozen mango, Greek yogurt and almond milk. Sometimes I swap out the frozen mango for frozen berries.


  8. Protein, Protein, Protein. I have noticed that over the past couple of years I have not been eating enough protein. So that is my goal over the next couple of weeks. Up my protein. I am also intermittent fasting. I like it. I like how I feel when I fast for 16-17 hours. Just needed to try something other then WW. As much as I have loved being a Lifetime member for almost 5 years, I do not like the way it has gone since the studios re-opened. All of your food looks great! We are off to the beach tomorrow for the 4th. Enjoy your holiday and remember- this too shall pass. Once school starts back up, you will kick it in high gear! You look great!!


    1. I’m the one that told you that after learning from Amanda N.! It’s so true! I have stopped my evening snacking and I’m so proud of myself. That was hurting me! So, now I would say I am going from 6:30-7 until 9:00 the next day which is really good for me. WW definitely works but you do have to beware of some of the pitfalls with the new plan. I am trying for one salad a day and that is also working great for me. Enjoy the beach!


    2. I was kinda joking with the first statement I hope you know! But, I need to thank you, thank you, thank you for all the inspo and the skinny pizza and birdball recipes. I will always be grateful!


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